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  1. The Scotland game being on ITV4 last night was a bit strange.
  2. Respect our beautiful queen and our handsome new king by speaking and writing in their language properly. Don’t like it, then leave our land!
  3. Don’t respect her enough to write in her language properly though…
  4. Stand around on a High Street to watch buskers and street performers.
  5. I hadn't realised that there was plans in the 80s (or maybe 70s) for a freight line between the West Highland Line and Pitlochry. I do think it's strange that aside from Inverness to Kyle and WHL from Glasgow there isn't really any connection across Scotland above the Central Belt.
  6. I remember that episode. Did Pat Kane not snap back at her at one point that led to a pretty awkward silence? Must've been about five or six years ago.
  7. I wasn't at the game today. How did Delaney get on at left-back? Thought he looked like a better option there against Motherwell. Just watching the highlights now - is Harper playing as a 10?
  8. I see Michelle Dewberry from GB News has attempted to do battle with Bonnie Greer and got very upset when Greer told her she'd never heard of her to which Dewberry accused her of lying and said Greer had mocked her accent on an episode of Question Time they were on together. Turns out Michelle Dewberry has gotten Bonnie Greer mixed up with Germaine Greer! Funny how Brexiteers often out themselves as absolute morons.
  9. The jury is still out on Dodds for me. He does seem to be willing to make an early change which is in steep contrast to almost every other manager we've ever had (it was rare for Butcher or Brewster to make a change before the 85th minute!). He does seem quite tactically naive though - we seem to want to try to play good football and it's common that we start games that way before the opposition wakes up after ten minutes and we then resort to constant long balls. If we go behind it's panic stations - one game last season we ended playing 3-2-5! Other times it seems like he hasn't realised that tactics have moved on since he was a player. We started last season playing a 4-2-4 (yes, a 4-2-4!) but gradually last season and this it's become more like a 90s-style 4-4-2 with punts down the wings for fast players to run onto. It's sooooo 1998. We've needed another midfielder for ages and another right back since Rooney left two years ago - there's no natural right back in the squad whatsoever. Instead we're top heavy with centre-backs and forwards. I'm not joining the chorus of people calling for Dodds to go yet but I could be soon but it will be with some degree of resignation that I have absolutely no faith in the board to replace him effectively. Caley Thistle have always been a jobs-for-the-boys outfit but all that changes is whose boys it is. The current Gardner/Robertson regime (when they aren't busy telling sob stories and blowing a million on Duran Duran) is the cliquiest board we've ever had. If Dodds goes his replacement will be someone like Gary Locke, John 'Bomber' Brown or some other jobber.
  10. Apparently some people use Twitter by using the algorithm home page as opposed to the Latest version home page. Nuts!
  11. There was *allegedly* a period in the beginning where Gardiner was commuting between Inverness and Edinburgh and having the club pay for the hotel
  12. Was told this morning that Gardiner, Robertson and Dodds are each on £150k a year. Gardiner is an absolute charlatan - every club he's been had he's had some sort of gaffe and when the going gets tough he does his usual disappearing act. The fact some fans actually seem to like him is maddening.
  13. Maybe the chairman wasn’t joking when he declared himself “an amateur” on the podcast when he got the role…
  14. Pass marks for Carson and maybe Allardice. The rest? Pish. We were playing for 0-0 and got caught out by a goal that looked inevitable. Mckay and Oakley barely touched the ball. Harper isn't good enough for this level. Boyd and Shaw are both rubbish. Why have we spunked cash on these two non-entities when we've needed another midfielder since McAlear's loan ended and a proper right back since Rooney went to Perth? The fact it's two years since he last played for us and we still haven't replaced him is criminal.
  15. I mentioned this on the club thread but Scot Gardiner has an Instagram account for his dog complete with horrendous captions like "I love visiting Daddy at the office". Absolutely embarrassing.
  16. Would be interesting if she asked Liz Truss “Scotland - friend or foe?”
  17. Zurich have scored. Game's still going on on the radio. Hearts needed to score in the first half.
  18. I didn’t know Scot Gardiner had made his dog an Instagram account.
  19. Delaney is apparently actually a left-back but we've still never seen him play there. One thing that I noticed against Cove was that Harper's positioning is awful - Cove had a few attacks that came from them putting the ball into the empty space he'd left behind.
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