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  1. Tollcross is a good course, I've ran it a few times. Quite hilly though, I found it tougher than both Pollok and Springburn (I haven't been to Victoria Park yet). You start at the bottom of a fairly steep hill at Tollcross and there are a couple of other hills in the route. It's quieter than Pollok and Victoria, with usually 80-100 people going. Lovely crowd though, I really enjoy going. You should definitely try it
  2. Really sorry to hear your news about your dad. As others have said, a good age and I'm glad you have nice memories of him enjoying a pint and charming the nurses. Take care pal X
  3. On a similar note, a pal of mine went to a small engagement party in a house where everyone say and watched the first live "Eastenders" episode a few years back!
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