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  1. A loan signing who's 23 and never made a first team appearance? Don't get too excited folks!
  2. We'll score first and play well for 20 minutes and then get beat.
  3. When he first joined us he was a left-back and he was terrible. Absolutely godawful. Then due to an injury crisis would up having to play as the left 2 of the 4-2-3-1 and was a lot better. Nothing too fancy, but a good retainer of the ball in there who'd chip in with the odd goal. He played at centre-back (where he was alright) as well as on either wing.
  4. I'm almost certain Michael Owen is the Donuts. It's definitely his voice - even the singing voice sounds like him!
  5. There's no doubt that Dodds is an experienced and - in many regards - well-respected coach but I too am starting to doubt if he is really a manager. We have a good squad and do think that has carried us up the league to some degree. He's talked in the past about how he likes wingers with lots of crosses into the box but that's very dated now and big looping ones certainly isn't the way to utilise Billy Mckay. At the start of the season, he had us playing a very direct 4-2-4 and while that probably took teams by surprise at the start of the season, folk have cottoned onto it now even if it has become more of a 4-4-2/4-2-3-1. We do have players who suit a passing game - Allardice, Welsh, McAlear, Mckay, even Broadfoot to some degree, but as soon as we go behind it's just endless long balls. Very frustrating and not usually very effective. We never change the formation or the line-up - if I can guess the line-up almost every week, so will opposition managers. We've dropped twelve points from winning position this season - that isn't the characteristic of league champions.
  6. Yeah, Duku was good in the first half yesterday but a lot of the time he's been a real headless chicken. You'd imagine with Mckay out, Jamieson would be given the nod as to keep the same type of player and not having to change the system too much, but obviously not.
  7. I'm sure Duku is a very nice man and there's no doubting his workrate but Jamieson is just a better striker. According to Tranfermarkt, Duku has played 1,197 minutes this season and scored twice (one of which was a penalty), making three assists. Jamieson has played 443 minutes this season, scored three times and made three assists. Now granted, two of the latter's goals came in the Challenge Cup (against Buckie and Elgin) but by the same token Duku's goals both came in the League Cup group stage - a goal against Peterhead and a 90th minute penalty against Cove. On bare stats alone, Jamieson's are better than Duku's and that's in not far off a third of the playing time.
  8. I thought it originated in Serbia. Never heard that before.
  9. I noticed Pearson was wearing #2 in a recent reserve/youth game. I take it that means he can play full-back.
  10. This is a slightly different thing but does anyone else remember the BBC showing an alternate view of the game during a World Cup? I'm sure it was the 2002 World Cup and the camera was up behind the goal and had more of a discussion between two pundits than commentary.
  11. I remember folk being quite excited by Eagle when he arrived but he was such a passive player. I see he's recently been a bad boy too. Hayes was off to play for the brilliantly named Rochester Raging Rhinos before Butcher scooped him up. I wonder how different his career would've been had we not signed him.
  12. Lee Cox was a good player. Had a bad time with injuries though.
  13. He was nowhere near as bad as some people made out. The problem was when he was bad, he was unforgettably bad! Edit - Was going to say how dated those highlights look only to realise that it was nearly 13 years ago!
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