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  1. Not panicking in the least,it's much worse than that.Watched the St Mirren game almost like a neutral and at final whistle felt nothing.So this is apathy, must be some sort of self preservation thing or something.Shame really as was willing to give Glass a chance but never in my wildest thought we would become this awful.Takes Ramirez off and replaces with JET and persevere with Joe when a blind man can see his confidence is shot and has been for some time now.Could go on about signings and other things but pfft.That said i am a Dons fan and will continue to hope for the best even though my belief for this season is in the toilet at the minute.COYR
  2. Decent game considering i was not confident prior to kick off. Jet surprised me ,why can't he play like that every game ? Other plusses Campbell did well and Ojo scoring hardest chance he's had . Aye Broon is a c#nt but fun to watch when he's your c#nt.
  3. Agreed.Think he should stay on sidelines when we play his beloved Celtic though.
  4. Was thinking same,thought Jet was more a McInnes type signing. Did well against us but so did nearly everyone else.Not excited and doubt this will shift season tickets but as always with new players hope he is a success. Good luck min .
  5. Delighted with the win and plenty of positives .Thought Mcgeouch had a decent game which helped the team. Was happy to see Hedges back and must have annoyed my neighbour when i celebrated his goal .Two games left hope to see team give their all and no more pish like utd game.COYR.
  6. My major emotion is one of relief.Got to feel for Livvy put so much into that game and knocked out on FN pens .First half was the usual mince we have been getting served up but thought we looked much better the second half .My MOM goes to McGinn great goal and assist.Phew it's not easy being a fitba fan ,bad luck Livvy sincere commiserations how on earth did Celtic put 6 past that team?
  7. You have completely misinterpreted my post,very common thing to do .He has his work cut out because.1.We are not a free scoring team.2.So many players out of contract and right now we are far from a balanced squad. Forgive me but getting that lot sorted and right players in and out while keeping the fans happy would seem like he has his work cut out to me .However seems like a breeze as you put it he will be fully backed mmmm a doddle it is.
  8. Watched the game and obviously delighted with the 3points but not a game to remember ,poor from both teams though we probably just about deserved it (only just) for a better second half performance .Bonus for me is our young full backs Mckenzie and Ramsey looked good and surely can only benefit and get better.Glass has his work cut out.coyr
  9. Can't understand why Brown would want to come .Long commute that plus he 'd be as welcome among many fans myself included as a wet fart in the bath.
  10. It certainly seems that way. Hope Cormack knows what he doing.AFC does appear to be 2nd to his beloved Atlanta. I fear the worst especially with his man Glass appointed but hope for the best. Boards decision my arse.
  11. That was still Mcinnes team and Mcinnes coaches leading his team. All about this summer as for this season no longer care .
  12. Just as predicted shite game 1-0 to someone. Wish this season would just end the football we are playing is so so so boring. Positives to take ,young loon McKenzie looks worth persevering with and Sheerin no chance of becoming manager.
  13. If this goes through then that's me finished with Football in this country after 50yrs a supporter.Hopefully get an answer before i consider parting with more cash to support my club next season. Will have some regrets of course but enough is enough.
  14. Yes with our links with Atlanta through Cormack seems we may be going down a different route.DOF and head coach. Can we afford another wage? Listening to podcast i agree looks like Glass . I'm an Aberdeen fan and don't give 2fs for Atlanta and hating the link with them. Jeez maybe think about changing from the Dons to the Dolphins or some other meaningless pish . Joking of course.
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