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  1. Who have Peasy signed for next season ?
  2. I stole below from another forum but I thought it was well worded and explains what's happening with structure next year as I for one was getting confused by what the feck is going on with it all The champions of the WoSFL, EoSFL & SoSFL (if licensed, which they all will be) play a mini-league & the winner is promoted to the LL. The only team due to be relegated from the LL is Vale of Leithen, who will go to the EoSFL. If the WoSFL champions are promoted, 6 teams will be relegated from the WoSFL Premier division to the new Div 1 and the 3 conference champions (Arthurlie, Cambuslang & Petershill) promoted, so that next season's Premier Division will be reduced to 16 clubs. If the WoSFL champions do not win the promotion mini-league, 7 clubs will need to be relegated from the Premier Division to reduce it to 16 for next season. Below that, the relegated clubs and the remaining teams in the Conferences will be split into Divisions 1 (16 clubs), 2 (16 clubs) and 3 (the rest) based on the final league positions in the Conferences. What will happen to the 8 clubs currently in WoSFL Division 4 has not yet been decided.
  3. Rob Roy must be staying up after that result
  4. Rutherglen v Rob Roy will be big game for both teams next week
  5. Watching those highlights that was never a penalty ......
  6. Rob Roy seem to be the team in form around 6/7 dreaded drop battle
  7. Watched Midsommar.... Weird as f**k film but the 2 hours flew in so must have been the sign of a good film to me ....
  8. Really surprised at that ....decent team he had there
  9. Nice 500k cheque on the way to wright
  10. Bullys bottle has crashed on doubles and peter wright is on the march
  11. Looking forward to tonight and out of all players left I would like James Wade to win outright as he always says it how it is and has been shafted many a time by PDC when prem league players get announced .I know he has bi-polar but i always have liked him ....i do think hr will get out scored by bully boy If Michael Smith does win and also Gary Anderson then it will be good final .....pretty sure Gary Anderson used to mentor Michael Smith for a good few years when he was younger As for the crowds then yes they play a part but can be over the top and like I said James Wade says it best when he says majority of them there not there to watch the darts
  12. best game I have watched in a while .....normally sleepng just now trying to watch this on a Thursday night /Fri morning ..........dont agree with going for all the 4th downs but MaHomes is defo not his best tonight
  13. Be interesting to see who gets job and if the core of the squad stay intact for next year .Some decent players at Ashfield and Paul Maxwell has done a good job on a limited budget .
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