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  1. Can't wait for this one !! big Darby day is near. after Scottish cup we are a massive 1 point in front of the bully Wee ! QP !!
  2. Buzzing to get Edinburgh City away in the cup if I'm honest lol, should be a messy away day boys
  3. Much as I hate saying it Clyde are no doubt the biggest team in this league then QP. rest are diddies
  4. Clyde have produced great players Craig Bryson and Gordon Greer, shame for Scottish football in a whole but don't think it was the same as it was 10 years ago
  5. In all Honesty I would say Clyde are the biggest team in the league, then us we are the only big teams in this league I'm afraid.. Diddie league.
  6. Yes we are a bit obsessed.. Get over it
  7. Me not no how 2 work. Please help me.
  8. Clyde seem to be in good form and we will rest players, Clyde will sneak it I think.
  9. Heard from a reliable source former Montrose, Tranmere and St. Pauli player Ian Paul Joy has been helping out with training sessions with Clyde ? what could this mean.
  10. Good way to end the season playoff winners to be and a win over the EK mob
  11. Derby day again, looking forward to this for some reason hopefully a win tho Clyde seem to be in good form and we'll rest a few players. Thoughts..
  12. What score do yous predict against us on Saturday
  13. Rangers few Junior teams and the odd Clyde game until I found the team for me young man
  14. You respect on this website queens park made football the way it is today..
  15. I have supported Queens Park since I was around 16, I am now in my 80s.. Probably supported my team longer than any of you 2 boo boys
  16. Can't see anything but a Clyde win. who are Albion?
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