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  1. Gonna be a shite game is my prediction. Want the Dons to win obviously but have zero belief in Mcinnes or the players,apathy starting to sink in. Don't mind my team losing,gone are the days i applauded team off park after a defeat because they entertained and had a real go. Will be 0-0 or 1-0 for either team, meh
  2. Jesus wept ,thought Hamilton were a very poor side yet we still can't score against them. We are shite, capable of playing good football good moves at times but we just do not do goals. I'm 62yrs old and have already accepted i probably won't live to see us win another trophy ,bigger question will i live to see us score a flippin goal and win a football match again?. Joking of course but ffs 0-0 against a weakened Hamilton is beyond embarrassing.
  3. I always respect others unless they disrespect me which you did ,now please feck off p***k. PS born in the 50s and don't suffer fools . Now go away Sonny!
  4. Not seeking attention smart arse young laddie just speaking my mind .
  5. 100% correct.Question would you pay to watch that shite if you supported them? Fecked if i am any more just had enough ,zero entertainment.Not that i expect us to compete for league lol but i do expect a team to compete and entertain .
  6. Not a hope in hell i will be renewing season ticket or redtv or buying any more club merchandise. Had enough watching this utter pish so back to golf for me [email protected] fitba unless that coward Mcinnes is removed and Cormack puts his money where his mouth is .
  7. Well that was utter rubbish from both teams.3points woo hoo but next game Celtic again .Will we get a positive result erm no not a hope in hell .Do we consider 4th success these days? as best we can hope for just now.COYFR.
  8. Will watch on my virtual ticket,will get at least 4 beers that is and couple of drams.
  9. Saints 3/1 great odds considering how we are playing.Can't bet against my own team but seriously tempted.
  10. Man will never ever be remembered as a sportman and gentleman,great keeper just no class whatsoever.
  11. Agreed and i'm pleased for him. I like him and would have persevered but what do i know?. Many Dons fans don't rate him ,but i wish him well .
  12. Don't expect us to win the league.Just a team that that knows what it's about(system of play) and a pleasure to watch.Qualify for europe and compete for cups be great. Aware that we had that under Mcinnes and i was a big supporter of him and grateful. However he has lost his way , football is awful now and he seems at a loss what to do. Unless action is taken we will be back where he started a bottom 6 side. Right now i would say we are the worst team in this league.
  13. The board will know they have to act or risk massive loss of revenue next season. First 3 seasons were great and was so proud of teams performance in 2017 cup final. I'm in Dek should go while he still has some good will with support.
  14. Easy win for Hibs as predicted. Time is up Derek,done well but it's over best wishes bye.
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