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  1. Result of the day must be Renfrew winning 3-0 against Bonnyrigg Rose
  2. Would depend on what contract he is on pro ,ammy ect and if so being taxed for 2nd income
  3. Kenny unfortunately I cant comment as I cant watch any games at moment lol .I watched Maybole last year against Ashfield and it was a close game and also if I remember right Maybole went on a right good run between Oct until lockdown After speaking with some Ashfield boys I know the game was competitive on Saturday ....I would agree that the Ashfield budget would be less than Maybole
  4. Yes if its work People living in a Level 4 council area will be banned from travelling outside of their area unless for essential purposes like work, education or childcare
  5. I am surprised that that West of Scotland get to keep playing .I do get why SPFL teams are playing to generate some sort of normality and football to watch .These teams get tested about 4 times a week Our League no one is tested and there will have been players who have played 90 mins for their clubs on a Saturday and tested positive during the following week ....how the f**k does that work when you have been in close contact with 22 players as the games are not cancelled the next week Any one who has being contacted by Track and Trace after being tested positive can tell them what ever they want and that's the info they collate and then they contact the people in question I know the NHS protect app is different in regards to tracking movement s once tested positive but I don't trust it myself but I am a bit of an old technophobe
  6. Be surprised if Maybole are paying players a £100 a week just now
  7. I see Maryhill are streaming their league fixture against Ashfield on Saturday FOR free or "donate a ticket" .I know there will be other clubs doing this as well maybe if we could get an idea who else is doing it then some people may have a game to watch or donate a few quid to watch Not expecting Sky Sports Quality ....maybe Scotsport in the 70s quaility would do Any way well done to all teams who are trying to think out the box for much needed funds
  8. To be honest I dont think clubs are wrong either way to withdraw or carry on .Its a gamble either way . My honest opinion is the league could turn into a car crash with fixture pile ups with bad weather and covid restricions (players testing positive and local or national lockdowns.)I know fixture pile ups are nothing new in our game with teams in Spring playing 3 times a week to catch up ..... but kinda defeats the purpose of what we are trying to achieve in restarting Hopefully I am proved wrong and I am back to freezing my balls off watching the fitba after christmas !
  9. Canny see the League starting at all and to be honest the fact its ok to play contact sport with 22 participants at moment but you can't visit another household to me borders on insane Baws Burst for now
  10. I see Bellshill cancelled there friendly against Newmains as one of Bellshill players tested positive for covid this morning The above scenario will happen again if the league restarts and then what happens with fixture pile up
  11. baws burst for football this side of the year .More chance of a 2nd lockdown
  12. To be honest I am just looking forward to watching a game of football and going around in circles with the same arguments aint going to help ...although I do think a 20 team set up is a farce ......if that"s whats happening then so be it .If the SJFA had made the leagues null and void then it would have made for a more sensible outcome and the threat of legal action would have had no credence
  13. Ok not to sure whats going to happen with the juniors as i dip in and out of the new reconstruction thread but all I see are the same points being made and going around in circles.If we are starting a new set up next year then fair enough The only thing I can see now is this season being pumped through know fault of our teams. Peoples jobs now on the line with the economy tanking like a freight train or our loved ones being in danger of this virus I can only see one outcome of 2019-20 season being null and void regardless of how much money you have pumped into your team or how many games you have in hand
  14. Surely players wont be looking for money in the current climate ?
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