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  1. I think the formation yesterday was worth a try and probably suits the players we have but it goes without saying we need to bring in at least 1 new central defender, probably 2 and I'm beginning to lose patience with MacDonald at left back / wing back. He's decent going forward but just can't defend. I thought our best players were Ryan, Stewart and Conroy. Brown continues to frustrate me. There's undoubtedly a good player in there but he is lazy and constantly sh#tes out of tackles. He is a goal threat though and has an eye for a pass. His delivery from corners & free kicks can be good too but not on a consistent basis. I guess that's why he plays for us. Leitch is a good player but can disappear from games. I was shouting for him to be subbed yesterday to get a forward on mainly because I didn't think he would get us a goal...What do I know? I'm not sure about Hutton. He does the simple things well but I don't think he offers any protection to the defence and he certainly offers nothing going forward. He had a great chance to get a shot away in the first half yesterday and his first thought was to try to get a pass away. I think the formation is worth another try but bring in either Russell or McKay for Brown or Leitch and maybe go 3-4-1-2.
  2. Another week another couple of goals conceded from crosses into the box. Poor defending for both. The only positives we can take from that game is we didn't lose and we actually kept going to the end to get the equaliser. Ferguson was getting blocked at corners but has to command his area more. I can see why the back 3 was tried today but as was mentioned, East Fife only had one central striker and we could have pushed someone into midfield. For me Russell or McKay should have started as we were at home. Both should have been brought on earlier than they were. Hopefully we can get a couple of new faces in before the next match. On the time wasting, some of it was blatant, especially the boy who limped off near the final whistle. The ball struck his arm / side and he went down like he'd been halfed in 2. He then received treatment for what seemed like an eternity before limping off. As someone said we would probably have done the same though.
  3. Schmidt has done nothing to suggest he is good enough for this level so I think we did need to bring another striker into the club as cover for Ryan and Russell. I do agree however that bringing in a couple of new defenders is the priority though. As for Ferguson, I think he is a great prospect and will improve with experience. Unfortunately I think his confidence has taken a knock playing behind our back 4.
  4. The first QP was a nice move and finish but came from a mistake from McIntosh. The second was the kind of goal we've conceded all season. Boateng is just standing ball watching. I wouldn't even have him on the bench next week. I realise he is under contract but I would get shot of him now.... I'm sure we could start a collection to help the club pay him off.
  5. There's not many forwards who have scored 13 goals by early January and still get criticised by the fans. I must admit I have been disappointed by Russell's general form as I had expected him to be more clinical from open play but he remains an important player for us and for me should be playing through the middle with Ryan. I know the Queens fan said that he had played out wide for them but for me he is a goalscorer and needs to play through the middle. Part of our problems this season has been our full backs not getting enough help from the wide players when we are defending and Russell (along with Brown) has been part of this problem. I feel that Russell has possibly been trying too hard and has unfortunately been in a poor run of form. His goals however have been vital, whether penalties or not, and can't be dismissed. We could end the season with 2 forwards hitting 20+ goals. When was the last time that happened?
  6. At the start of the season most of us would have taken a top 4 finish. We are on course to do this. However as the season has progressed we have realised that the standard of the other sides in the league is poor and there was a chance to win the title and avoid the play offs. Unfortunately we haven't improved and we look like we will have to settle for a top 4 spot but only if we can sort out our defensive frailties. We do have some decent players and some good prospects but we have failed (so far) to improve the one part of the team that lets us down on a regular basis. We've had 2 head coaches and a director of football now this season who have failed to address our problems. Unless we can bring in at least 2 new defenders (of a better quality than we have) we will plod along until the end of the season conceding soft goals and relying on our strikers to score more than we concede to win games.
  7. Totally agree with what's been said. Another terrible performance. We seem to be saying the same things after every match about our defending. Boateng is without doubt one of the worst players that I have seen in an Airdrie shirt and I've seen a few duds in my +35 years of going to games. The central defenders get most of the blame but the 2 full backs don't help by getting caught out of position up the park or failing to stop crosses into the box. Don't think there were any pass marks today.
  8. The honeymoon period for Wilson and Dalziel is well and truly over. There hasn't been any obvious improvement since McBride left. We still look like a side that just met in the changing room before the game and don't look fitter than our part time opponents. I don't expect us to win every week but I certainly didn't expect us to have lost 8 games out of 20 in the league at this point in the season. We've also conceded more than we've scored. The fact that we are still sitting 3rd in the league shows how bad the other teams are (apart from Livi) . I still think we will finish in the top 4 but we really need to add to the squad with a centre half or 2 a priority.
  9. We were poor yesterday. Unfortunately we have seen a few performances like that this season. Our home form in particular is a concern. Most of us have been saying the back 4 needed strengthening since the start of the season but here we are in January with the same players making the same mistakes. I've not seen much improvement with our defending since the new management team came in. We all know the squad is short of a couple of players and hopefully Wilson will be able to get players in quickly. We are still sitting 2nd in the league and that shows how bad the other teams are. This could be our best chance to get out of this league but unless we sort out our defending we will still be here next season. I am still hopeful Wilson can take us up to the championship but this is now looking likely to be through the play offs as I can't see Livi being caught.
  10. Another poor home performance. Rovers started the better side and deserved their lead but we managed to get back into game with a great strike from Brown. I expected us to take control of the game and go on to win but yet again we concede another poor goal just before half time. We had chances to score in the 2nd half but struggled to string more than 2 passes together and started just hitting hopeful high balls that the Rovers defence dealt with easily. I would only give pass marks today to Brown, Cairns and possibly Conroy although our midfield fell out the game in 2nd half. Ferguson didn't really have any chance with the goals and didn't have much else to do. We really need to strengthen the back 4 quickly. Boateng is hopeless and had another stinker today fluffing numerous clearances and causes panic every time he's on the ball. I like Gorman and McIntosh but both have mistakes in them and MacDonald is better going forward than defending and hasn't been great this season. I think we need a centre half and possibly a right back asap.
  11. I never said families preferred seating. I said clubs needed decent facilities to attract families along to games. Decent toilets for a start....not portaloos. Uncovered terracing isn't ideal either as we live in Scotland after all and our weather has been known to rain now and again.
  12. Surely TW got some legal advice before he made the decision to get rid of EWB. As has been mentioned before the story doesn't make the club look great and I wouldn't be surprised if King was involved somewhere as he is good friends with EWB. I don't know what to make of the whole situation. There is never a dull moment supporting this club and nothing that happens surprises me now.
  13. Cliftonhill is a dump but I enjoyed watching the game from the terracing. It takes you back to the 80's & 90's where there was a half decent atmosphere at games. However any club looking to attract families to games need decent facilities. In a perfect world we would have a smaller stadium with both seats and terracing for those who would prefer to stand to watch the games and yes we might even get bigger crowds. We all know New Broomfield is too big for us. We all know the reason why the club built the stadium at the time. Unfortunately we are stuck with what we have as there's no way the current owners will spend any money converting seating to terracing.
  14. Apparently EWB is suing the club for his dismissal. Front page of tomorrow's Daily Record.
  15. Another good 3 points and a good performance apart from the last 10 - 15 minutes where I thought we sat back and invited them to hit long balls forward that we struggled to deal with. On another day we could have been looking at points dropped as the Rovers had some good chances late on caused mainly by our poor defending. I thought our midfield were well on top for most of the game but for whatever reason fell out the game in the latter stages. Our back 4 had looked untroubled too but really struggled at the end with the high balls. Ryan was man of the match for me with another great goal and tireless display. McIntosh was fine at right back and I would be happy with him to continue there to allow Stewart to move into midfield when he's fit enough to come back in probably replacing Brown who for me has been poor for weeks now after a promising start to the season. Ferguson was solid and actually commanded his box today. Good and bad for Wilson to see today but a good start.
  16. When did your average attendance increase by 150? You've not had a crowd of 500 or better for a home league match this season. Onto Saturday's game. Hoping for an away win but this will be a difficult match. Score draw. 2-2.
  17. As has been said before, McBride was Acting Head Coach. This was a temporary arrangement until EWB was fit enough to return to work. It has now been confirmed he won't be able to come back so club were able to fill the Head Coach position with whoever they wanted. From what we've heard, McBride was offered the chance to return to the U20 coach role and declined. The only question for me is was the U20 role his substantive post. If so he isn't due any pay off. If it was first team coach he would be due a pay off as club have terminated his contract. As for Goram, I just assumed he had resigned as he didn't fancy the new set up. Anyway most fans were calling for changes to be made weeks ago and TW obviously agreed. My only complaint would be that TW took too long to make the change. Ideally we wouldn't want to be paying out money not accounted for in plans for the season and this might impact on budget for any new players in January but we couldn't continue the way we were going. I'm not convinced that Wilson & Dalziel will be the answer but only time will tell and I'm willing to give them a chance.
  18. It's crazy that our new Director of Football won't be at our games. We have an inexperienced head coach who will need guidance during matches. We all know Jennow won't be any help and I doubt it if Goram will be so what does he do, phone Radio Clyde? Surely the current backroom team need to be replaced by an experienced coach who can help out on match day.
  19. Hopefully it will become clearer over the coming days what Dalziel's role will cover. Will he be in charge of training, team selection etc? Will he be attending matches on a Saturday or will he continue with his radio work? I see that Jennow and Goram are still with the club. I would assume Wilson would want to have his own backroom team or will this also be Dalziel's decision.
  20. Although I was calling for McBride to go after the Peterhead game I have some sympathy for him. He wasn't ready for the job in the first place and was thrown in at the deep end. Most of the signings we made in the summer were poor. We probably will never know if McBride had any say over who was signed but he was responsible for training, tactics and team selection so has to take some blame for poor results and performances. Ultimately I think it was correct that he has been punted although the timing could have been better. As has been said by others the decision was probably made a couple of weeks ago but TW didn't want it to coincide with Dalziel coming in. The appointment of Wilson as head coach doesn't fill me with any optimism. He has no previous experience so we're no better off. This should have been an opportunity to bring in an experienced manager. Will Dalziel be calling the shots? We have a difficult run of games coming up against the Rovers, Brechin and Alloa and a positive points return could consolidate our top 4 place. On the other hand we could quite easily lose all 3 and drop back down the league.
  21. As I said on match thread that was a welcome win and a decent performance against a poor QP side. Good solid team performance but I thought the midfield trio of Leitch, Fitzpatrick and Conroy had their best games for a good few weeks. We got back to the passing game that was working for us earlier in the season. The front 2 both played well and it's not often you see a player score a hat trick and not get man of the match but I thought Stewart totally deserved it. I would still like to see him play further forward but he has improved week after week playing at right back. The big test for us now is to take that form into the next game at East Fife and pick up back to back wins. One win doesn't make everything great again but it was a step in the right direction.
  22. Good win and performance today against a poor Queens Park side. Much better than last week. Leitch, Conroy and even Fitzpatrick all played well in the middle of the park with some nice passing and we managed to keep hold of the ball for decent periods. Front 2 also played well but I thought Stewart was a deserved man of the match. I thought the ref got most of the penalty calls correct although I do think there's was soft and probably given because of the stonewaller he didn't a few minutes earlier. Not sure what happened just before Schmidt's moment of madness but he deserved to be sent off for his crazy reaction.
  23. This is a game that we really should be winning but wouldn't be surprised if this is a draw or an away win. One thing is almost certain though...we will concede a goal from a set piece or cross into the box. I'm hoping we'll see some changes to our starting 11 after last week's dross but fully expect the same side to be picked.
  24. Jennow came with EWB and Goram was probably recruited by King. Doesn't change my view that they should be out the door along with McBride.
  25. I was hoping McBride would have been out the door along with his coaching staff by now but not surprised with Dalziel just starting this week.
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