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  1. Colony Park 3 Ashfield 6 fair old trip up north and thanks to colony park for hospitality ....... good old party on bus coming down #pishstop
  2. Wrong decision for Bankie keeper to come out when the ball was going away from goal for 1st pen .The ref got both decisions correct for pens but going by highlights Clydebank looked better team
  3. oofffttt I heard that the missed penalty skelped a plane landing at prestwick
  4. Ashfield 5Newmains 1 F/T
  5. How many games have Perry and Marr played this season ?
  6. Once you are in this league its a hard slog to get out of and I think any team from below could be in top 3 .Probably come down to who has the best luck with injuries and suspensions.Just a pity Forth have lost their manager and I see Hardie has already went to Peasy with them Forth Wanderers F.C. Vale of Leven F.C. Johnstone Burgh F.C. Muirkirk Juniors F.C. Yoker Athletic F.C. Thorniewood United F.C. Ashfield F.C. Vale of Clyde F.C.
  7. 69 pages on this thread and probably about 5 of them are discussing football ....
  8. Thorniewood 2 Ashfield 3
  9. Maybole 3 Ashfield 7....FT
  10. holsten


    Why are Rossvale not playing their league games at Huntershill? https://www.kirkintilloch-herald.co.uk/sport/football/rossvale-to-quit-huntershill-and-groundshare-with-benburb-1-4921189
  11. bit of a rip off .......I paid £6 @ St rochs last night.......under 16s free £6 @ Pollok Today
  12. Fair play to the Roch bench who where trying to sub there player who had a yellow first half and then second half and the Ashfield player pointed it out when trying to sub ....made me laugh candy far better team 1st half Ashfield faired better 2nd half good crowd and friendly banter all round
  13. With Ashfield.playing the Candy on Friday I would expect a lot of rolling on /off subs for this game
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