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  1. This Bigfoot photo looks pretty real to me.
  2. I'm starting to think it's likely that clubs will soon go into hibernation and next season skipped altogether.
  3. It's a total non-starter. There might be a big uptake for the first couple of matches, but if clubs are charging £15+ for the stream every week the drop off will be enormous.
  4. There seems to be some people who think that fans should be cash cows to save their clubs no-matter what. I support Caley Thistle, but I certainly won't be fleeced by them.
  5. £15+ to watch Caley Thistle against QOTS on my computer is absolutely not happening. I'd pay £5 max.
  6. I won't be anymore. There's more to life than football and I'm not going to grounds that charge £20+ to be treated like dirt anymore.
  7. One thing that I hate, which will have to change post-Covd, is how bad the facilties at stadiums in Scotland are. I've been to grounds with toilets with no toilet seats, no hot water and no soap. And of course, then you've got the people who don't wash their hands even when there is soap and water. Don't forget, you're often paying £20 to get in. In the past there's always been happy clappy dullards who come out with guff like "Do you to the football just to go to the toilet?" Well of course not, but it's all part of the experience and now, it can never be like that again.
  8. Definitely. I think most people assume the French speakers are also perfectly fluent in English as well. I was watching a documentary about the 1995 Quebec referendum a few weeks ago and they said that Jean Chretien, when he was first elected as an MP, didn't know any English at all.
  9. I've had French people tell me when they speak to Quebecois they find their language quite bizarre. Also, I know over here we mostly see Canada as an English speaking country - it's strange for me hearing the Prime Minister of Canada speaking English and it clearly not being his first language.
  10. Was that the same day as your incident with John and the Bairds? I still think Jim Duffy is a good manager but would he have done any better than Robbo over the last three years? I highly doubt it.
  11. Quebecois speaking English have a brilliant accent.
  12. The Crown/Millburn Invernesian accent is beautiful, with almost lyrical, poetic qualities. The other side of the river, particularly in the likes of Dalneigh and Merkinch can have that old timey rubberrrrr bumperrrrrrs voice.
  13. Maybe not the same design, but the fabric pattern is probably going to be all over Puma kits next year, 2 teams so far. I guess pretend metal sheeting looks better than the Megabus upholstery we have just now...
  14. Well of all the things I expected to happen throughout the Covid-19 saga, Craig Dargo being outed as a 5G truther wasn't one of them.
  15. Apparently Caley Thistle are going to Puma next season. Wonder if we will have a similar design to those Falkirk strips.
  16. Finding Bigfoot is hilarious. It's been on the go for ten years and still no luck!
  17. I was horrified when Robbo was appointed at the time but I don't think there's many who could've done any better that we'd be able to appoint.
  18. He lives in Cawdor I think. He's been pretty based in the Inverness area most of the time since his first spell with us.
  19. There was quite a lot of points that made me very uneasy. Claiming Scot Gardiner could be the best signing the club have ever made really didn't sit well with me at all, nor when he described the Caley Stadium as 'fabulous' (it's a dump). Most of all, I really didn't like the way he said on a number of occasions how he was 'just an amatuer'. I'm sure he's a nice man, I'm sure his heart is in the right place, but that interview made me really really really nervous.
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