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  1. Canny see the League starting at all and to be honest the fact its ok to play contact sport with 22 participants at moment but you can't visit another household to me borders on insane Baws Burst for now
  2. I see Bellshill cancelled there friendly against Newmains as one of Bellshill players tested positive for covid this morning The above scenario will happen again if the league restarts and then what happens with fixture pile up
  3. baws burst for football this side of the year .More chance of a 2nd lockdown
  4. To be honest I am just looking forward to watching a game of football and going around in circles with the same arguments aint going to help ...although I do think a 20 team set up is a farce ......if that"s whats happening then so be it .If the SJFA had made the leagues null and void then it would have made for a more sensible outcome and the threat of legal action would have had no credence
  5. Ok not to sure whats going to happen with the juniors as i dip in and out of the new reconstruction thread but all I see are the same points being made and going around in circles.If we are starting a new set up next year then fair enough The only thing I can see now is this season being pumped through know fault of our teams. Peoples jobs now on the line with the economy tanking like a freight train or our loved ones being in danger of this virus I can only see one outcome of 2019-20 season being null and void regardless of how much money you have pumped into your team or how many games you have in hand
  6. Surely players wont be looking for money in the current climate ?
  7. Ashfield 6 Annbank 3 late k.o 3 p.m.
  8. surprised it's still on.....the conditions will be brutal to play in with the wind and rain
  9. rains not stopped last hour and forecast incoming for storm Dennis .Hopefully not a lot of stupid call offs an hour before K.O.
  10. Yoker 1 Ashfield 4 First time at Yoker with the astro 3g park .Tough conditions to play in but Ashfield deserved their win .
  11. Ashfield 3 Saltcoats 1 FT
  12. I think Ashfield will have a fixture pile up at end of season and it could take it's toll on squad ......something like 7 games behind league leaders I am sure there will be other clubs as well in this position but I think Ashfield have the most games to catch up
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