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  1. WTF is going on with the London games this year? Can't recall a year where fixtures weren't announced already?
  2. I'd like the Lions to have a run at Cory Littleton and Byron Jones. I can see Slay getting traded and Jones would be a reasonable enough (and cheaper/younger) replacement.
  3. And the Dolphins are a home team for an internationall game so you can pretty much rule them out playing the Jags. Rumour I've seen is it's Colts & Lions. Jags v Colts Jags v Lions Steelers v Bills Falcons v Broncos
  4. To be honest, I wouldnt be against it. His salary hit would mean we wouldn't get a huge amount in return.
  5. The way I see us going is: Scenario 1 - Bengals take Burrows and someone trades the Redskins for Tua then we take Young. Scenario 2 - Bengals take Burrows and Redskins take Young then we likely trade back with someone like Miami, Panthers etc trading up for Tua. I'll be amazed if we stay at 3 if it goes Burrows/Young.
  6. Patricia is being slated by the media for his coaching methods in Mobile. Not a great look.
  7. Not his biggest fan but the arrest is an absolute joke.
  8. I cant see them being over here back to back years.
  9. That would be awesome, we have a US team at work and they are all from Buffalo. I'm hoping the Lions are one of the sides to come over obviously. They are on both the Jags and Falcons schedules next season.
  10. Any rumours circulating about potential London games this year? We already know the Jaguars will be a home team while the Dolphins and Falcons are designated home teams for either London or Mexico City. I'd expect an announcement shortly. Last years games were announced on the 20th of Jan.
  11. To be honest they've been saying it's in the pipeline for years and it's never materialised. Wont be holding my breath
  12. I've always longed for an Football Manager type game for the NFL. Would be amazing.
  13. Nice! Feel free to add me if you ever fancy a game - hmfcliam
  14. Does anyone play Madden 2020 on the PS4? I've moved over to PlayStation from Xbox and was looking at starting an online league of sorts, possibly using the cloud franchise mode. If anyone is interested, or even just fancies a few online games then give me a shout. With the season ending soon, the need will be strong for some NFL!
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