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  1. I'm disappointed to see Andy Ryan leave as I thought he could be the difference between staying up and relegation but with our current financial problems I suppose it would be difficult to turn down any half decent offer. If the rumours of Ferguson also being sold this week are true hopefully we can get some players (and a manager) in before Saturday. I can't see where any goals will come from now that Ryan and Iain Russell are both gone.
  2. A hard earned draw and our first point on the board. Hopefully the youngsters will take heart from that and push on but I think it is clear this will be a hard season. Ferguson kept us in the game with some terrific saves in the second half and we should have had a penalty which could of seen us sneak a win. Andy Ryan showed again he is worth more to us playing and scoring than any 30k. His goals could be the difference between staying up and relegation.
  3. I'm glad Wilson is away. I never thought he was up to the job. Hopefully Dalziel is next to go and we can get a decent manager in for next season. The Ballantyne's need to come out and confirm if we will be full or part time next season.
  4. There's an interview with our illustrious director of football in today's Advertiser. He says he thinks that we will remain full time and TW will continue to cover wage bill / costs for the foreseeable. Dalziel and Wilson are due to meet with the Ballentynes next week to discuss this season's budget.
  5. With the rumours of various clubs chasing Andy Ryan what do you think would be a reasonable transfer bid for the club to accept? Personally I would hope we don't accept a paltry offer of less than 50k but knowing the people who run our club we will.
  6. Mackin impressed me in the 2 play off games. He's good in the air and can hold the ball up. Would be a decent shout. Ferguson didn't impress me that much when he was here but he has played in Motherwell's first team since then. Could be good back up but I don't think he's any better than Stewart (if he stays) or McIntosh.
  7. Dalziel was on the radio spouting his usual clueless p!sh last night so unless he left this morning he's not on holiday. He did say Wilson was away though. It looks like we are stuck with them for the foreseeable future. I would have expected some sort of announcement regarding any players leaving the club as I assume the likes of Mensing, Boateng, Leitch, Stewart (not sure of others) contracts will run out at the weekend.
  8. With both Ayr and Raith Rovers coming down it is important that we don't make an arse of summer recruitment. TW needs to confirm if Wilson will be head coach and back him financially to let him improve the squad. Personally I would get rid of both Wilson and Dalziel but I can't see it happening. There was small signs of improvement towards the end of the season but if we want to get out of league next season I feel we need an experienced coach / manager. Most of the squad still have a year to go on their contracts so there isn't much room for new additions so we need to make sure we get the right players in. I would expect Boateng, Mensing and Leitch will all leave as their contracts have ended. The 3 loan players will also return to their clubs so we will need at least 6 new players. Personally I think we need 7 or 8. We can't afford to have a week subs bench like this year. I think we need a keeper to challenge Ferguson (ideally someone with some decent experience), 2 centre halfs, 2 new full backs (Stewart and MacDonald are fine when we play with 3 at the back but not good enough defensively if we play a back 4), a ball winning midfielder, a striker and a winger. Whether we can afford that many signings is another matter.
  9. I hoped we wouldn't regret only scoring once on Wednesday when we played so well but that's how it turned out. I thought the first half today was evenly matched, not sure if the goal that was chopped off was offside or not but that would have given us a cushion. Second half Alloa came at us as expected and got the goal and should have had another. Both keepers had good saves. We had a big shout for a penalty when the defender clearly handled in the box. I don't think we played that well today but we had some decent chances. The injuries to Mensing and Conroy didn't help going into extra time and we didn't really threaten. Penalties are a lottery and a terrible way to lose a big game. Over the course of the season we haven't been good enough and big changes are now needed at the club.
  10. Excellent performance tonight. Probably one of our best of the season. We kept possession well and looked solid at the back and for 70 mins pressed high up the park. Mensing probably deserved his man of the match. Alloa offered next to nothing going forward but were hard to break down. I would have been happier had we scored another but this result gives us a great chance to get through. More of the same on Saturday please.
  11. Whilst I don't think reducing the admission prices to say £12 / £6 would have seen that much of an increase in tonight's crowd I do agree it would have been a nice gesture to thank the fans after a difficult season but we all know this was never going to happen. As for tonight's game. I expect we'll go with the same side and formation as Saturday. Hopefully we'll get a positive result to take to Alloa on Saturday.
  12. It would be nice if TW thanked the long suffering fans by reducing the admission prices and maybe even made season tickets valid for the game. I'm not holding my breath though. Onto the game. If we defend like we did yesterday we'll have no chance but I'm hopeful of a favourable result to take to Alloa on Saturday. The 4 previous games have been close matches and I don't expect anything to change in the 2 play off games. Hopefully Andy Ryan can continue his goalscoring run for another 4 games.
  13. Scott Stewart is one of the few players who has had a good season and fully deserves his young player of the year award. He may not be the most technically gifted player but you are guaranteed he will give 100%, he won't sh!te out of a challenge, he's decent in the air and will run up and down the wing all day long. He could improve his final ball and sometimes is caught out of position defensively but he's still young and will improve.
  14. Our defending today was terrible as it has been for most of the season. This is not just because of the defence and goalkeeper. Our midfield offer no protection whatsoever and were posted missing for most of today's game. I highlighted Gorman as I thought he had a poor game today and in my opinion was our worst player on the park (until Leitch came on who didn't get into the game at all).
  15. A good win but not a great performance. Gorman had a nightmare, the midfield were rubbish and on another day QP could have scored 4 or 5 but we have managed to scrape into the play offs. If we play like that in mid week Alloa will run riot. Ryan was my man of the match for his 2 goals. Stewart put in his usual shift up and down the wing. Russell took his goal well.
  16. The only players that I would give pass marks to (for the season) are Ryan (player of the year), Stewart, Conroy, McIntosh and Russell (for his goals not his overall play). These guys have played at a decent standard throughout the season. Others such as Gorman, Leitch, MacDonald, Brown and possibly even Ferguson have been up and down but overall haven't been consistent enough. Not sure they can improve that much. The likes of Boateng, Mensing, MacKay and McGregor (I'm sure I've missed some out) have been useless.
  17. As has already been said we will be stuck with the guys who have a year left on their contracts unless another club comes in for them which is unlikely apart from Ryan. I would expect Mensing, Boateng, probably Leitch and the loan players to leave. Not sure what contracts others are on. I've not seen enough of the U20's to say who could push for a first team place. McLaughlin looked okay when given a chance this season. Leighton showed some promise from the bench on the few chances he's had. The rest haven't really had a look in. I think we need to sign a new goalie, 2 full backs (if we revert to a back 4), at least 1 central defender, a couple of midfielders (ideally a ball winner) and a striker.
  18. That was utter p!sh today. Game played at a snails pace. No urgency from the players. I would struggle to give any player pass marks. You would have thought that we didn't have anything to play for. I can't see us getting the results we need to make the play offs and hopefully that will mean the end of Wilson and Dalziel.
  19. There's only one person to blame for the mess this season has been and that's the chairman. He let his pals King and Black oversee summer recruitment including an inexperienced head coach. He saw the light (we thought) and got rid of those 2 but then brought another pal in to carry out a review resulting in McBride being replaced by Wilson and Dalziel in as director of football. One bad decision after another. The radio pundits have failed. Yes we might still finish in the top 4 but this has been a terrible season and TW needs to make some big decisions in the summer regarding the running of the club.
  20. I wasn't at the game today so I can't comment on the performance but that's another poor (if not unexpected) result today. Luckily other results went our way (apart from QP). Amazingly we still have a good chance of finishing in the top 4 despite one of the worst seasons I can remember. We all know what our problems have been this season and who are responsible. Big changes will be needed in the summer whatever happens between now and the end of the season.
  21. Let's worry about the play offs (and promotion) if we get there. 4 tough games to go and we've not exactly been playing great stuff and winning every week. Saturday was a big improvement on recent weeks though and we seem to have stopped the run of bad results so I'm hopeful we'll make the top 4. I've not looked at any of the other side's fixtures but we might have to win 3 out of our last 4 games.
  22. A decent performance and a deserved 3 points. Brechin were never really in the game until the goal and their best chances in the game all came from our poor defending but luckily they only managed to get 1 goal. We were never really in any danger of losing the game though as I always felt we could have got another goal if needed. Russell took both his goals well and probably should have got his hat trick. I thought his overall play was good and shows that he's far more effective playing through the middle. Hutton and Conroy controlled the midfield and Stewart put in his usual shift up and down the wing. Andy Ryan probably had one of his poorest games in a diamond but still gives 100% and will deservedly win our player of the year awards. Our back 3 had a few shaky moments and on another day Brechin could have scored at least 1 more goal but overall we looked more solid. Ferguson's lack of confidence is clear for all to see. I do think he will turn out to be a good keeper given time but he has made a few costly mistakes. He seems reluctant to come off his line and his kicking has been poor lately. Hopefully he will learn from his first full season as a first choice and come back stronger next season.
  23. What can you say that hasn't been said on here a thousand times already this season. We've had the same problems all season conceding soft goals. We've tried various combinations in the centre of defence, we've now tried different formations with 3 central defenders and we are still conceding goals. We have an ex defender as our coach and we've got worse since he came in. I think most of us agree that we would get rid of the radio pundits but that it's unlikely to happen before the end of the season. I wouldn't have much faith in our chairman replacing them with a decent manager. The season can't come to an end quick enough for me.
  24. Another humping. How long do we have to put up with this sh!te before Wilson and Dalziel get sacked?
  25. Don't expect anything other than a comfortable home win. I can see a 2-0 or 3-1 defeat. Livi have been better than us in every game so far and I can't see us picking anything up from tomorrow's game. We'll probably go with same formation as last week with Ryan (if fit) in for Leitch meaning Russell dropping back into midfield playing just behind Ryan.
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