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  1. Anyone know why Wilson didn't speak to the press after the game? Has he taken the huff?
  2. A win and a clean sheet that somehow keeps us in the hunt for a top 4 finish. We could and probably should have scored at least one more to make it more comfortable but after the way we've been playing we can't complain too much. I was glad to see us try the 3 central defenders but thought Stewart and MacDonald were too deep in the first half making it a back 5 although overall we looked more solid albeit against a poor Stenny side. I wasn't too happy with only 1 striker listed but later heard that Ryan failed a fitness test and couldn't start so we were short of options. Second half was better with Leitch getting involved and the full backs getting further forward. Conroy and Hutton had a bigger influence too in second half. Hard to pick a man of the match as no real standout performances but everyone put in a shift. Hopefully we can take this forward to next week.
  3. We have been a shambles all season apart from our winning run in October & November. Even during that run we didn't play great football but we managed to grind out results. I am probably in the minority going by posts on here in that I wanted McBride replaced as I didn't think he was up to the job. What I didn't want was another young coach with even less experience coming in. We were crying out for an experienced manager / coach to come in and sort out our defensive problems and we would have been able to push on and maybe even mount a challenge to Livi. However, our chairman thought differently and brought in Wilson and Dalziel who have managed to take us backwards. I think most now agree that the current management duo should be axed as soon as possible but this probably won't happen before the end of the season. Wotherspoon has to take the blame for the position we are in. You would think our full time training would at least see us fitter and better organised than the part time sides. There's not been any evidence of this being the case so feck knows what goes on at training. We've now conceded the most goals in the league and that is an embarrassing stat. We've lost more games than we've won. Another embarrassment.
  4. I didn't go to the game tonight so can't comment on the performance but that's yet another defeat and another 3 goals conceded. Wotherspoon has to take action now and get rid of the radio pundits as there's no sign that these pair can turn things around. Saturday's fighting display and victory is already a distant memory. This season has been a nightmare.
  5. Great 3 points yesterday. For once the heads didn't go down when we conceded and we showed some fighting spirit that we haven't seen in the last 2 - 3 months. Decent performances throughout the team but I thought Russell (what a goal by the way) and Mensing were our best players on the day although I'm not sure what happened at their 3rd goal as the striker (Wallace?) seemed to run through the middle of our defence to score. Ferguson had another poor game and his form and lack of confidence is a worry for the run in. Another concern is Hutton getting the red card after the final whistle. We can't afford to have important players missing at this stage of the season. Another 6 pointer now at Brechin in mid week.
  6. So it looks like Wilson and Dalziel won't be going anywhere anytime soon. How many defeats do we have to suffer before Wotherspoon gets rid of these clowns? We're staring a relegation battle in the face and I can't see where the next points are coming from with clueless Wilson in charge. McBride was punted for a lot less.
  7. So we're a hard crowd to play in front of and the young players would play better if we encouraged them rather than get on their backs?? Wilson is an idiot and should do us all a favour and pack it in now. Does he expect us to sit back and watch that sh!te every week and be happy that we are getting beaten at home by the Rovers, Stranraer, Peterhead, Stenhousemuir etc. He wouldn't have lasted very long if he had the long walk back to the pavilion at the old Broomfield.
  8. Wilson must go now to give us a chance of finishing in the top 4. Hopefully Dalziel will go too.
  9. Another terrible performance. Stranraer weren't great but were better organised and more commited than us. We didn't look like scoring and I can't remember their keeper having too much to do apart from the penalty save and a save from Stewart. We seem to be getting worse every week and have no chance of finishing in the top 4 at this rate.
  10. Next weeks match is now a massive game for us. If we lose Stranraer will only be 4 points behind us. At the moment there's more chance of us getting dragged into a battle to avoid the relegation play off. They way we are playing there is no chance of a top 4 finish. I don't have any faith in the current management duo turning things around. This season has been an absolute disaster and results have been terrible apart from our winning run back in the autumn. I think we all knew before the season started that there would be some bad results due to our young squad but we would have expected to have seen improvement as the season progressed. We haven't improved at all since Wilson came in and have probably went backwards. As some have said TW probably won't sack Wilson or Dalziel but for me something has to change before we get dragged into a relegation battle.
  11. Agree with most of the points made by DBM regarding players and formations. I would maybe have Russell up front with Ryan rather than McKay who I've yet to make my mind up on. I also agree that the radio pundits have to go or we will struggle to finish mid table never mind top 4. I have no faith in them turning things around. We have got worse under their stewardship. Our form since December has been terrible and we are still conceding too many goals. I can't see TW going down this road unfortunately though so we'll have to struggle on to the end of the season. This season is fast becoming another write off. Does the 3 year plan start again in the summer?
  12. Watched the lowlights on the website. Great strike from Crighton, poor defending for other 3 goals. Nothing to change what I thought on Saturday. Russell's goal may or may not have been on side. Hard to tell from the camera angle. Will be interesting to see what Conroy was sent off for. If it's for the tackle fair enough. It was late and nowhere near the ball. A yellow would have been sufficient though as the tackle wasn't as bad as the one on Ryan that got a yellow. If it's for the handbags afterwards, as Wilson's post match interview might suggest, it's soft. There's clearly no punch thrown despite the claims from Livi fans on here and Cadden was as much to blame and was clearly the one who started it and wasn't even booked.
  13. Wotherspoon has made numerous bad mistakes with recruitment and has to take some if not most of the blame. Some fans didn't like Bollan due to the style of football on show every week. I had my complaints but thought he was a decent manager at this level and could have got us promotion if backed by the chairman. It was obvious though that the chairman and King didn't like him. EWB should have been left in charge of the academy and not allowed near the first team. McBride was another in my opinion who wasn't up to the job and some of the signings in the summer were terrible ( Boateng, Schmidt & Daly to name a few) Yes there was early promise with some of the youngsters looking decent but there were obvious gaps in the squad in defence that weren't addressed. Wilson has somehow taken us backwards both in performances and results and shouldn't have got the job. We needed an experienced coach to come in and sort out our problems and steer us towards a challenge for the title. Dalziel is just a waste of a wage. I'm not sure what his remit is but the fact he doesn't even attend our games should have meant he was never brought in. Another worry is the poor form of the U20 side. I realise results at that level aren't the most important thing but these guys were signed on 2 year deals and were supposed to be backup for the first team. It is apparent that they are not seen to be good enough by the management team. TW's 3 year plan isn't quite going to plan.
  14. Dizzy and Dosey both strolled through today's game and are better than any of our current defenders.
  15. Terrible second half performance. Livi are miles ahead of us. Not sure many of our players would get into their side. I thought the 1st half was fairly even and only a cracking goal from Crighton saw us behind at half time. 2nd half was men against boys. We weren't at the races. 2nd to every ball and couldn't string 2 passes together. I can't give pass marks to anyone today. Back 4 were a shambles. I don't think either centre half won a header all day against 2 smaller forwards. Don't know what Conroy was thinking at the end. The game was over and no need to make the initial challenge. I didn't see him throw a punch as the Livi fans have said and from where I was sitting it looked like handbags but if he has the club should fine him. The last thing we need is one of our better players missing games. Wilson is out of his depth and should be punted but we probably can't afford to pay off another coach!
  16. First half was dire although we could have been in front with Ryan's chance. Although we were behind through a soft goal (2 soft challenges and Ferguson could have done better) I thought we looked more solid at the back. Mensing and McGregor looked a decent partnership. Hopefully McGregor's injury isn't bad although I thought Gorman was decent when he came on. Our 2nd half performance was as good as we've been for a long while. We probably could have scored more but can't be too critical. I thought young MacKay got better as the game went on and took his goal well. He is worth a run in the team. Conroy took his goal well as did Ryan but a special mention to Scott Stewart. What a goal that was. Hopefully we can take the 2nd half performance into the next game.
  17. Another young defender. Not exactly what we were looking for but he could turn out to be another Liam Lindsay. As has been said Wilson states it's unfair to throw our youngsters in but signs one on loan. Like Mensing I will give the boy a chance before writing him off. This might free up McIntosh to play right back / wingback and play Stewart further forward?
  18. Franz Beckenbauer at his peak would struggle to organise a back 3 with Boateng in it! I wouldn't have Boateng anywhere near the starting 11. Gorman has struggled of late playing next to bombscare but looked decent when he came back into the side. McIntosh can play beside Mensing and Gorman in a back 3. I had hoped we might have been able to bring at least another defender in but it's looking like we will have to go with what we have.
  19. I thought we had a decent starting 11 too but results speak for themselves. We have lost 9 out of 22 league games and conceded a lot of goals... Consecutive coaches have failed to address our problems and the current one doesn't seem to have clue what to do. I would guess if you asked supporters of the other teams in our league there wouldn't be any more than 3 or 4 of our players that they rate. The style of football may have been better under McBride for some but I don't remember it being that successful or he would still be in a job. It's alright encouraging your team to play out from the back but we conceded a good few goals because we didn't have the players to do this. Yes we all want to see our team keeping the ball on the grass (or plastic) and not pumping the forward and hoping to win a header or win 2nd balls but if we are constantly passing sideways and backwards you'll never score. Anyway that is old news. The only ways I can see any improvement now is for us to get 2 or 3 better players in or get rid of Dalziel and Wilson and get a decent experienced coach in who might be able to get more from the players we have. Unfortunately I don't see either happening.
  20. I'm not sure about the sudden pining for McBride. I agreed with the decision to get rid of him although I had been shouting for it to happen before it did. He should have been away after the Peterhead game when we lost 3-1. Yes the football might have been slightly better on the eye but results were much the same. Maybe an experienced number 2 could have helped, maybe if McBride was able to get a better centre half in who knows but the fact is he didn't. Wilson isn't any better and his tactics are as baffling as the previous head coach. TW hasn't got any of his appointments correct (not sure if Lennon was his decision) and the decision to replace one inexperienced coach with another will probably be our downfall this season unless we can get some decent business done in the last 24 hours of the transfer window... I doubt that will happen though. What do we do? Leave the radio pundits to plod along from one defeat to another with the current squad for the remainder of the season in the hope we scrape into the top 4 or back the head coach with cash to get some additions in which would hopefully improve our fortunes.
  21. How long do we have to put up with this garbage? Another pumping off a side at the bottom of the table. Wilson hasn't a clue and we've probably gone backwards since he came into the club. His record (league games) is now worse than McBride's and we know what happened to him. Full time football has been a total failure. We have some decent players but unfortunately most of the squad are not good enough. We don't look organised and certainly don't look fitter than the part time sides. Wotherspoon has to take some of the blame. His appointments have all been failures....King, Woleki-Black, McBride, Dalziel and now Wilson. We will be lucky to finish in the top 4 the way things are going but even if we do get into the play offs I wouldn't fancy our chances.
  22. Wasn't at the game today so can't comment on the performance or goals we conceded but that's another terrible result whether we were down to 10 men or not. Wilson's record is worse than McBride who got punted. Can't see him lasting the season unless there is a big improvement and I can't see that with this squad of players.
  23. Whatever the starting lineup is tomorrow we'll have to play at least one player out of position which isn't great. We don't really have any cover for MacDonald. If we play a back 4 Gorman could maybe do a job at left back, if we go with a back 3 and wing backs Conroy might have to play there but that takes our main playmaker out of the middle of the park. Not ideal but that's what happens when you have a small squad. Higgins had played in both full back positions for the U20s but he's not had a look in and has been loaned out. This just confirms we are still a couple (at least) of players short. I'm not sure what budget we have to bring any more players in but if we want to make sure we finish in the top 4 and have a chance of promotion through the play offs we still need to strengthen the squad further even if this means loans.
  24. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I will give the guy a chance before I make my mind up. We've been shouting out for a new defender to be signed and ideally someone with experience to help the younger lads. Mensing certainly has the experience. He's been playing in the states for the last 2 years so can't comment on his recent form. I always thought that he was one of those players who opposition fans hated but would have taken in their own team. He was a no nonsense player who wasn't afraid of a 50/50 challenge. Let's give him a couple of games before writing him off as another dud. He can't be any worse than Boateng.
  25. Totally agree with DBM about the summer signings. Only Ryan, Conroy and Leitch have been a success although some will argue that Russell has scored 13 goals (albeit mostly pens) and as a forward should be judged on this. It's now obvious we would have been in a better place squad wise if we had kept the likes of O'Neill or Bain and at least one of Crighton or Lithgow. However there weren't many on here too disappointed at the time when they left the club. I had hoped we would have seen at least one new defender signed since the last game. We've freed up some space in the squad this week and hopefully this means we will be bringing a couple of new faces in before the transfer window closes although this doesn't really apply to us as we will be looking at free agents and maybe loans.
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