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  1. I could go and look but how many goals have ICT ever scored at McDiarmid Park? Aside from a 3-1 (?) win there about ten years ago it seems that every game we’ve played there has been a total borefest?
  2. I could go and look but how many goals have ICT ever scored at McDiarmid Park? Aside from a 3-1 (?) win there about ten years ago it seems that every game we’ve played there has been a total borefest.
  3. People who have opinions on absolutely anything and everything. A sign of intelligence is when people know they don't know enough about a subject. A lot of morons seem to have an opinion on absolutely every subject often with absolutely no knowledge or experience.
  4. The big thing for me is how do we approach this game? Sutherland must be out and he plays a pivotal role in this 4-4-2. Devine and Duffy being out is also a massive blow. I know Saints don't score many goals but I'm not sure how confident I'd be with a back four of Carson-Broadfoot-Deas-Harper (another incidence where our decision not to sign at least one proper full-back this season is a total madness). If Duffy and especially Devine were available, I'd probably have expected us to go 5-3-2/5-4-1 but who do we put in at centre-back? Allardice, Hyde and Welsh have all played in there before but I can't see it. This game could well be one of our most important ever and we're so short of players. I can't see Sutherland being involved given he was stretchered off on Friday and it sounds like MacGregor won't make it either. Can we include some of the youths like Lewis Nicolson? Ryan Esson is still registered as a player, if there's space on the bench he may as well be included as well - with numbers so short, we'd have nothing to lose by putting him in as well.
  5. It's not *quite* the same, but Feliticiano Zschusschen left the Curacao squad early during the Gold Cup a few years ago so he could sign for Caley Thistle. He was absolutely terrible.
  6. I don't remember Trafford getting a call-up when he was with us, but Richard Hastings and Davide Xausa both played for Canada when they were us in the second tier years ago. Richard Hastings even scored a golden goal winner in the Gold Cup against Mexico when he was playing for us!
  7. I think that ten minute period on Tuesday where we had about five good chances missed is a bit of a omen. Having to go to Arbroath and scoring will be very tough and I wonder the pressure will be too much for us. I was at Gayfield on the opening day and we somehow won despite Arbroath absolutely battering us for twenty minutes at the end (Remember saying after the game that Arbroath would definitely stay up! [emoji1787]). The pressure is on us big time tonight and I’m not sure we can handle that.
  8. Very exotic bran flakes for me this morning and making my way down. I think we’re going to get beat.
  9. I saw that as well. He was getting grief because his results made Alba's results look worse than they were because he didn't include a caveat about Alba not standing someone in every ward so their results looked worse even though everyone they did stand in each ward did absolutely appallingly.
  10. There were potholes in my street last year so I didn’t bother caring about the protests in Belarus. This year there is a war in Ukraine and I care that so caring about the potholes can GTF.
  11. I haven’t seen the game back yet but I just thinking there thinking there how many good chances Arbroath had over the 90. There was the one in the first half that got put over and the one that was a good save by Ridgers. They tested Ridgers once properly in the second half as I recall. There was about a five to ten minute spell where ICT seemed to have great chance after great chance but failed to put them away. Chalmers was unlucky with his one that clipped the outside of the post and Gaston made a great save from Samuels. There was a volley that was close as well but we really really really should’ve scored one of those first two though.
  12. Most of the second half where they barely threatened us at all and we had a period of chance after chance and failed to put any of them away…?
  13. I think we blew it tonight. Arbroath were there for taking and we spent the entire game pumping the ball in the direction of Samuels. I heard someone on the way out saying that there's no bite in the midfield now and I agree with that - McAlear seems to have reverted to his early season self while Welsh seems to let the game pass him by. I can only assume Allardice is nowhere near fit. Perhaps we could've done with Carson in midfield to add that bit of physicality but as we have no other right back it'd leave us in a lurch back there unless we reverted to three at the back (which we don't seem to want to do). We really really needed a win tonight. I'm not confident now at all - I think we've missed our chance.
  14. What about moving them to the wing of the Main Stand? In that position they'd get on TV more as well.
  15. Given this Section 94 have the ear of the club just now, I wonder if they'd be interested in asking the club to turn that side of the ground back into terracing. I know they want more people to join them over there but I can imagine some are reluctant to leave their seats. If it was terracing it could be a different story. I can't imagine taking the seats out and turning it back into a proper terraced area would be too costly and it'd mean we could utilise the other end of that side for terracing as well.
  16. Dion Dublin was a centre-back moved up-front when he was Cambridge to utilise John Beck's ultra-long ball game.
  17. I was under the impression plastic pitches are an environmental nightmare given the plastic pellets don’t biograde and get picked up in the wind .
  18. When I came round under the bridge and saw the queue I thought much the same - that the turnout was much higher than expected and as I got towards the stadium I could see that the queue wasn't just stretching to the start of the car park but hooking round towards the Main Stand. It wasn't even that big a turn-out though - I didn't hear the attendance but I'd imagine it was about 4,000ish. We've had nearly double that plenty of times in the past. I got the impression a lot of the stewards last night were very inexperienced. The pat down at the turnstile was like that GIF you see on here sometimes but was frustratingly holding up the line. I even saw a steward running after someone into the North Stand so they could be "searched" - seemed completely pointless and just held the line up even more. I assume the club don't have enough turnstile operators and/or machines but I don't think there was much foresight at all. We haven't opened the gates either before or after the game at the bridge end of the North Stand since pre-pandemic - why?
  19. Think the club really lacked preparation for this game. We’ve had far bigger crowds than that before and yet only opened one gate. I know the club advised people to arrive early but even so, that queue was ridiculous long before kick off and even longer after it. The stewarding was ridicoulous. Searching (and I use that word loosely) everyone into the north stand when the game was kicking off and the aforementioned queue was swinging round in-front of the main stand was absolutely ridiculous. I nearly had a bit of a run in at the end of the game with one of the stewards as well. As is often the case, I went down the front of the North Stand at full time to applaud the players off, only to then be (admittedly fairly lightly) pushed back by a steward and told to “get away from the wall”. He said he had “every right he needed” to touch me when I told him not to. Is this true? I was always under the impression they can’t handle lay a finger on you without proper training which I doubt these stewards had. He then proceeded to tell the same “get away from the wall” line to a guy in a wheelchair, some kids and another fellow who told him where to go. Hopefully we see a big improvement in game management from the club side of things for the Arbroath game and the one after if we get there.
  20. Big surprise in Inverness Central. The SNP had one councillor already but I didn't expect them to get two of the three seats. Delightful that the ghastly Tory didn't get in either so they'll be no moving of the railway station and sticking a road through it and certainly no seaview park miles from anywhere.
  21. Once again I’m staggered to see violence from someone wearing Stone Island.
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