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  1. Didn’t see any of that coming probably my coupon down the toilet as well
  2. Holding out for a Leicester second as with bet365 my accum is a winner. Sheffield United+1, Wolves, villa and Leicester
  3. Saying McGinns form is the best in decades is unfortunately a sign of how low we set our bar these days . 6 of his 7 goals against Cyprus , Kazakhstan and San Marino
  4. What are we saying about his involvement in the goal that lost his side his game
  5. This looks a very much a game between two middle table sides , both sides would need hundreds of millions investment to challenge again. Reality is they will be competing with wolves and Leicester for signings now
  6. Spurs have been struggling but not really sure I buy into this arsenal are going places under arteta narrative either
  7. Why would Leicester have an eye on spurs v arsenal a mid table game
  8. Don’t suspect he will be first choice for Everton next season never mind england
  9. If wolves hold on which looks likely you have to say the top 7 look done in whatever order. 8th probably needing a city ban to get in europe , next season you could have wolves , sheffield United , Leicester and Burnley all in Europe
  10. Maybe not to the safe degree as launching from defence and battering it up the field , but we do launch long balls to a single guy up front with little support. We are not exactly known for free flowing football
  11. Is this some kind of shankland dig
  12. Loads of them were against minnows though , although McGinn is best midfielder we have for this
  13. That’s exactly what I was saying sheffield midfield is compact but it pushes up and supports him, something the scotland midfield doesn’t do often enough and hadn’t really done in his scotland games Cap count means absolutely nothing as we hand them out life confetti for Scotland caps
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