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  1. All results up to 1920 are now up
  2. Possibly, if not probably the greatest horror film ever.
  3. Unless it has a shapeshifting alien, paranoid scientists and a raging helicopter pilot then nope.
  4. Do Me A Favor I wasn't expecting much but this was a pretty good black comedy. Worth checking out.
  5. After a slow start in the first episode this is building up to be a cracker of a series
  6. When Stephen King's novels are made into a film they are either very good or very bad. 1922 is definitely the former.
  7. Scottish Junior Cup results 1886-1900... sfha.org.uk/scottishjuniorcup18861900.pdf Please note that this work is the copyright of Stewart Davidson.
  8. I've finished the results for 1886-1900 and it will be available from sfha.org.uk from tomorrow. The NEEDS LIST of missing results will also be there, have a look and if you can fill in any missing results please contact me. I am now working on the 1900-1910 period and this should be ready in about a week.
  9. sfha


    Replying to my own reply to a quote! I watched it again and it was well worth sticking with. I originally thought the first part was a bit meh but in hindsight it WAS setting up a lot. I would never have guessed that ending!
  10. A heads up for anyone interested in the history of the Scottish Junior Cup. Over the next few months I'll be posting virtually every result from 1886 to 1950 on the sfha.org.uk site. Stewart Davidson who has published books giving all results back to 1950 wishes to see his project finally completed and has sent me his files for inclusion on the site. I'm currently formatting these as well as a queries list of unknown results which will also be published. I hope to have the first batch of results (1886-1900) on the site in the next week or so, with subsequent decades added over the forthcoming weeks.
  11. sfha


    I watched part way through the first episode but couldn't really get into it. Is it worth sticking with?
  12. Brightburn Watched this again, I had forgotten how violent that wee bugger was!
  13. Surely the writing was on the wall when Junior clubs were given entry to the Scottish Cup, and soon after amateurs. I reckon the SFA had a 20 year plan and it is now falling into place...
  14. To tell you the truth I had never heard of it until I read it was axed!
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