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  1. Heard of him but I can't remember much about him. Any good? I see he's at Waterford just now so I would perhaps require a fee.
  2. Paul Telfer. It was reported at the time of Yogi's appointment that Telfer had come very close to getting the job - but I hadn't realised it was as close as that.
  3. I listened to the podcast the other night at work and really enjoyed it. I'd never heard before that he was originally going to be co-manager.
  4. This seemed to absolutely skyrocket here during the lockdown. The streets were dead but you still saw adults cycling on the pavements like it was totally normal behaviour. Weird thing to do for anyone over the age of 12. It's illegal as well I think.
  5. If Meekings can stay fit and regain his form, he could be a very good signing at this level. In saying that though - and with the signing of Deas - that's us with three natural centre-backs and Kevin McHattie. Would Meekings be being signed as a right back? I would personally hope not - I'd much rather signing a natural right-back instead.
  6. As I recall he was the signing we were the most excited about in the beginning because he looked really good in pre-season and we did see flashes of quality from time to time but, as you say, he seemed to be constantly injured. Had he stayed injury free I think he'd have been a good signing.
  7. Apparently goes to Loch Lochy from time to time (this is not a joke!).
  8. If Walsh wanted to go back down the road, then fair enough, but I think he could've gotten himself a Premiership club pretty easily.
  9. Was it not Kim Little (or another Scotland player) who said that she wouldn't get a game for Montrose? There have been the odd occasion where men's and women's football have overlapped - Brisbane Roar's youth team played the Australian Women's Team a while ago and absolutely thumped them.
  10. You think? He certainly looks like something who'd be an alt-right statue protector...
  11. The poster Dead_Ball_Specialist's posts make for grim viewing. I remember him being a fairly prolific poster back in that time, but seems to have disappeared years ago.
  12. No surprise to see Alan Simpson on the wrong side of history...
  13. Had a wander onto CTO earlier and good Lord, the BLM thread is genuinely one of the most depressing things I've ever read on there.
  14. It'd be interesting to know how much regular gamblers win/lose over say five years - you'd imagine only a miniscule proportion will have made a profit (some will argue it was worth it though I suppose). Certainly not something I intend to start doing.
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