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  1. Sorry cant remember the exact words Sutton used. Too long ago now. Doesn't matter if it was years ago and he was a player, it confirms Sutton's behaviour and character. I enjoy your posts MT, wish you were a coach to debate with! You are wrong. I don't want anything. I couldn't care if he apologies or not I just think he should and I've already given my reasons why. They aren't the reasons you have given. Poor poor Myview! Tedi and Myview will return one day! However who are they?
  2. Let's wait and see if he is picked in future squad I laugh on here at times. When I was moving from playing into coaching and management, I listened and learned from people who were very successful pro managers and coaches. Added to that I went to Largs and passed my badges first time. However we are Scottish and it's better to slag off people who are a threat with more knowledge. I'm not talking about me, just generalising Don't you think Largs is a good thing ensuring that people are tested on their ability before being allowed to manage or coach. (Before you say it's a pals act. Some pros, including internationals failed their badge.) A bit like would you allow a surgeon to operate on you if he hadn't been to medical school and qualified? Don't think so
  3. Is that the best you can come up with. For your information. It means he's not flat footed, works of his toes. Doesn't switch off! They are coaches terms.
  4. It's about what words are used and the manner of how he delivers these words. 99% of the time other pundits on tv manage to do this professionally. That's my point. As said Sutton has a history of this, DJ,Dunfermline,Delia, Gordon and Warburton. Imo, also his knowledge poor. Yes he has well over stepped the 'mark' on all of these examples and should apologise if he did, as he has stated phoned Warburton, then Warburton should have answered or phoned him back imo yes an apology is due. I want to listen to knowledgeable pundits who give a balanced view in a professionally manner Sutton would be a nothing if he wasn't so controversial, as he does not have the knowledge to have a constructive input to the discussions
  5. Imagine Neil Lennon or Gordon Strachan has asked you DM to watch Halliday and give him a report. Tell me what you who write. If you simply said he was 'not good enough' they wouldn't be best pleased.
  6. Because BT are a major sponsor. As Sutton only apologised to Dunfermline after they threatened legal action I wouldn't imagine he is the type to voluntary apologise, especially to Warburton/Rangers. I assume BT told him to?
  7. Absolutely. What's more it appears this incident isn't a usual fine type punishment. Rangers maybe are trying to terminate his contract through his actions. If they are they must do this by the book or they will not succeed and we are talking about sizeable money.
  8. Two totally different incidents. Wasn't told to walk out. Traynor asked for more questions and nobody asked one Admittedly Sky guy was talking but he had blown his chances by continually asking Barton questions after at least five times not to. That's not the first time a manager has abruptly finished an interview early. Sutton has mouthed off for most of his career as a player and pundit. You are right, Warburton is quite right to ignore him under the circumstances.
  9. Sutton was a player and was not a pundit when he said Dunfermline lay down to Rangers. He only apologised when Dunfermline threatened legal action. That's my point he does not have the skills or intelligence to be a pundit. I wasn't the only one who said Sutton's criticism of Delia was over the top, especially when Sutton has no achievements to even come close to Delia's. You say what's to resolve? Warburton appears not to be doing interviews with BT who are a major sponsor. That needs resolved quickly. Allegedly Sutton phoned him, however, Warburton has not 'yet' returned the call. Has BT told Sutton to apologise?
  10. Of course they are. I don't have a problem with that. However I feel there is proper manner on how to do this. He is the only pundit I would criticise and imo lacks the knowledge of other pundits and that's why he tries to be controversial Sorry two different points entirely on two different incidents. Sutton said that he would lose his job if he lost to QOS and Aberdeen. Other pundits would be more professional. You are right he did criticise DJ,..... Delia, Craig Gordon, even the whole Dunfermline team. There will be more. His knowledge imo is poor as he found out when he became a failed manager.
  11. This story about the press conference. It is obvious Rangers are looking to do the disciplinary process to the letter of the law and rightly so. Barton will also be looking at his options and rightly so. Surely the TV pundits and press must realise this. So why waste time asking the question especially after been told 'no questions' numerous times. It would do my head as well. I can understand Warburton and Traynor's annoyance. Warburton should only answer football questions not Human Resource questions. That's his job! Warburton and BT must get together and resolve this. There are ways to put your point over and Sutton appears not to have the skills to do this, unlike other pundits. He should be trying to aspire to the Henry, Souness level and most of the others, instead of being insulting in a rude and arrogant manner. No matter who or what team he is talking about, I find it not good watching and I don't respect his opinions compared to most of the other pundits. It's not even as if he's right for most of the time or was a successful manager himself. You get the impression from the other BT pundits they possibly think the same.
  12. You could have written your post in the time you have written this one. I have already said imo Halliday's strengths and areas for improvement. I asked you to do the same with one of the midfielders you mentioned. I assume you are unable to back up your argument. Your post confirms this.
  13. Different version I've heard was Barton took out a young lad in training and Halliday stepped in. Allegedly Barton then had words will Halliday and other players.
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