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  1. Just a heads-up for any Arbroathians (is that what you're called) signing up for the game. When it starts maybe have some paracetamol or even some sea sickness tablets handy...
  2. Placing the camera in the main stand despite being told not to and then to claim that it works fine when the sun’s not out at a time of year when the sun will setting while the match is on is barking mad. I think he genuinely doesn’t care if the stream’s garbage.
  3. It's the attitude that really grates with me. He's talking about it like it's all one big joke, which perhaps says a lot more about him than his very short sighted quotes in the article.
  4. Gardiner has had a history of gaffes over the years. The way he's talking about this as one big joke is very worrying.
  5. I think he comes across appallingly in the article. It really was that bad and seems to think it was all one big joke. Don't forget, we did pay for it - the 'teething problems' should've been worked out long before they decided to charge £10 a time for it.
  6. Perhaps the worst take from this article is that he thought the stream "wasn't as bad as people made out" and "looked fantastic in HD".
  7. I have to disagree. I preferred the old format. A couple of years ago the episodes were roughly an hour every time then last season they tried to knock them down to 40 mins because an hour was too long. I know I could put it on double speed and/or skip bits of it but I did quite enjoy listening to the chat about teams and games I haven't seen. Feels too much of a slog now - especially two hours. I do have to echo the calls to bring back the culture pods though...and Zooropa is a great album.
  8. I think my initial feelings of Gardiner being someone not to be trusted is starting to prove correct...
  9. Seemingly when the camera was installed, the club were told it would work far better if it was on the opposite side of the pitch. They didn't listen.
  10. The commentator rattled on and on about how 'history was being made.' Perhaps the silence suggests the club knows the coverage was garbage. Had it been fantastic they'd be tweeting all kinds of 'what did you think of the coverage?!' pish. I predict it'll either be far superior on Saturday or it'll be by a manual camera. If not, I'll certainly be contacting the club with my discontent.
  11. Funny there's been no acknowledgement from the club at all about Saturday's coverage. Wonder if they'll quietly do away with the Pixellot camera. If they keep it and it's another shambles on Saturday people are going to be irate.
  12. That's very similar to a rumour I heard a journalist say on a podcast I was listening to recently. Apparently people on the inside expect that in the event of a Biden victory, Trump will set up camp in Mar-A-Lago and simply and solely tweet that he does not accept the results.
  13. I've been predicting for a while that Biden will win and at some point early on in his presidency there's an agreement between himself and the party that he'll complete one term and then not run again with the agreement from the party that Harris will be the candidate in 2024. Wild card - Trump loses the election but wins most of the southern and some of the middle America states (Nebraska for example). Trump will then claim that as he won those states he's their rightful president and tells those states to declare independence from the USA and then unite to form a new country with him as president.
  14. You know the commentary was bad when the best bit was when he accidentally turned the microphone off.
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