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  1. One of the greatest sitcoms ever although the short (6 or 7 episodes?) first series IS pretty dire.
  2. George is one of the greatest ever comedy creations
  3. JCS Criminal Psychology I stumbled across this the other night, not one documentary but several that are on youtube. Very much worth checking out if you like true crime and the interrogation techniques used by the police to eke out the truth. Each entire episode takes place in the interview room and courtroom and uses actual police footage.
  4. sfha

    Mare of Easttown

    I was also a bit disappointed with the last episode, too much filler I think, but the twist WAS good.
  5. sfha

    Mare of Easttown

    Just started this thanks to reviews here. Up to ep 3 and it is a belter of a series.
  6. Polaroid Another great choice by me. This film is one entire "played out trope"! For instance the policeman who is a goodie but is figured to be bad... but he really is a goodie, or where the characters hear noises and not only go into the basement but also the attic, and also the dead man's house. In the hospital, there is the obligatory old man is stumbling through the corridor and there are no staff whatsoever. Its in the category "so bad its bad so totally avoid" Utter dirge doesn't do it justice. To sum up... keech.
  7. sfha

    Old trophies

    Does anyone know where the Fife Junior and Cowdenbeath Cups are?
  8. The Seance 2021 I'm really missing the mark with my film choices! Utter guff. What started as a very poor ghost story quickly degenerated further into a very, very poor whodunnit come slasher film. And, in a story populated by the oldest schoolgirls since Please Sir, it finishes with an end sequence that defies belief. Avoid.
  9. There'll probably be some consolidation over the next few seasons, so certain towns may see one of its clubs either drop out or amalgamate.
  10. I've only watched the first 2 eps of the second half and by this rate it'll only be the minor characters left by the end!
  11. sfha

    The Walking Dead

    With all my weans now in their 30s I have never been bothered looking into the Disney Channel so cant say anything about its content. Will the show be on before or after the Mickey Mouse Show? 😉
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