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  1. Danny Murphy was doing his best impression of Father Stone during the Spain-Poland game last night. Also giving it the old 'the ball's gone so it's not a penalty' nonsense despite it being absolutely blatant.
  2. That's the one. I'd like to see someone more experienced come into the back as well though.
  3. My name is Highland Capital and I approve this signing.
  4. I was at the first of the two games we had last season with fans in and I thought Duku looked decent that day. I assume that was before he got Covid though. I’m quite optimistic about this signing - he’s the type of player who’s come good with us before.
  5. Have they ever done the second verse of Flower of Scotland? It always seems to be first verse and then third verse. I’m sure plenty of folk don’t realise there is a proper second verse. It’s years since I heard it but it mentions ‘autumn leaves falling from trees’ or something.
  6. Sometimes I watch Wales games on S4C and his commentary on there is hilarious. He constantly forgets what language he’s meant to speak!
  7. Best description I've seen is someone saying it looks like the screen you get when you're trying to pick your seats on Ticketmaster.
  8. Have to say I thought the BBC’s effort for the Scotland game today was pretty good.
  9. I see we're announcing a new top tomorrow - black with neon blue so I assume is an away kit.
  10. I know they didn't qualify this time, but Northern Ireland could have a cracker and yet have an absolute stinker. Still doing GSTQ is a nonsense (and a rubbish song too). There's been talk in the past of switching to Danny Boy which would be a brilliant anthem.
  11. Again had they returned to the studio after a minute, people would be complaining that not enough had been shown and that we weren't being trusted to handle what we were watching. From what I recall the camera did pan away and started showing wide shots and of the crowd. I doubt the BBC had any heads-up that they'd pull back to the CPR or show the player's partner. Yes they should have (if possible) returned to the studio earlier, but some of the vitriol towards the BBC and Jonathan Pearce in what was a highly unusual situation is over the top.
  12. Just out of interest, how did Sky cover Muamba's collapse? I do remember seeing the paramedics tending to him and later Owen Coyle coming onto the pitch, but I think that was from the highlights.
  13. Not wanting to start a political battle here nor do I have access to a crystal ball, but had that the coverage been exactly the same but instead broadcast by Sky or BT or even ITV, would the level of criticism of the broadcaster be as intense as it has been from some towards the BBC? I'm not sure if it would have been to be honest.
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