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  1. Unfortunately Tolkein didn't set everything in stone apart from LOTR and The Hobbit. This gives Amazon some leeway...
  2. Although Stewart wanted to develop an app that was also Apple-friendly, they were wanting a monthly developer subscription. As he wants to keep the app ad-free this was a no-goer.
  3. Stewart Mathers has developed a FREE app, NO ads, that lists every Scottish League date and result. League tables can also be generated to reflect the standings on specific dates. Also included are club records including maps showing past and present ground locations, this is made possible by the ingenious use of modern and historical maps. Stewart had asked me to be one of the testers during the development stages. The app can be downloaded from the Google store via this link from Stewart's Scottish Cup archive website... https://thebeautifuldribblinggame.com/league/
  4. Does anyone know when they were founded. I've come across references to them being originally called Kilwinning Rangers AFC...
  5. sfha


    When they all turned up home in a taxi after you know what I was was thinking "is this a Bobby Ewing moment?" In the end I think Marty was taking control...
  6. sfha


    I'd previously watched the first three series but I've not watched any of the final series yet as I'm on a binge re-watch. By f**k, it is good.
  7. A very good post... but Penicuik have never played in the Scottish league...
  8. I've not really read any of the above comments as I intend on binging through the first half of the series. BCS must surely be in the best top 10 all time ssries.
  9. After having a look at Star Wars the above is a brilliant review.
  10. We've been lettered that as the three candidates in our ward are standing unopposed there will be no ballot, polling places will be closed and no postal ballots sent out. Surely the electorate still have the right to register disapproval of the candidates via spoiled ballot papers?
  11. Council elections... one step up, or down, from purgatory...
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