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  1. It’s difficult to tell because the angle is so ridiculous. Could well be narrowly offside, but I f that’s really what they’re using to make decisions on offsides at Fir Park then it’s a bit of a joke.
  2. Thought Motherwell played well. Would like another look at the Jota goal as the line they drew was on a camera angle from the end of the opposite half. Shambles. I don’t know on what planet this isn’t a red either. For all the benefits that VAR brings it’s still the same incompetent bunch in charge.
  3. Honestly don't give a shit anymore. We're going nowhere with Toony in charge.
  4. Hearts penalty was obvious. I don’t understand how it takes nearly 3 minutes to award that, yet less than 10 seconds to wave away a penalty claim that was arguably just as obvious. For every good decision there will be a baffling one, because ultimately it’s the same incompetent muppets in charge.
  5. His confidence is rock bottom. After that ballooned cross last night the head was down. Hoping the manager can inspire some confidence in him as he’s clearly a very useful player in certain situations. With regards to our performances in the competition, it’s disappointing. I think we’ve played reasonably well, but you need to take your chances at this level. Some of the chances we’ve missed have been unforgivable and I knew we were in trouble after dominating Shakhtar and failing to win. I also think fitness is still a big issue. Leipzig in particular have looked far fitter and more athletic in the last couple of games.
  6. It really is a joke. Get off the plane, get on a bus to transport you 100 yards, get off the bus, walk up a set of stairs, down another set of stairs, down a long corridor, arrive at a hospital white customs area where 5 people stand around doing absolutely nothing before you enter an already scuffed up and worn looking baggage reclaim. Even the small Asian airports shit all over it. There’s been absolutely no thought put into layout or design.
  7. It’s even more upsetting when there’s kids involved. Poor souls probably didn’t have a clue what was going on. Can’t stop thinking about it this morning.
  8. I think that a lot of the points in here are pretty fair, particularly around the growing financial gap that has plagued the entire game in the last couple of decades. What I don’t see are any solutions to that problem or suggestions as to what Celtic should do differently. We obviously aren’t going to stop spending money that we generate, and we’re not talking about a club that spends outwith its means either, so it’s quite difficult in my (admittedly biased) opinion to be overly critical. Contrary to some assertions in here, I enjoyed yesterday’s game and I’m enjoying the attacking style of football that we play every week now. It’s as entertaining as I’ve ever seen it. Dundee United were a shambles in that second half though. Scottish football needs significant change at the grassroots and youth development level. There simply aren’t enough quality young players coming through. And it needs a total overhaul of the SFA, who have run our game into the ground and undersold it for quite some time. It clearly isn’t as simple as blaming Celtic or Rangers for all the game’s problems.
  9. Think Jota was off but some of the football in that half was out of this world. United have been poor, but just can’t keep up with the passing.
  10. If Boyce wasn’t such a diddy and put a couple of chances away could have been different. Ridiculous dive as well. A real missed opportunity for them
  11. I’ll say again, Taiwan has NEVER been a part of the People’s Republic of China. It’s essentially the last remnants of the Republic of China. It wasn’t forcibly taken from them and is a democratic nation with its own parliament, currency, laws, military etc. Why does China get to dictate who should and shouldn’t visit?
  12. Read about the history of Taiwan. It’s never been under communist rule. Any claim is weak and solely based on geography.
  13. Why should China have any say in who should and shouldn’t visit Taiwan? The CCP have never had any influence there or stake to claim.
  14. Group stage exit inevitable at the WC with Townsend in charge.
  15. Football is a results driven business, so people are (as you’d expect) willing to turn a blind eye to poor performances if we’re winning games. When we’re not it highlights just how average a team we are. In all of our big games of late, with the exception of Denmark (a significantly weaker one at that) and England at Wembley we’ve not played well. I can’t actually remember many games during Clark’s tenure where we have. Even the Euro’s playoffs were dire and if we’d gone out to Israel I don’t think anyone could really have complained. He’s probably got the rest of this NL campaign, but I have little hope that we’ll make significant progress under him. Yesterday was as bad as it’s ever been.
  16. Gary Breen is thick as shit
  17. It’s a great strike but it’s right down the middle as well
  18. Our performances and record in any games of even the slightest significance are abysmal. This first half has been as bad as any in the lowest days of the national team.
  19. Says the man having a meltdown.
  20. Give it a rest ffs
  21. Didn’t play like one. In fact, could barely string a pass together.
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