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  1. Maybe you're right. Ferrari seemed to post better times this morning in the long runs on the soft tyres. Less drop off anyway.
  2. Judging from the race simulations in FP2 everyone will be a mile behind Red Bull. Maybe Leclerc will take pole and cause some problems for Verstappen but if they can't get their tyre issues sorted it'll all be for nothing. Mercedes look better but it's a new engine with, supposedly, a relatively high engine mode for practice. Maybe they can get in and around Sainz but I don't see them challenging at the top for a while yet.
  3. It's a very odd setup from UEFA. I think it's an attempt to guarantee more league and cup winners reaching the GS. It'll look even more extreme if/when some seeds lose in CL q2. The playoff draw will be done before the EL 3rd round takes place so for Hearts its possible one extreme could be Dynamo Kiev/Fenerbahce and the other TNS/Shamrock Rovers.
  4. It wouldn't change anything for the Scottish teams.
  5. This is confirmed on the official UEFA access list. Rangers into q3.
  6. charger29


    Could have been better. Could have been worse. At least the second half of S4 was better than the first.
  7. Must have been the highlights. The game in France was only shown live on sky.
  8. I remember watching the Belgium away game from the same group on channel 5. Wiki says the away leg of the Euro 2004 play-off against Netherlands was on channel 5 as well. Our stunning victory in the 2006 Kirin Cup was on the BBC IIRC.
  9. Apathy and ignorance doesn't seem to add up. Several other votes held around that time in Crimea got very large turnouts. The independence referendum alone was low.
  10. I've never understood why Crimea voted to join Ukraine in the first place. Early 1991 Crimea votes to become an autonomous SSR with a 94% yes vote and 81% turnout. Late 1991 the Crimean ASSR votes to become a part of Ukraine in the independence referendum with 54% yes vote and 60% turnout. Why did so many people not vote? Was there a general boycott or something? Seems a bit crazy considering the importance of the occasion. Other regions like Donetsk, Kharkov, Luhansk and Odessa had relatively low turnout as well.
  11. Rain coming by the looks of it.
  12. The 1420 channel quoted above have said the Rosgvardia are patrolling the shops and universitys where they normally do interviews. Students who have previously done interviews are being called into the uni's head office and told not to participate in them anymore. Ah well. This was expected I guess. I did like having the chance to listen to some average Russian city folk talk politics. Hopefully they can keep the channel going but presumably it'll be pretty difficult from now on.
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