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  1. Just thinking there how many countries are left that could conceivably hold it solo who haven't had it yet? China could definitely do it. Australia and Indonesia could probably do it. Any others? UAE went through my mind but they seem to have a handful of big ones and then there's a big drop off.
  2. I hadn't realised Oakley had broken his leg last year. He was decent last time he was here but is he the same player now? Hmm not sure I can get excited about this signing.
  3. Sounds like we're offering deals to George Oakley and Zak Delaney. Think the Perry Kitchen stuff is just mistaken identity - going by Twitter he was back training with Columbus Crew a few days ago.
  4. Remember that part of the official line about releasing Tremarco was because they had such faith about Harper's ability to slip into his position effectively. It should've probably been taken with a big pinch of salt but that's what they said. He's looked alright on the left wing but by and large he's been absolutely rubbish at left-back. Considering he was kept out most of last season by a centre-back in his position and there's already a youth prospect looking better than him in there you'd think his days are numbered unless he makes big strides this season.
  5. I wonder if Indonesia could hold a World Cup on their own. They have the U20 World Cup next year and have 21 stadiums over 30,000 capacity and another five under construction.
  6. I think I've mentioned this before but fans who refer to players exclusively by their first names. I overheard a couple of fans at the Caley Stadium a few years back talking about how "Lyndon had scored for Livi". I didn't know who they were talking about. "Do Livingston have a player called David Lyndon or something I haven't heard of?" I thought to myself. It only dawned on me later they were talking about Lyndon Dykes!
  7. I think Lewis Nicolson is already better than Cameron Harper. Think this season is last chance saloon for Harper.
  8. Off the top of my head in the last few decade or so ICT have had - Larnell Cole (ex-Man United) - A few flashes of quality but mostly a passenger. Now at Radcliffe Borough. Philip Roberts (on loan from Arsenal) - A few flashes of brilliance but otherwise pish. Now at Tilbury. Matthew Elsdon (ex-Sunderland and Middlesborough) - Absolutely garbage. Recently released by Clyde. Andre Blackman (Ex-Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs and West Ham) (on loan from Celtic) - Had some quality but a complete moron. Punted after two games. Now at Dulwich Hamlet. George Brislen-Hall (Ex-Arsenal) - Never played. Last seen playing for Aylesbury Town.
  9. People who uses a player's youth/young career as a barometer of how good a player is. You usually see it when there's a new signing who fans aren't impressed with. There's always some happy clapper who says something like "Well he was in Celtic's youth team so he must have something!" You see it particularly with English players who've been at the big clubs down south but the Premier League clubs' academies are absolutely massive. I've seen former Arsenal and Man United academy players join Caley Thistle in the past and some of them were absolutely pish.
  10. One think that struck me last night was that for the first time our youth players coming through seem to be massive. Ethan Cairns, Lewis Nicolson and Lewis Hyde are absolute units. Maybe aside from Shane Sutherland even most of the players who make it through to the first team seemed very slight - Ryan Christie, Liam Polworth, Nick Ross, even Graeme Shinnie to some degree. I don't ever recollect us having a youth player as broad as Lewis Hyde at that before.
  11. I voted Yes in 2014 not because I'm a nationalist or a patriot by any means but because I thought - in the long run - it'd be better than what we had. Next time the issue will be the opposite - I'll be voting Yes again, not because I think it'd be better than the status quo but because it can't surely not be any worse. I can understand why some people who are politically similar to me voted No. I can understand that some people felt it was a big risk and despite being open to it just couldn't quite be won over. The ambiquity of our EU membership didn't help and the currency stuff were a mess. The currency union proposal wasn't that bad an idea but explanation of it was awful. Another reason I can understand are the people who said words to the essence of "We understand the changes and aspirations of Yes but we want to see them on a British scale." I got that. It wasn't enough to shift me to No, but I got the thinking behind it. That seems so unobtainable now. Labour offered real change on a British scale under Corbyn and it got smashed - there's just no appetite for that type of change in England which seems to only be interested in becoming more right wing, more insular and a lot more nasty. Even look at the Cameron government in September 2014 - it's probably not far from where Starmer is now. That's the only alternative now. In 2014, some said that a Yes vote was a jump in the dark and looking back it was to some degree. Today a No vote is also a jump in the dark...into a ravine! The UK isn't just a sad, lonely and bitter place it's somewhere that revels in that sad, lonely, bitterness and wants to get sadder, lonelier and even more bitter. It'll be a Yes from me.
  12. David Lee Roth - Lead singer of probably the biggest band in the world at one point and then became a paramedic.
  13. I found large parts of Gardiner on the podcast really quite depressing. There was very little of substance and a lot of it was business-speak with his usual "We'd like to do this and we'd like to do that" and "We wanted to do this but we weren't allowed to". It did little to make me excited for the season ahead.
  14. Cooper was a name we came up with as well but given the way Gardiner talked about it, it suggested a bigger name than that I think. I remember Cooper managing Forest Green but a lot of our fans wouldn’t have - the way he was quite clear that we’d have heard of him makes me think it’s more someone like Jackett. Was a wee bit disappointed to talk about dismissing the South American candidates totally out of hand because of the language barrier. Though that was a bit of a cop out.
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