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  1. Is the key question. From what I can see the whole ripping the squad apart shambles stems from a potential paranoia of players' loyalties towards the previous manager. I'm not suggesting for a minute that the squad from last season was of Premiership standard, but a few shrewd additions to a close-knit squad would surely have made more sense than spinning £70K on a centre half who has barely featured and telling one of the best players from last season to f**k off. I'm not one for knee jerk reactions, and we of course weren't expecting much from the Rangers and Aberdeen games, but the body language and attitude from the players in each of them was genuinely scary considering we've just been promoted. As for the Livi game, the way McGinn reacted to Smith coming on pretty much sums up what I think the players think of Stubbs tbh. Early days I know, but this really is beginning to stink of Rae's first full season in charge.
  2. Fair fucks to Livi, could've easily been 3 or 4 nil and we'd still have absolutely no complaints. The lack of movement off the ball going forward would be worrying enough even if we had a solid defence. Not sure whether Cammy coming on or Madsen finally winning a header got the biggest cheer of the day.
  3. Was absolutely shitting myself going into this, the league cup form was inconsistent to say the least so it was a bit difficult to gauge where we were (it still is, to be fair). Started well and finished well, and a wee bit shite in between. How Dundee weren't a few up before we went ahead again was quite something, was this not an issue for them last season as well? These are exactly the sort of games we need to be gaining maximum points from if we are to survive, so I'm very pleased. Decent game, cracking atmosphere, tremendous effort from the 1200 Dundee fans who made the trip. It's good to be back!
  4. I was having palpitations at that [emoji23] Shows how far we've come that many of the players didn't seem too happy despite the win. Most, you'd imagine, will be simply feeling relieved. In the past this would've almost been celebrated as winning the title.
  5. Absolutely fucking brilliant. Think I'm not alone in having that horrible feeling at half time that we'd shit the bed, especially when England came out flying at the start of the second half. What a pleasant surprise, did absolutely superbly to kill England's momentum. As good as Russell was, my man of the match would have been John Barclay. Made absolute mincemeat of the English back row, which was a huge part of gradually grinding them down in the second half. Yet again, Handsome Hugh Jones...[emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]
  6. Can't wait to see Vunipola's latest technique in the scrum...
  7. Brilliant start, England have been surprisingly poor thus far but I think a lot of that is down to our aggressive defensive line and disruptive work in the breakdown.
  8. Decent options for the Scottish No10 jersey...what a time to be alive.
  9. Laidlaw epitomised the difference today compared to the utter shambles of a performance against Wales. Mix of bad luck but a bit of a shocker for the second French try. However, unlike Price and the rest of team against Wales, didn't let it affect the rest of the performance. The game management stemming from him in the second half was absolutely superb. Goes without saying that we have to be much better against England, especially in the first half. Thought we let our runners get isolated far too easily in midfield, and if we do that against England we won't be allowed to creep our way back in control like we did today. Thought Berghan (sp?), Gilchrist and Wilson had absolutely superb games. What a difference having aggressive ball carriers makes to your overall attacking performance. Watching us half heartedly drift from side to side against Wales was one of the most seethe inducing things I've ever witnessed, but having ball carriers like that making the hard yards allowed guys like Huw Jones pick out some fucking sexy lines. Only real negative talking point is now, surprisingly, Finn Russell. We all know for every five great games he'll have an absolute shocker, but that's two in a row now. Surely won't be dropped for the England game but you've got to worry what might happen to us if he goes into meltdown mode again.
  10. It would be nice if we started committing more than one player to the ruck when in possession
  11. Spot on. Whilst the French are a decidedly average side compared to the sides they used to field, I've got the absolute fear about their pack and ball carriers if our defence vs Wales is anything to go by.
  12. Me too mate. Actually watched a recording of it after the football, f**k knows why I went through the entire 80 minutes. Price, McGuigan, Harris, Russell and Du Preez all stand out for the wrong reasons. Would start with Laidlaw without hesitation for France, he may be an unfashionable scrum half but by Jesus did we miss his leadership yesterday. Think someone asked the question whether we'd have been 14-0 down with him on, and I've got to agree it's very unlikely. Is Strauss injured? Du Preez had the presence of a fucking toddler. Harris was way out of his depth, anyone know of Dunbar/Bennett/Taylor's current fitness? Would also start with Maitland over McGuigan. Whilst McGuigan was feeding off scraps the entire game, his running off decent counter attacking ball was extremely poor.
  13. Tom English has just torn Scotland's performance to shreds in a BBC column this morning. Thoughts? Harsh? Fair? http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/42937248
  14. Other than Samson's save highlight of the first half has to be some boy having a good old boo at the tannoy announcer regarding a Nissan. Think Mullen is struggling with everything that goes with a new club, new system etc. Added to that Morgan, Smith and Magennis have been a wee bit off the pace. We've got all the tools for the three points, need to get our fingers out though.
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