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  1. It's hard to believe but he's actually even worse on the tannoy than he is as a commentator. I'd recommend any Doonhamers with heart problems not attend as around about five minutes after an ICT goal is scored, he pipes up with the goal announcement that begins with the loudest "GOOAALLL!" you've ever heard.
  2. That and Strathclyde Police were apparently in loads of debt.
  3. He’s been absolutely terrible. Just doesn’t shut up and sometimes even talks over the main commentator. He really needs to realise he doesn’t have to speak his every thought.
  4. ParsTV has been really poor today. Really amateur camerawork that often fails to keep up with the play, the main commentator sounding like he’s from an AM radio and the co-commentator way too loud. Definitely not in HD either.
  5. There are three things in Scotland you can't say anything bad about on social media - Celtic, Rangers and the SNP. If you do prepare yourself for a tsunami of lunatics.
  6. Until yesterday I had no idea there was such a thing as a knee scooter but even then, why was he going so fast? He looked like he was trying to be Tony Hawk the speed he was trying to build up.
  7. There's more chance of Alex Salmond walking on the moon than there is of Alba winning a Holyrood seat. I'll be staggered if they're even on the go by the next Scottish election.
  8. Who was the footballer that got his first account banned from Twitter? Something to do with said footballer DMing his girlfriend on holiday or something? It was a wee while later I noticed she was gone and had been almost instantly replaced with some other girl.
  9. I remember hearing Jim Spence refer to himself as a 'libertarian' on a podcast a couple of years ago. Libertarian of course is usually a code word for being a knob.
  10. You say that like it's a bad thing! Here's another person to add to the I-don't-know-why-you'd-follow list - Jim Spence.
  11. I must admit I've not read either of his books but I did follow him for a while on Twitter and quickly found him to be a bit irritating. Those bits he did on A View From The Terrace were awful too. What's the story with his girlfriend? It's been a while since I followed him but I did notice he wasn't with the old girlfriend and was now with some new more-glamourous lady.
  12. There seem to be a lot of people on mainstream Scottish Twitter now that just seem like such hard work to follow. Vonny LeClerc, Janey Godley, Angela Haggerty, Phil McWhateverhisnameis, Chris McQueer. They tweet hundreds of times a day and most of the time it's inane, self-aggrandising pish. Their accounts are (or were) wildly popular given the amount of followers they hoover up but I don't see what benefit there is in following them.
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