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  1. Good for me. I had settled down to the draft last night only to open up ESPN and to realise it is the 25th
  2. Ah right cool. Wasn't sure if it just went thru the ADP or not. Trying to read up as much as I can on it.
  3. So how does the draft process work in this one? Apologies, newbie to an auction draft.
  4. I'll be keeping up my tradition of following the team of which the Lions drafted their 1st round pick from. Mon the Hawkeyes!
  5. Yep would prefer it transferred to FF afterwards.
  6. Never tried an auction league so I'd be game.
  7. Michael Thomas for me. Best WR in the league.
  8. As with fans of the other 31 teams I'm pretty optimistic going into the new season. Patricia now in his second season so I'd expect the players to have a proper grasp on how he wants us playing. It was certainly noticeable that the D were grasping it towards the end of last season. With that in mind, and with the additions we've made to the D I think we could be a top 5 D this season. Offense is still the main concern but hopefully improves given that Cooter is away. We need to get more out of Stafford, receiving additions will certainly help him. We should also look to run the ball a lot more with Bevell running the offense. It is probably one of the toughest divisions to call, can really make a case of any of the 4 sides. 9 wins could likely be in with a shout of the division. I have us at around the .500.
  9. 7,000 tickets for 22,500 members...yeah, tickets are never hitting general sale.
  10. Joins Snacks and Flowers on our front. Stupidly good defensive line 😎
  11. These are the seats (roughly) that I have for the 2 games I'm going to.
  12. Looks superb! Take it you moved seats during the Jets game?
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