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  1. Spotlight The incredible true story about the Boston Globe investgating priests abusing children in the city. Superb performances by Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo
  2. The point of the show was to show the concrete lack of evidence to convict Mitchell, to go into the family's tragic loss would diminish this.
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    Rewatching this excellent medical drama on BBC iplayer. Some of the scenes are definitely not for the squeamish...
  4. My missus is a big true crime buff and had read a book about the case a year or so ago. From what she says about it, it does look as if the evidence was tenuous to say the least.
  5. Death of Me Wickerman-esque, but ultimately a bit meh. There was a lot of running around. Some things didnt make much sense; she was dragged to a walled garden and left outside and when she woke up she went in through the gate instead of turning on her heels and making a break for it, and then she was tied to a post with lots of rope and easily got free. I only kept watching it to see where it led.
  6. Dog Day Afternoon. Good grief I think I last saw this about 20 years ago! The plot is unbelievable but as you said it's a true story
  7. I never heard of this show until I saw this posting. Now the missus is on a binge watching 6 or 7 episodes a day!
  8. I've added a page of Tayside Region tables but am missing 99% of the tables from the 70s if anyone could help. http://sfha.org.uk/taysideregionjrs.htm And does anyone have the actual divisional memberships of 1984-85 season?
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    It was concerning the Midland Region League. This wasn't formed til 1969 but the Aberdeen press reported results for it during season1968-69. It turns out they were simply misreporting the Angus Junior League.
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    I had originally posted a question but found the answer soon after and couldn't delete the post, hence the dot!
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    Your Honor

    I never saw that coming!
  12. The problem with the Scottish pyramid system is all the leagues are autonomous and can therefore set their own boundaries and decide who gets in. In England the FA are more hands on. I might be wrong but aren't the FA the official organisers of the Premiership, I recall it was founded as the FA Premier League. The SFA missed the boat on this and have been sidelined somewhat and really need to get a grip on matters.
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    Fear of 13 I only came across this so forgive me as I'm late to see it. That guy can sure tell a tale and to come this close to execution for murder is unbelievable.
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    Most of Netflix's, and indeed some other US documentaries could be screened in 2, maybe 3 episodes, but they have a tendency to stretch these things out. I also thought that although Cecil didn't live up to the hype it was ok although those internet "sleuths" took the biscuit. As for the couple from England, who on earth holidays in downtown LA? Have these people never watched The Shield or indeed ANY show set there?
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    I watched it a while back and understand your sentiment.
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    Stumbled across this M Night Shyamalan produced series while browsing for something to watch. Its about a couple who lost a baby but replaced it with a doll and hire a nanny to look after it. Sounds all humdrum but it takes off on a tangent...
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    Your Honor

    I'm loving this series. To find I have 2 episodes to go and have to wait for them to air!!!! I suppose I could see episode 8 as a cliffhanger episode...
  19. Deffo 8-2 to Albion. As they were in the 5 team section 9 of the League Cup they didn't have a fixture so they played their first round tie a week before the rest.
  20. My missus tells me she's Danny Dyer's daughter. Apparently.
  21. I've been binge-watching the whole lot again and am into Series 5. It was good watching it first time round but the second viewing is a belter. Brilliant storytelling.
  22. A bit off topic I know! A number of years ago I sent a file of final tables to the Western Union for their archives but didn't even receive a reply. I recently came across them again so if anyone is interested they can be viewed at the SFHA (!), HERE
  23. Host A "footage film" about a seance done via Zoom. It's only about an hour long but I was unexpectedly surprised as it was really good.
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