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  1. @guardian The banner in the picture is fabulous for all the wrong reasons.

  2. Good to see the Queen, "above" politics, endorse her son for an "apolitical" role. Wouldn't want him to have to ear… https://t.co/G90xobPJx3

  3. Massive performance from Roma. Wow.

  4. Pep really needs to hook someone and go back to 433 - probably Gundogan. #LIVMCI #UCL

  5. @BelgoFoot @AlexShawESPN Of course, in a midfield 3, he recycles well, but he cannot control a midfield in the way… https://t.co/CVDK7EK2MQ

  6. #Ligue1Conforama match between #Metz and #Nantes https://t.co/YL7DvtLncO

  7. BBC breakfast reporting from Dublin as if Ireland’s win is a foregone conclusion. Think it might be a little toughe… https://t.co/Cy1QJgbxUd

  8. Held on in the end. Second Zulte goal was shocking defending, but it's a good win. Charleroi drawing is an added bonus. #ZWAAND #RSCA #COYM

  9. @FootieWriter Yet a corporate advert for gambling and countries with poor human rights records is absolutely OK.

  10. @ellis_platten Yes, it’s quite a boast for a man who huffed and puffed away, scored a penalty and had a deflection off of his knee.

  11. Could also do with a ball-winner in the midfield. There's nothing. The ball-winner we do have is playing centre back. #andkvm

  12. Lolza, the bears will be ripping up seats soon. Was offside though. #STAAND

  13. @Record_Sport Siri, switch on "Selfie Camera".

  14. And they have LaLiga on the TV.

  15. Or a free Oxlade-Chamberlain shirt. https://t.co/ScWpRSWIfN

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