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  1. I think you can add Gallacher to that list also...so maybe not such a threadbare squad.
  2. Ant decent pubs between the train station and Starks park?
  3. Win against Clyde aside it looks like Stranraer have improved a bit of late (as Airdrie have) with draws at East Fife and against Dumbarton follwed by a narrow loss to Montrose. Thay said, again like Airdrie, their home record is poor. I think I'd call it as a narrow Airdrie win - draw no bet - for Airdrie to go top of the league on Saturday night 🙂
  4. Well I didn't see that coming. Read Roy's article and he did, fair play to him. He'd score hia 1st league goal - TICK We'll give some team a doin' - TICK We'll go on a run - ....
  5. Just saw the team sheet for todays game. If this works I think it could be our default starting 11 when league kicks off.
  6. Murray said post match Sunday that he wanted to go into the game against Hamilton ahead of them on goal difference. Given that both Hamilton & Partick struggled against Queens (only only conceding 2 goals in total in those two games against higher opposition) it looks like a tall order. Current form suggests a tight game with few goals in it and a draw or a 1 goal victory either way. Queens will be the fresher team, however Murray rested a few key players on Sunday and may freshen things up to counter this. The sun is shining so I'll throw logic to the wind and go 3-0 Airdrie.
  7. Diamond Owl, why not give Murray a chance with his own signings before downing tools. Last season he perhaps decided he had to play a certain way with the staff he had. The league has yet to kick off yet and it is here he should be judged. I understand, perhaps even share, some of your concerns but I don't think we are at a point yet where it is fair to judge.
  8. Happy with progress to date on structure and signings. We are at least doing the work and doing it early. I'm sure that M&M know we need strikers and fingers crossed that'll come. Communications have improved and I'd say are now excellent. Only thing I'd like to see progress on is what Steve Clark called, in his Killie resignation speech, ' the disconnect between the board and the fans' . I think he may have called it the most important thing. To this end I'd like to see peace made between the board and the trust. Once we are all pulling in the same direction we will do well.
  9. To be fair to 'nofixed' it does look like he was signed to Forfar but that a change in the players personal circumstances made staying difficult and Forfar agreed to release him.
  10. I read it as Murray building his core squad for not only next season but the following one, in order to get the consistency which paid dividends for Arbroath this season. He wanted Stewart and Mcdonald as part of that 2 year plan but the players themselves do not want/like the offer that's been made and have chosen to not extend.
  11. I absolutely believe it could have mafe a difference either on Tuesday night, Saturday afternoon or both.
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