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  1. Stopped caring a long time ago. Shambles.
  2. Taiwan Which is brilliant to visit btw. Very underrated.
  3. Quite a few stories developing tonight. Hilarious, but unfortunate that one of Pittsburgh, Edmonton or Toronto have a significant chance of getting Lafreniere.
  4. The Wild have yet to score 5 on 5. Canucks played a solid game, but penalties galore.
  5. Yeah, pretty much. Wear it on the way in and when you're away from the table. Also have to leave your contact details, but easy enough to make a reservation using something like OpenTable which automatically does it for you.
  6. I've been in Bavaria for a week. Pretty strict with the masks on public transport and in restaurants, but on the whole it hasn't felt all that different to my previous visits to Germany. Absolutely heaving with domestic tourists at the moment. Edinburgh Airport was totally dead flying out. They boarded the flight by row, but it just ended up with the usual people ignoring them and flooding to the gate as soon as the first announcement was made, as if the flight was somehow going to leave without them.
  7. I've got 6 weeks to use before the end of the year. Work are only now pushing me to start using them. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind, but I'm in a long distance relationship and if there's even a chance that we might be able to travel this year I want to save up as much as possible for that. Will probably take a couple of days to keep them happy.
  8. Tom English doesn't like admitting he's wrong and that's always been his problem. I don't think he's a bad journalist, but this has been a shambles on his part. He's backed himself into a corner and started digging a hole he can't get out of.
  9. So Toronto lost to the Canes emergency backup. A zamboni driver.
  10. Where has that Hogg been (for Scotland anyway)?
  11. I've already lost interest. Heading back into the dark ages.
  12. That's the way the gutter press works in this country. Trial by media. Hound and harrass relentlessly until you finally break someone. Sad and in all honesty a little infuriating, regardless of her alleged crimes or flaws.
  13. Eagerly await the apology from the bitter little c**t that is Eddie Jones.
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