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  1. I don't think every injury he gets can be automatically categorised as "he's injury prone". If Robertson had taken his place for that challenge then he would have come out with the same injury. That's not to say Tierney isn't injury prone or your general point on picking Robertson over Tierney is incorrect.
  2. The daily mail are reporting he's out for 'several weeks' but he hasn't had his scan yet. That sounds more bad than good to me. There's a sports scientist on YouTube who looks at recent sports injuries and he says you can't really diagnose from the video but his knee seemed to be buckling outwards when he was walking off the pitch which can be a sign of a serious knee injury. I think that means damage to the acl.
  3. Scan today presumably? Got a bad feeling about this. Those types of knee buckling inwards injuries always seem to lead to minimum 8 weeks on the sidelines. That's what my panicked search on sports injuries came up with last night anyway.
  4. f**k sake. Thought there would still be some non-qualified teams who'd come over here for a game. If its true at least the travel isn't too bad.
  5. Don't think they'll be away from home. Just played at one of the usual alternatives for the national team when Hampden isn't available.
  6. Please don't be his knee ligaments.
  7. Not sure what type of heatsink or CPU you have but if there's thermal paste involved you're not really supposed to take the heatsink off/on often unless you clean the paste off and replace it. It can cause overheating issues with the CPU. Not sure about thermal pads.
  8. The noise you usually hear is presumably the hard drive starting up. How old is the PC?
  9. It would only boot to the startup screen with the options for BIOS. It would then give an error that their is no OS connected.
  10. Only saw the picture after my last post. If I was you I'd be disconnecting almost every cable on the motherboard which isn't necessary for booting i.e those in red below (I'm presuming they're all SATA data/power cables). The only things I'd have connected would be the HDMI, the ram, the CPU fan, and whatever proprietary power cables go from the power supply to the motherboard (I can't see any standard atx power connectors on the board anyway). Obviously don't go pulling anything out if you're not sure. If there is display then the hard drive you mentioned above might be the issue. If there's no display then you know it's either the motherboard, power supply, cpu, ram or gpu. If you don't have spare ram, power supply etc. then it'll be difficult narrow the issue down further. Some PC's don't have bleeping sounds, they have a blinking light on the front for diagnostics. Might be worth looking at the manual for info on this.
  11. The beeping patterns are usually quite noticeable so it's maybe not got that feature. Agreed with Mr X, it's a process of elimination now. Remove everything except the essentials for booting. If there's multiple ram sticks try each stick on its own, remove gpu and try intergrated graphics etc.
  12. Is it making any sort of beeping sound when turned on? The number/speed of the beeps can tell you what the issues are.
  13. And somehow getting worse every game that goes by. Only real positive has been Adams looking decent in the few opportunities he's had. Other than that, very poor across the park. Need to keep looking for that RCB too.
  14. Finally some excitement at the front in F1. Looking like a good season coming up.
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