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  1. It seems a bit suspect that the spl were trying to hurry this vote through give that Mr Lawwell is on the UEFA Club competition committee and Doncaster is on the UEFA Legal committee
  2. Did you have the total 90's on yesterday wee man
  3. Ayrshire Amateur Football has definitely got an abundance of referees that we can just tell ones that have a bad game to give it up. Ffs if it wasn't for these men there would be no games
  4. We all known refs like to sit on their perch and be the boss on the park we all know some of their decision are shite. And we all know if the side line starts spewing bile and shite he's definitely no going to be giving favourable decisions to that side. Maybe you's need to have a word with your side line in future
  5. At the end of the day you's got beat deal wae it ffs. If you are that hell bent on slandering a ref report him to the safa see where that gets you.
  6. Maybe so. But until we get linesmen in the amateur game all the decision are made by one man. Whether right or wrong he has to standby those decisions. Some people won't like it others will that's the beauty of the game it gives us all something to talk about on these forums.
  7. Do you honestly think VAR was introduced to the pro game because the referee and linesmen were getting all decisions correct
  8. I doubt that. They will probably get more offside decisions wrong
  9. So you weren't actually keeping up with play!! The only way people are going to be happy is if linesmen are introduced for premier league games. An extra 40 quid a game per team for them isn't a lot. Even the some folk won't be happy because they will make mistakes aswell
  10. That's the thing here an amateur game you get amateur refs. They make mistakes the same as players and coaches. You would be asking a lot of an amateur ref to get every decision on the park correct.
  11. Dose it really matter which team Ayrshire committee members support? It's not as if they influence the game from the side line. The 22 that are on the park can only do that
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