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  1. You could put a lib dem ribbon on a murderous rapist in Orkney and they'd still vote for them.
  2. I mean, lose this and the campaign is half dead already.
  3. That was another missed forward pass
  4. Blatantly missed forward pass led to that. Not even funny.
  5. Here we go. The Wayne Barnes show.
  6. Wouldn't have a problem with that scrum penalty if Barnes hadn't given the French more time to use it in their own 22.
  7. That's probably the worst challenge I've ever seen. Did he stud him in the eye?
  8. Wasted potential sums this generation up. Townsend out.
  9. We always shit the bed against Ireland. Can't see today being any different.
  10. As much as I hate to say it the title is deserved. Congratulations to those of you who aren't behaving like arseholes tonight. Where are Police Scotland?
  11. Last week Mitchell could barely stop herself from fawning over AS. This week she's all out on the attack, and frankly all over the place
  12. The brass neck of the Tories calling for her resignation before she's even had the chance to give evidence.
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