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  1. I see Robertson didn't have any issue with the penalty being given for his tackle. His problem with it is more about the inconsistency with similar incidents not given this weekend. Got to say I agree with him. Also had a go at VAR for ruining the excitement after a goal. There's no going back now though. I can see it changing to a challenge system at some point but it will never disappear completely.
  2. Looking at the predicted seeding for next season again, the usual suspects have started to climb up their domestic tables now. Rangers & Celtic and currently unseeded for both the 3rd and 4th rounds of the CL. Both of them could squeeze into the 3rd round seeds but there's a low chance of that in the 4th round if Rangers end up winning the league. Assuming everything goes as expected with the TH and teams getting bumped up rounds etc., 3rd place/Cup Winners (Aberdeen) are pretty much guaranteed to be unseeded for the final round of the EL. If it is Aberdeen who take the spot and they lose in the EL final qualifying round they could be pot 3 for the Conf. League group stages. If Hibs or an unexpected SC winner took Aberdeen's position they'd be pot 4 in the group stages of the Conf. League. 4th & 5th will be seeded for the 2nd round of the Conf. League, just below the seeding line in the 3rd round and have no chance of seeding in the 4th round. I suspect things will will stay roughly like this until the qualifying rounds next year.
  3. Did Sky cut off part way through the Klopp interview to avoid anyone hearing him criticise them and BT for the match scheduling?
  4. I think it might be (partially) fixed since the change post 2018 WC in how the rankings are calculated. Still think it's crazy Russia will be allowed to participate in qualifying and if they reach Qatar they can just compete as a neutral country. FIFA should be telling them to piss off.
  5. Russia are pot 3 because they were host of the last WC. As host's don't play qualifiers they can only play low value friendlies which don't accumulate many points.
  6. There's no specific hoodoo around Georgia. We've been shite for ages and have dropped points left, right and centre to a bunch of teams, one of which was Georgia.
  7. Denmark Slovakia Belaurus/Georgia/Luxembourg Latvia/Andorra San Marino Don't know much about Romania but you wouldn't complain getting them from pot 2. Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Austria, Ukraine & Poland are probably too good for us. Worst draw is probably all the top seeds.
  8. Trying my best to look at the positives but that certainly does hurt. Compared to our last game in Israel, that was night and day. We were like deer in the headlights that night and could have shipped 4 or 5. Tonight wasn't perfect but it was clear progress. Having said that the thought of McTominay coming into our back 3 in four months after playing exclusively in midfield for Man Utd is a bit worrying though. Clarke seems set on having him in there just now. A lot can happen in four months. The good news is we've got a system which allows us to "plug and play" to a certain extent.
  9. It feels like most of our crosses are to an area and not targetting a particular teammate. Same thing the last couple of games too.
  10. There's going to be some interesting euro quali groups in a few years. Some weak teams could reach pot 3. Imagine getting Armenia, a pot 5 team for the WCq, as a pot 3 team.
  11. There's three WCq's in March (and September). Also, unfortunately.... The opening game is on the 11th June so 1st June is the squad deadline. The friendlies are only really helpful for tactical adjustments.
  12. Kolarov was injured as well and has been sent back to Inter without playing. He was positive a few days ago so it's not impossible that he's the one that's spread it within their squad.
  13. It's unlikely but I'd hope Poland or Denmark don't win their groups either. Neither of them are of a high enough tier to have them as guaranteed top 2 in the quali groups.
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