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  1. What a useless penalty that is
  2. Is there a standard penalty for something like this?
  3. Away goals is gone now. UEFA got rid of it a few weeks ago. Extra time if the scores are level.
  4. I think it was quite well known 5+ years ago in Korea when it was on TV. I'm not sure why the format wasn't tested in other countries given it seemed to become a bit of a cult hit for a few years after it finished.
  5. Anyone ever watched this South Korean reality TV game show? I watched it a few years ago and loved it. I've decided to go back and watch it for a 2nd time since I've forgotten most of the individual episodes. Started from the 2nd season for some reason this time. 13 contestants, a mix of semi-famous/ geeks/ politicians etc. compete against each other to win some money. They compete in a new main match every episode which involves contestants using intelligence, teamwork, social skills and often deceit to get enough points to survive elimination. The contestant who loses the main match goes to 'The Deathmatch' where they play against another contestant of their choice in different strategy games to decide who leaves. I've probably made it sound shite but some of the characters are brilliant and it's well worth a watch. There's four seasons. The last of which brings back the best players and characters from the first three. I won't link to it but if you go to the Reddit page you'll find where to watch it with English subtitles. It might be worth lowering the playback speed by 5% as Koreans seem to talk really fucking fast. Most of the first season is on youtube but the first few episodes are missing.
  6. Keeper getting booked for time wasting is probably a decent shout if you think it'll be a close win for Italy. I've went for an Italy win and some cards too.
  7. The Bet365 free bet didn't show up on the main page or in messages for me. I had to go to 'My bets -> cash out' to get the offer.
  8. The Dutch do look improved on where they were a few months ago. Maybe they got a fairly easy group or the crowd helped them a lot, not sure. I was expecting Denmark to be the surprise semi finalist but getting past the Dutch in the quarters will be a challenge. Denmark can obviously cause teams problems though. Not completely convinced by the Czechs.
  9. As expected, the bottom half of the draw is looking a far easier route than the top half. Somebody surprising will end up in the semi/final from the other side of the draw. Having Italy vs Belgium as an expected quarter final is earlier than it should be. They are both in the top 2/3 teams of the tournament.
  10. Still depends what happens in Group F. Assuming 3rd there makes it through there I think you are correct.
  11. Whilst the coverage of this has been a joke it is a bit of a ridiculous situation. Essentially it comes down to whether you were seen with Gilmour for an extended period of time. Everyone of us know that a a decent number of the Scotland squad and/or staff would have been in just as close, if not closer, contact than Mount & Chilwell were. If we were in Croatia's shoes just now we wouldn't be very happy. Shit happens though. Time to focus on the game.
  12. Slovakia would be on 4 too. A 1-0 Poland win would see Slovakia top (if Slovakia get a draw). A 2-0+ Poland win would see Poland top. Other results like 2-1, 3-2 etc. to Poland have too many combinations depending on goals scored.
  13. Would Poland/Slovakia not go top in that scenario rather than Sweden? I think it depends how many goals Poland win by. I don't think we could play Sweden if they lost to Poland but would need to double check. Spain or Netherlands sounds magic tbh. Fingers crossed we get there.
  14. From a very quick look. In E, Draw - Spain v Slovakia, or if either of them win, a win for Poland vs Sweden. In F, Portugal get at worst a 1 goal defeat from their game vs France.
  15. Too jam-packed to watch? (Sorry)
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