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  1. depends where about they are getting a bite.If it's in the toilets at Tynecastle from a 14 year old schoolgirl groomed from kickback then yeah, I agree, sub human scum. So does wee Airdrie Jambo.
  2. Shut it Randy ya Rangers sympathising cretin, cheers.
  3. Hearts fans always literally take everything to heart.
  4. I'm sure he will do well at Kilmarnock upfront alongside Boyd.
  5. Has there ever been in the history of football a manager taking a team that isn't in the top league of their country to a national cup final and sacked right after they narrowly lost?
  6. There's no suggestion we won't start well with a full pre-season behind us and a good team forming! If we somehow do start disastrous he will be out by the agm in nov - highly doubtful though.
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