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  1. Thought Accies were excellent today. Sarris looked like nothing would get past him. And that third goal was something special. Gotta hand it to Accies. Every season tipped to go down, and every season performances like this keep them up.
  2. Quick question. I'm doing the 42 grounds and was hoping to do Easter Road today. What are my chances of getting a ticket before the game? I know you've been selling out recently.
  3. Really enjoyed visit to Cappielow. Doing the 42 grounds at the moment, and the atmosphere was the best I've experienced yet. Credit to both sets of fans.
  4. 1-0 to Stenny. East Fife definitely the better of the two but didn't do enough with the ball. Couldn't seem to break down the Stenny defence - apart from a brief spell when Kevin Smith kept getting past McCormack. Kerr, with his strength and pace, did a good job keeping Jamie Insall quiet. EF resorted to long aimless balls far too often. They had a couple of good chances to score but didn't create enough. The fact that they had 17 corners and managed not to score was an achievement I guess. McCabe didn't have a great deal to do but made some good saves. Stenny, on the other hand, did very little in an attacking sense. Shaw looked very isolated, as McMenamin kept dropping deep to help defend. They had a couple of spells looking really good - the odd five minutes - but Mark Hurst had little to do. Liked the look of Furtardo. Guy can pick out a pass from anywhere. Seemed to keep the ball a little too long at times, though. Can't complain about the pen. Corner came in and definitely touched Naysmith's hand. Not sure if it was intentional. Ref didn't give it at first, so I guess it was the linesman who called it. Overall, Stenny deserved it. It doesn't matter how much of the ball and how many chances EF have if they don't score. Stenny defence were excellent after a shaky start.
  5. What's the feeling about Bollan? Take it he needed a good start to the season. And what about Peters? I've only seen highlights but he looks good to say the least.
  6. Heard Muir had 'attitude problems'. Complained about training, travelling etc. Not a terrible loss. Never looked convincing and didn't trust him handling crosses. I like what little I've seen of Hurst. Looks confident and I'd imagine he'll push Goodfellow for the starting berth.
  7. Think draw was right result. Right about needing another striker. I don't like the way we kept thumping long balls towards McManus - he did well but he's not a physical player or tall. I'd like to get Insall on loan if he continues not to play for Hibs. We need a striker with pace. Thought Smith was excellent today but he's essentially a left winger.
  8. Cheers. Hoping to get them all done before Sat.
  9. Did a season preview for Saints. Might be shite but constructive criticism and all that is welcome. https://footballandstuffblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/02/scottish-premiership-previews-st-johnstone/
  10. Cheers for the response. You're right about Taylor in that it's probably more of a concentration thing. Is McInnes looking for another defender or is he done? I think he's done good business so far and it's clear he's looking to address Aberdeen's problems last season. I didn't want to make too much of a judgement about them though because the league season hasn't started and, as I said, I've not seen much of them in Europe. And god knows I'm not getting dragged into the Rangers, Sevco, Newco, Costco debate.
  11. Did a season preview for Aberdeen. Might be shite. Constructive criticism and all that is welcome. https://footballandstuffblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/01/scottish-premiership-previews-aberdeen/
  12. Was getting a bit of a Dortmund feel from this strip. I like it.
  13. 3-2 to the Fifers. Cowdenbeath went two up before half time and deservedly so. EF players looked knackered or off the pace. Line up was a mish-mash of regulars and second choices, and some were used out of position. Players will be looking forward to a week off. Comeback started in second half with the introduction of some the more regular midfield and attacking players. Kevin Smith made a big difference. He got the first with what looked like a deflection. Slattery got the second soon after. Smith then snatched the win with a beauty - bout 20 yards out and in a crossing position he smashed the ball past the keeper. Not much to add in terms of performances. Like I said, a lot of players were tired or out of position.
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