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  1. If Section 94 want to generate an atmosphere then they should move. The club asking fans to donate to build a roof on that stand when there's more than enough space for them elsewhere is a complete nonsense.
  2. If we go into administration, it'll be kind of out of the blue. Gardiner has told local journalists personally that if there's any negative reporting on the club's financial situation contact will be cut.
  3. I'm probably now in the Dodds Out camp. Yesterday showed that our awful form is down to a lot more than injuries - those players looked unmotivated, uncoached and devoid of confidence. The problem is though is that punting Dodds isn't enough - there has to be an entire regime change. If Dodds went tomorrow, Robbo would almost certainly be appointed and if it wasn't him it'd be someone else from the Hearts clique. I could quite easily see the club appointing Gary Locke or someone of that ilk even if better candidates had applied. There needs to be a regime change before the club can move forward. I don't need to be in the Premiership or do well in cups or play in Europe nor do I need the standard to be particularly high but it's starting to become a real slog to be a supporter of this club.
  4. One player was injured for a while and then briefly returned from the injury but didn't get on the pitch before apparently getting re-injured somehow with rumours spreading that he isn't injured at all. There's been rumours of discontent behind the scenes for ages. Ever since he came to the club as a coach there's been talk about players not getting on with Barry Wilson as his training is apparently hopeless.
  5. I think what we saw yesterday was that it wasn't down to injuries that we lost that game. That team looked totally uncoached, totally unorganised and totally unmotivated. Rumours of players wanting to leave, not getting on with the coaching staff and one allegedly on strike don't fall out of the sky.
  6. Play videos on their phone at full volume in public. I find this is almost exclusive to people using TikTok.
  7. Esson was probably better than Ridgers (and definitely better than Cameron Mackay), Tokely and Munro were both better than Devine and probably Deas - Bulvitis probably not. Golabek was better than either left back we have now but Carson is probably better than Proctor. Foran, Hayes and Rooney were all superb that season and would walk into the current side. Cox would probably be a squad player in the current squad.
  8. Eagle was one of the slowest wingers we've ever had. I remember being quite excited when Stratford signed given good reviews of him in MLS but he was such a nothing player.
  9. Was that not the game where we had a free kick in the box because Rab Douglas had scuffed out a line in the grass or something?
  10. Never ever ever underestimate Scotland’s ability to not to turn up. I had someone say to me at the weekend that had Scotland qualified instead of Wales, they would’ve gotten a result again Iran. I was thinking to myself it would’ve been more likely that Scotland would’ve frozen in much the way Wales did.
  11. Watching an international tournament that Scotland haven’t qualified for but still saying “If Scotland had qualified I think we’d have done well.”
  12. People who buy absolutely everything online. Do people not realise they've a stake in their local area? I only ever buy things online that I can't buy locally.
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