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  1. Host A "footage film" about a seance done via Zoom. It's only about an hour long but I was unexpectedly surprised as it was really good.
  2. As an aside, I, and according to several posts in the forums others, have always been intrigued by the NCL's status. It was formed as the NOS Junior League in 1896 and contained a mixture of Junior clubs and 'A' sides of senior clubs, similar to the setups in the south of Scotlland. It was retitled as 2ndXI League in 1935... was this actually a response to the Scottish Junior FA's ruling on banning junior XIs associated with senior clubs? If the A sides had left there may have not been enough clubs to make the Association and League viable. A new NOS Junior League that formed at the time was questioned by the press who themselves deemed there weren't enough local Junior clubs to warrant 2 leagues.
  3. I'll amend these later today. I'm still working on the page of the North Caledonian FA and its predecessors. From what I can discern the North of Scotland Junior FA/League were renamed the 2nd XI FA/League in 1935 prompting the formation of a new North of Scotland Junior League which also included some Morayshire clubs and existed until the war. An earlier Ross-shire Junior League also existed during the early 1930s. The updated page will also feature an extensive list of the various league and cup winners.
  4. More can probably be dug out here http://www.rsssf.com/tablesa/angloscot-club.html
  5. Championship of United Kingdom 1883 (Cups) Dumbarton 1 Sep 1883 Dumbarton v Blackburn Olympic 6-1
  6. Watched Megan is Missing last night. The scene setting before the actual kidnapping was well paced, the last 20 minutes has some of the most brutal scenes I've ever watched.
  7. Watched Jagged Edge last night and was surprised when I saw Michael Dorn's name in the closing credits. Unrecognisable as the assistant DA in the courtroom scenes.
  8. For the last 30 years or so I've been compiling a spreadsheet that lists 1,000s of senior and junior clubs that have existed since the 1800s http://sfha.org.uk/club-directory.htm
  9. St Machar were originally Inverurie Locos Juveniles, formed in 1955, who took on the St Machar name after the original club, who were called Balgownie Juniors between 1946 and1969, disbanded in 1974. They were subsequently called Inverurie Juniors until they also went defunct in 1999. For a time both clubs played out of Linksfield in Aberdeen.
  10. Thanks for the input, people, I'll look into these. The wifi is being switched off on 5 January but it is up in the air when we'll be able to travel to the site!
  11. Cheers! EE and O2 appear to be the networks that are stronger at the site. I understand you can buy a gadget that you can plug a sim into and it extends to something like 10 devices. Considering we were originally paying up to £15 per week the £35 deal looks ok. I've seen deals of around £20-30 per month but these are on 2 year contracts which I hope to avoid.
  12. The Wifi system at our caravan park is being switched off in January as it wasn't cost effective for the firm that ran it and we've been advised to get our own Mifi system and I've seen a few on the internet. We use the caravan a full 6 weeks a year with weekends every month or so in between. Can anyone give me pointers as to the best and cheapest deals. The ones I've seen are 18 or 24 month contracts but I was also looking for deals that are PAYG. Cheers
  13. Thorntree Shield winners (1924=1923-24) Newtongrange Star 1924, 1928, 1929, 1932, 1933, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1955 Portobello Thistle 1925 Linlithgow Rose 1926, 1954 Musselburgh Bruntonians 1927 Tranent 1931, 1949 Wallyfield Bluebell 1934 Thorntree United 1935 Dalkeith Thistle 1936, 1937 Stoneyburn 1938 Dunbar United 1939 Haddington United 1940, 1941, 1947 Armadale Thistle 1942, 1948 Polkemmet 1943 Bathgate Thistle 1944, 1945 Fauldhouse United 1946 Grange Rovers 1950 Bonnyrigg Rose 1956 Pumpherston 1957 West Calder United 1958, 1959
  14. Just in from Gordon From Killie ken fanzine number 13 from October 1989 . There is a match report printed that mentions "the referee Tom Kellock wanted extra time to be played but Dundee boss Tommy Gemmell waved his men off the field as victors by virtue of away goals rule. He was dead right. " From that it appears no extra time was played
  15. The RSSSF page was created in 2007 and according to my notes that is where I sourced the match dates and also the note about the tie being abandoned. But where did THEY get that info from?
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