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  1. Yes there is a current player who has already played with upper Annandale and Newton Stewart and currently pitched up at creetown
  2. Wigtown

    Wigtown will be back next season according to there chairman today
  3. Rise o the saints

    Different class on Saturday apparently newton were all over the mighty saints but couldn’t score
  4. GG resigns at muirkirk

    Absolutely info George unfortunately left nsfc after the crash. The club as a whole were gutted to loose him. Brought a good bit of stability into the club
  5. GG resigns at muirkirk

    He never left Newton Stewart in the shit. Left the club sitting top of the south of Scotland league and in a cup final aswell
  6. Looking like champions?!

    Newton bounced back from the disappointing midweek result. Lochar seemed very average. Newton were on the front foot from the start and if Middleton had his shooting boots on the score could have been a lot more
  7. Wednesday's score predictions

    Newton 2 bonnyton 1 Dendo and Middleton with the goals
  8. Matchday 1

    Was at the newton game. And until the first goal went in it could have went either way and once newton got the second it was in no doubt who the winner would be. There seemed a few missing from newton and the managers son was on the bench also scored when he came on
  9. South Awards

    Euan drysdale newton keeper
  10. Well done edu on there league win. Great win for the mids
  11. Saints and wigtown

    Who was the debutant
  12. Creetown

    Is that creetown back on track after a couple of wins
  13. What has happened?

    Iv seen Newton a couple o times and they seem inconsistent. But I'm sure they will come good. Also creetown have had a couple of bad results will they bounce back from this and reclaim the early form they had