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  1. Seems to have passed me by, but I see Kintore station re-opened in October last year.
  2. Good grief! I barely make it through half a dozen a year!
  3. So apparently this Vonny character has claimed to have read 72 books throughout the (I assume) first lockdown. She must be a speed reader! I see her Twitter name for a while was "Vonny Laing-LeClerc ASD ADHD".
  4. When Rooney first joined he was pretty average - on the attack he looked pretty dangerous but didn't do much defensively. There were a few games where Robertson tried playing him at right wing but he didn't seem to do that well there. Ironically when he was in defence he looked like a winger playing at full back and when he was at right wing looked like a right back who'd been shunted forward. Some fans even said half-jokingly that we should try him as a striker! His second season though he was a superb player - he actually got even better as an attacker and his ability to defend and sit-in when needed also drastically improved. He went from being so poor he was dropped for an out-of-position Brad Mckay to being one of our most dangerous attackers and resolute defenders.
  5. I watched one of Michael Moore's later films a while ago and he got onto the subject of Bernie Sanders' nomination as well. Seemingly in West Virginia, every county in the state voted for Bernie Sanders and in one county, Hillary Clinton came third behind Sanders and a guy named Paul Farrell who no-one before or since seems to know who he is! The West Virginia Democratic Party nominated...Clinton.
  6. There She Goes by the La's. It's actually about heroin.
  7. Was just reading there that in January last year, HI Trans outlined proposals for three new stations in Inverness - Seafield, Stratton Farm and Beachwood. As I said earlier in the thread, Beachwood would be very well used (the proposal puts the station next to the UHI accommodation). Not sure how much traffic Stratton Farm and Seafield would get though. The Seafield station would be pretty much down from the retail park.
  8. I think the land of these cycle paths is still owned by Network Rail (their sign was on the fence to an entrance of one when I lived in Edinburgh). Wonder if they have any long term plans for them. Could they even be turned into tram routes? Surely that'd be pretty straight forward and wouldn't cause as much disruption as digging up proper streets.
  9. It's very strange that Leith isn't really connected to the rail network at all. Surely if it was it'd be well used. You could imagine that the outbound trains could've even have started in Leith before hooking round to Waverley.
  10. Similar misunderstanding has happened with Born in the USA by Springsteen. Yeah though funnily enough Bruce Springsteen and Pete Seeger did the song for Obama's inauguration and did include the verse (though Springsteen didn't in his version on the 1975-85 Live album).
  11. I’m more intrigued as to why that guy has the Tesco logo as his picture.
  12. The amount of people who seem to think that This Land Is Your Land is some kind of patriotic anthem is quite something. She didn’t sing the third verse which gives the song context.
  13. The SNP should rewrap the policy Lord Buckethead came out with for a second EU vote - if there's an independence majority in parliament and the UK government rejects a second independence referendum claiming 'the people don't want it', the SNP should hold a referendum on holding a second referendum.
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