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  1. What?! Porn on a Tuesday morning was my favourite lesson. What's happened to education in this country?!
  2. I see the Renew Party ran a sole candidate in Scotland in Edinburgh North and Leith. She got 138 votes. The Scottish Libertarian Party ran a sole candidate in Kilmarnock and Loudoun. She got 405 votes. In Ross, Skye and Lochaber, the Scottish Christian Party got 460 votes. They didn't come last though. The Scottish Family Party came last with 266.
  3. This ‘nationalism both sides of the border’ line must have been pre-arranged by the LibDems.
  4. Sad to see the imposter Lord Buckethead beat the real Lord Buckethead Count Binface.
  5. Angus Robertson is a big Elgin City fan as well. Apparently he's just had a child so chose not to run again. Wonder if he'd chosen to do so he'd have won it.
  6. It's strange how Moray went from being one of the few SNP seats a few years ago, to one of the few that isn't.
  7. A gutter for Change UK. Haven't even managed to get onto the BBC multi-multi party graphics.
  8. I said the other week that SNP would be delighted with 45 and I still think that's true. 55 would be an incredible result though.
  9. According to the BBC, Kristine Hair has a 1% chance of retaining Angus.
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