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  1. I had someone earlier (who isn't a UK citizen) tell me that the lockdown only technically applies to British citizens and there's actually a loophole where it doesn't technically apply to foreigners. I thought that sounded like nonsense, but surely that's not true.
  2. I've had Sky News on and off over the last couple of days and the coverage of Boris Johnson feels really ominous. It's almost like the newsreaders have been told to prepare for the worst.
  3. Would Millburn be an option for Loch Ness? I know the ICT women's team play there and it's all enclosed with changing rooms etc.
  4. I often think about this whenever I see folk with masks on. Surely if wearing a mask is good enough, you should wear some goggles as well.
  5. I see Big Bullets used to be called Total Big Bullets!
  6. Why would you leave a fantastic facility like Canal Park to move to an isolated, freezing cold dump like the Caley Stadium?
  7. Could North Kessock Hotel be one? Saw them give Dutch third tier side Scheveningen a good game last summer in what must be one of the most bizarre fixtures in Highland football history.
  8. Inverness Courier reporting that it is indeed Loch Ness who want to join the NCL.
  9. I went into town earlier and saw a woman in Home Bargains with a mask on over her mouth. It wasn't over her nose though...
  10. I was in Prague last year and this was also my experience. People in central Europe are usually a bit more serious than we are, but I found the Czechs really unfriendly. Prague is a beautiful city, but the people certainly don't entice me to go back.
  11. Is there many Scottish football songs they haven't done yet? I don't recall hearing that Britpop QotS one that sounds like nor that Clyde one that goes "1,2, 3, C'mon the Bully Wee!".
  12. I was thinking this last week when the whole campervans in the Highlands thing started. Australia has closed some of the borders between it's states and territories, while Italy closed some of the borders between it's provinces. Surely the nations and regions of Britain could do the same. There's snow gates on the A9 - close them!
  13. The Belarusian league is still running apparently.
  14. I wonder what some people enjoyed more - clapping the NHS or writing on social media that they'd clapped the NHS?
  15. I heard about two people clapping vigorously.
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