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  1. Hibs vs Killie

    Just unprofessional
  2. Saints

    Would have to say I don’t really feel either team deserved a win there! Both sides were very poor
  3. Saints

    I can assure you both that absolutely no player on that park was trying to play football! Long balls were the order of the day for certain and very few short passes
  4. Transfers and Predictions new season

    Saints have been paying for years, the players who have been signing have been saying this...
  5. Newton Stewart

    From what I have heard regarding your side’s (Wigtown’s) performance today was equally as awful as you make out Newton’s to be! Only difference being that Newton’s opposition will be playing in the SPFL, rather than the lower end of the Juniors Also, unlike your team who pulled out of the league due to its own mistakes... Newton battled in the league last season! And this season lost their manager, a replacement has also just been appointed so time must be given to get up to speed there! As others have stated though... It would be highly recommended you focus on your own team as plenty of work seems to have been done so far and it would be awful to tarnish all that good due to a lone keyboard-warrior on a forum! The silence has been deafening so far... It ended 5-1 to the visitors (a side who drew 1-1 with Uppers last preseason)... Looking like a painful season for the returning former champions!
  6. newton stewart

    Andy Walker has returned, really good appointment there
  7. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    What about big Mr Dyer?? [emoji33][emoji33]
  8. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Oh godddddd!!!!! We better start the mega thread at double speed! Gonna be a long night for all of us if we want to achieve our goals [emoji23]
  9. South Referees

    He grew up! Had a very bad case of little man syndrome and managed to get that sorted out! He’s put a lot of work into improving that way I believe and now is a very good and fairly mature referee... He’s got a bright future and defo deserves what he has achieved!
  10. SSFL - The Future

    I believe the plan with Fleet (who Wigtown have copied by “taking a year out”) was that as they complied with the rules stated in them doing this, that if they could field a team, they just had to inform the league before the cups were drawn (which is the AGM)... So I’d imagine there won’t be an application, more just them saying we can play and joining back up! Unprecedented though as Fleet didn’t get manage to get back in so I guess time will tell on what actually happens with Wigtown...
  11. SSFL - The Future

    I’d expect they may create a West of Scotland League out of the West Region Juniors and tag the East and North on right after the EoS and HL respectively! Then from there, I could see the potential for teams like Bonnyton to be allowed to move to WoS... Interesting times though
  12. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    O’Donnell and McDonald defo should have been a serious shot for the squad! I’d also argue Boyd should be a shout, but with it only being friendlies this time out, I’d reckon that he would benefit from the rest
  13. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I’m enjoying watching the team, the way we have been playing is very entertaining... And the results make it even better haha
  14. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I’d defo agree that Brophy has been a revelation under Clarke! However, every single player of ours that sentence could be said for in all honesty!
  15. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I know it’s cliche... But with Clarke, I feel that the sky really is the limit here! Top 3 is a good possibility, but with the way we have been playing recently, anything could happen!