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  1. I see the BBC News presenter was choking up earlier. We've laughed at the old lady in North Korea for much the same.
  2. My take on the streams I've watched - Arbroath - I liked it. Perhaps if I had to listen to 'Fermer' every week he'd start to grate but I enjoyed it. Camera was fine as I recall and I liked the way they had a interview pre-match and at half time with someone who'd been at both clubs (Paul Sheerin in our case). Dunfermline - I thought it was fine. Commentary was alright as well even when it was just one guy on his own. Dundee - Again seemed fine to me. Raith - Really good. Good commentary, multiple camera angles and replays. Ayr - Commentary was good but the camera was a bit low for my liking. Caley Thistle - Absolutely rubbish. The Pixellot camera is a bit better now that it's manually controlled but it's still poor. You know the commentary is bad when Iain Auld is a breadth of fresh air. Andy Bannerman is a Wikipedia-obsessed, annoying-voiced bore who seems to take pride in his unpopularity. The radio silence from the club is also really grating. It used to be said that ICT were a professional club with a Highland League attitude but given that Nairn County and Buckie Thistle have outdone us this season when it comes to coverage (even if the latter's commentator shouted 'Oh jings!' at every opportunity). Even more frustrating given that the club have the capabilities to do a really good broadcast and a media team willing to do it. Haven't watched QOTS yet and I didn't sign up for Hearts or Morton (too expensive). Also didn't watch Alloa's due to Pixellot.
  3. Was just out for a wee walk and saw a big fat balding Rangers fan, top on, windows of the work van down blasting a party tune.
  4. ITV went all in - played God Save the Queen over his portrait with the news reader looking close to tears. Al Jazeera on the other hand mentioned his controversial comments almost straight away and have already moved on to other stories.
  5. The second list candidate for the Highlands might've been in a film where that's happened already.
  6. I have been wondering if it could continue with caveats such as the distance between the two clubs, the predicted crowd and that sort of thing. Imagine QotS were playing Caley Thistle at Palmerston and QotS made the game £10 a stream for Highland-base Caley Thistle season ticket holders. Would they make money? I think they probably would. The Central Belt away fans would have to travel to the game as usual and you'd imagine the Highland-based diehard supporters bus away trippers would continue going anyway. You might lose one or two in person but they'd probably buy a stream anyway as would some who wouldn't have gone at all. I think it could be financially beneficial to clubs but of course with some caveats.
  7. He's now a man who opposes the partitioning of Ireland (so much so that he refers to Northern Ireland as 'the north of Ireland') but supports it for Scotland. He advocated No last time but it wasn't from the place he's coming from now. He was in favour of the unity of Britain and the unity of Europe and was very pro-freedom of movement. He was a Scottish unionist but certainly not a British nationalist. You can't say that now - he's quite literally walking around in red, white and blue and claiming he'll vote Tory as well as his gang of ex-Ukippers and in the H&I the nutter from the Scottish Christian Party. The generally more sane Galloway couldn't get elected ten years ago. There's about as much as chance of this George Galloway walking the halls of Holyrood in May as there is of him walking on Mars.
  8. The new tactic from SNP members when folk question them on this seems to be along the lines of 'but when we had a majority it was done with list seats' and it's starting to do my head in. Polls can be wrong...but they won't be *that* wrong. The chances of the SNP hoovering up list seats in regions aside from H&I and the South are miniscule. And anyway, the fact that the SNP don't have a majority right now isn't really down to the list at all (they only lost 1.2% of their list vote in 2016) - they lost their majority because they lost local seats, such as Edinburgh Western and NE Fife where they gotten beaten by the titanic political duo of... *checks notes* Alex Cole Hamilton and Willie Rennie!
  9. The toffs often get derided by us commoners, but in my experience toffs are usually alright. It's new money who are the horrors.
  10. Just watched Galloway on The Nine from last night (I think) and all I can say is his pronunciation of Britain is really weird. He literally says it as "Brit....Anne".
  11. It's not really a policy for this election, it's probably more of a council election thing but I wonder if a Highland party/alliance running almost entirely on a 'split up the monstrously big Highland Council' platform might gain a lot of traction.
  12. In the Highlands they're essentially saying 'Oppose Transgender Ideology - here's a gay porn star!'
  13. Seems like it. The people on the more left side of the SNP will listen to what he's said and realise that in essentially every region apart from H&I and probably the South, an SNP list vote is basically pointless and are backing a party with a much stronger base and a much better track record than Salmond's gang of Jimmy Hat-wearing, Wings-adoring, Saltire-flying-from-their-fence weirdos.
  14. Football fans who admire these bully-type managers and want folk like Roy Keane or Graeme Souness appointed are the same types of people who vote for Donald Trump. They're knobs and they admire other knobs as it justifies them being knobs and they enjoy watching other knobs being even bigger knobs than them.
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