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  1. I think they've set the rule (and apply it) fairly well. Has there been many occasions other than last night where there's been a disputed genuine/non genuine challenge? Everyone just seems accept the refs decision most of the time now as the rule's set fairly leniently for the defender.
  2. Was the workaround a vpn? That's what I used to use with NFL gamepass to watch blacked out games.
  3. Course he can. There's some leeway allowing refs to make their own interpretation if something isn't specifically mentioned in the laws. It should be judged by whether it's "in the spirit of the game". Edit: I'm assuming it doesn't say anywhere, "if you get in the way and the ball comes close to hitting you but doesn't, then play on".
  4. It's probably borrowed from American sport. I started saying 'torn ACL' from watching the NFL. It's a far more common injury in that sport due to quick changes of direction/jumping
  5. There's a bunch of different ligaments around the knee as well. ACL is the worst to tear (6 months+ out if it's bad). Tearing the MCL could be a few weeks of physiotherapy. Torn ACL used to be a borderline career-ending injury a few decades ago in some sports.
  6. Given our lack of decent forwards I think we need someone with that drive and force to always get themselves in the box. Armstrong can do so but as you said, I don't think he will with the same force and instinct which McGinn has. I think he will also naturally be more comfortable using his intelligence and technical skills to look for another player who may be in a better position at that moment. I'd like to have someone who just says, "f**k it, I'm going to throw myself in there and find a way to get it into the net". I do like Armstrong and the idea of getting him in the team. Just not sure that he could take over McGinn's position and play in a similar way. I've got a horrible vision of seeing Fraser/Forrest crossing the ball in towards Naismith with everyone else on the periphery of the box.
  7. I don't really see Armstrong fitting into his spot. He wouldn't be as good in the box as McGinn is/was anyway. Christie could but the thought of moving everyone about again is off-putting. Not sure what the answer is just now. Still a long way to go and more injuries to come... Broken ankle confirmed for McGinn.
  8. McGinn with a bad injury according to Dean Smith. Got his foot stuck in the pitch and is having an X-ray on his ankle. Not an expert but an X-ray presumably means they're checking for a broken ankle? Don't think X-rays are used to show ligament/tendon damage. Didn't go off on a stretcher. Just hopped down the tunnel on one leg. Such a shame if that's him done for the season.
  9. World cup play-off format also decided now. Ten quali group winners go to the WC. There will be three teams going to the WC through the playoffs. 12 teams will fight for those three spots, with ten quali runners up + two nations league group winners who haven't already qualified. The 12 will be split into three brackets, (single leg semi and final, home team for final decided by draw etc.) If that had happened with this round of NL/Euro qualifying, Bosnia and Scotland would have been the two NL playoff teams. Seems a bit weird to me. Will probably come down to goal difference to decide who goes from the NL.
  10. When can you resell the tickets from? Got tickets for the Croatia vs Czech Rep game at Hampden...
  11. I think it could still be close with Denmark even if Copenhagen (just) get through. Difficult to predict though.
  12. I see 13th and 14th place are still a possibility. What would the difference be between 13th-15th after all the title holders stuff probably push some teams up a round? Presumably 14th and 15th would get the league winners into q3 of CL and 13th would move the league winners up to the final playoff round. I don't think it would affect 2nd place in the league at all but not sure about 3rd-5th given the new format. 18th (and some lower countries) got moved up a round in EL this year but they wont be in the EL in 2021...
  13. BBC have confirmed this. The ruling will have no effect on the Euro's. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50563736
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