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  1. Using next seasons kit for the last few games of the current season.
  2. Yeah, the format has been decided for the next WC/NL playoffs. The 10 runners up from the standard groups join the 2 highest ranked teams from the Nations League not already qualified for the WC or playoffs. Those 12 are drawn into 3 mini knockouts of single leg semis and final. I haven't checked this but presumably with 10 group winner + 10 runners up, that'd mean 21st and 22nd in the NL (the equivalent of the best two 2nd place teams in League B) would be the lowest possible ranking which could get you a playoff spot. This assumes that every team in League A and top of League B have finished in the top two of their quali group which isn't close to guaranteed. Especially with Iceland and BosHerz (from League A) looking like 3rd seeds for WC quali. Difficult to say if we even have a chance at a playoff spot tbh. No matter where we finish in the NL.
  3. FWIW, we're quite likely to be third seeds for the WC draw. Even if we win our next 7/8 games before the draw we'd still be struggling to reach 20th place in the rankings and get the #2 seed that comes with it. We do need some semi decent results to avoid dropping to the 4th pot though. Those two Russia losses and the Kazakhstan one really hammered us. Around 3 wins from the 7/8 should be enough for pot 3.
  4. Were you's having login issues with your main account? I had that for most of this week. First password change didn't work, second eventually did a few days later.
  5. There's no doubt he went significantly down hill after several different injuries at the tail end of his time at Liverpool. I don't see how that's debatable. Scoring a couple of important goals post injury doesn't change the fact that it was a ridiculous fee.
  6. Surely Andy Carroll was the worst? £50m donation from Chelsea for a clearly finished Torres and they go and panic buy him for £35m, a record fee for a British player at the time. Crazy. Talking about Liverpool signings, I never really understood why Suarez never left Ajax earlier. The guy was doing it at Ajax for 3+ seasons but nobody made a significant move until Liverpool from what I remember.
  7. We did seem to be taking advantage of the long qualifying route better than other countries though. It's came at a bad time as well as the quick leap up the coefficient table just in time for the new format won't continue in the same way next season. Having guaranteed gs points is, relative to last season, more important now. You're right that this doesn't particularly affect the countries around us. Although I guess it depends how far you want to look up. Not sure about the points given. I think the idea is to try to even things out a bit for the away team.
  8. Unless UEFA clarify a bit more about quali coefficient points it seems like the new format will negatively affect Scotland in 20/21. Thr potential points seem to have been halved with single leg ties for every round other than CL playoff rd. I saw someone on the kassiesa forums suggesting giving an imaginary 0-0 draw for the all non played legs. This would at least give some points back to teams in quali. Still shite though.
  9. Fraser is apparently not going to play for Bournemouth beyond 30th June. Not exactly a great surprise but there is some impressive irony in him apologising in January for not "playing for the the team" and now he's likely offski with 9 games left. UEFA meeting just now. Should find out some more info on playoffs and NL schedule at the press conference later. WC quali format on the agenda for tomorrow too.
  10. The worst part of this is when the ref adds 3 minutes, then a goal is scored, a sub is made and a player goes down "injured". The ref arbitrarily adds 30 seconds and that's that. There needs to be some stronger guidance on that.
  11. Assuming next season is normal, it's incredibly unlikely for Rangers to be seeded for a hypothetical EL 4th round tie, correct? I'm judging that from this (EL tab): https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=4FE4712A1E3EA4FA!293&ithint=file%2Cxlsx&authkey=!ADkGldrPjJ1UdUc Looks like 13 seeded teams in q4 but since the 4th round draw is done before the 3rd round is complete, Rangers would have to be amongst the top 13 seeds when the 3rd round is taking place. That'd mean 8 or 9 of the 13 teams listed above them would have to go out in q1/q2, I think...
  12. What's the point of these average position graphics? Surely separate defensive and offensive shapes would be more helpful to understand how teams are playing?
  13. I see clubs and players must agree by 23rd June if they want to extend a contract until the end of the season. So theoretically a club with nothing to lose/gain in the table could say 'we'd rather save the money and don't want you back post 30th June'. That free agent player would then be unable to sign for anyone else until the end of the season... Three Charlton players are refusing to play in the championship so far.
  14. It's not just UEFA, other international games will have to be played at some point too. Asian, South American & African WC quali is mess just now. They may decide to change some of their formats if they're forced but the triple header approach seems to be getting the most attention just now (presumably for financial reasons). I reckon we'll have some international football by November at the very latest. Assuming no significant second wave of course.
  15. Would they definitely reach 7.5k? I presume they will but don't really know what the situation is in Poland with coronavirus just now. There has been criticism of the fan return apparently. The ultras will obviously be happy to return but to an average fan a mid June return seems quite early.
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