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  1. Apologies. I'm sure i have come across him on FM and heard his name but i cant recall him actually being a footballer. If he's played 100 games he must be better than sissoko, balatoni, ashcroft and countless other cb's I've voided from my mind. Probably.
  2. I know. It seems kinda of harsh to kick a corpse when its down though
  3. I would guess that the fee wasn't all up front. If there was 100k up front plus add ons (goals, promotion) up to double, it may be a different story
  4. Mchattie will come bad eventually. Cant wait for the inevitable cup draw v raith to stuff 12 past Locke.
  5. Can i apologise for my previous comment. Anier to hibs is incredible. I love you baldy snake
  6. I maybe see 2-3 games a year due to work, coaching etc and generally I'm delighted to find a fixture i can go to. At this stage im looking at the tynecastle fixture thinking its a waste of a ticket. Locke has had an ample budget judging by his signings. Whilst I'm keen on boyd, findlay (who will come good) and mcdonald, he's somehow managed to turn a tricky situation with the squad he inherited into an untenable one by signing champ cast offs and blockers, rather than the passing players he stated he wanted for 'the killie way'. Having watched highlights I've seen one good passing move this year (which is difficult to judge) but i could see us going winless for at least another month. By which stage we could be fecked. Change is needed. Now.
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