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  1. I'm genuinely surprised that McCall didn't get a stronger reaction from the Rangers players. A new manager coming usually yields a positive first result, but to draw against the bottom side at home is horrendous. It just highlights how bad Rangers are. They need to drop the no-hopers and the over the hill mob and play younger, hungry players who will fight for the jersey - if there are actually any at the club. The players stated that the training regime was drastically different under McCall - which suggests they've had it too bloody easy for too long. McCoist first was too much of everyone's mate, then McDowell didn't even want to be there. It will take time but I think McCall will enforce a proper training regime and the players will just have to roll up their sleeves; or get out.
  2. I used to work with a guy called Kevin Raper. Now, in my opinion that should be illegal.
  3. If the transplant was purely for cosmetic, aesthetic purposes then it would be quite an expensive risk. You would probably end up getting shafted.
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