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  1. Would only be a Friday night game if Dundee United get through with the Wednesday league games before.
  2. Telly games Premier Clyde v Celtic Hamilton v rangers BBC Aberdeen v Kilmarnock BSC v Hibernian/Dundee United
  3. Why don’t BSC have a ground at BSC
  4. Wondering what he has been on thinking it will be 1-1
  5. Var doesn’t seem to have its Liverpool batteries in today
  6. Are Scottish cup replays ever on telly these days. Cant recall the last one
  7. Doubt he will be getting many games for Celtic so it’s a no from me . I hope he has recovered from his problems , but he is 30 this year , time to look to the future
  8. The standard below Leicester is absolutely atrocious for the money spent
  9. Why are aging players always in demand with Italian clubs. The average age of some squads must be really high.
  10. Still think they have had a word re the hunting background and that’s the cover story to get shot of him
  11. Mabbutt seems a big old unit these days
  12. Mcburnie is usually on the bench most weeks as i said earlier he hasn’t offered anything for scotland so far, not sure how long we persist with that .
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