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  1. If your team haven't won a major trophy in the last 20 years, then they're a joke.

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    2. ICTChris


      If your team has an elaborate set up followed by a twist and a punchline then they're a joke.

    3. Lexi (plural)

      Lexi (plural)

      Get it fuckin up all of yous

    4. Binos123sam


      if your're team have 18+ points they're a joke

  2. Loads of places to park at Livi, one of the best grounds for parking. People just use this as another cheap dig at the Amber Machine. Probably cause they've never seen their team win a major trophy. Pathetic.
  3. At least you managed it in the end.
  4. The correct answer is West Lothian College. My car was the only one there at the last home game. 2 min walk from the away end, no parking limit, completely free and you don't need a permit. You can see the ground from the car park, as it's on top of a hill. Take the last exit on the right from Almondvale boulevard as you're coming out of the tow centre from the M8. Past the Travelodge and its the sharp right. Follow the road right round until you see the ground and ditch the motor there. Walk towards the multi-story car park and follow the path round. Anyone who parks at Lidl/the shopping centre/the stadium car park for Livi games is a twat.
  5. Unrelated but serious question: has anyone on here had an op for a urethral stricture?
  6. amafukinright lads?! Let's get some pattur on the go here. !!!
  7. I don't think Rangers fans understand how bad a result that is. Livingston are the worst team in the world.
  8. 3-0 Rangers, 12 travelling fans. Would rather w**k off a dog than watch any of this.
  9. Been given a parking ticket by Edinburgh council but I really don't wanna pay it. Anyone ever got round one of these without coughing up? I know it's easily done with private companies, as I've escaped them in the past, but not with the council.
  10. HIVs. Come back when you've won the 2004 Scottish League Cup.
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