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  1. I think Townsend has the 6 Nations to show a noticeable improvement. If not he's done.
  2. Telling that we gained a foothold in the game when he used his last resort tactics.
  3. That's that then. Townsend out.
  4. Need to roll the dice now. Horne on. Quick ball. Out kicking as it is will just get us into more trouble.
  5. That offload was clearly forward.
  6. Essentially need to score 3 more tries and try to squeak it now. I can't see us winning by more than 7 if at all. Even then Japan look good for 2 bp.
  7. I'll take getting into HT at this. Tactics need changed massively.
  8. Have we had any of the ball since our try?
  9. Don't know if I can handle watching this 😂
  10. More suspense here than for the game itself.
  11. I'd say it's entirely dependent on how quickly the flood waters recede, as the stadium is surrounded by water at the moment.
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