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  1. Further release of tickets this morning. Very limited but everyone sorted in my group now. Just get through the next 2 league games unscathed now.
  2. Cosgrove is a dirty b*****d
  3. Great tackle by Logan there
  4. Can see this being a shitfest given the recent form of both teams. Avoid defeat and we're champions so will take a draw and no injuries or suspensions.
  5. PFA Scotland Awards

    Kent (for main award) and Hastie are strange nominations. I'll not pretend to have watched many games outside Celtic but think Kris Ajer is worth a shout. Think it'll be Forrest or McGregor and Turnbull as the winners.
  6. I also got north stand half way line just after they were released for the semi but think that was due to us having the full stand. Why they do it section by section, I don't know. It's going to sell out so why not just release all seats at once. A question for the ticket office.
  7. I think Hampden tickets are sold section by section so likely north and south will be released once other areas sold out. Got my ticket in the ballot but plenty of folk unsuccessful, my dad included so looking at other ways to get a ticket. One of the few reasons why I'd prefer Murrayfield to Hampden is the higher capacity for games like this meaning those deserving of a ticket are less likely to miss out.
  8. Worst pub in Scotland

    The Oak Bar on Springfield road outside Parkhead is a sight to behold. I think they got a special offer on their TV and till at some point in the 1970s. I've not been there for at least a couple of years but I doubt they've upgraded either in that time.
  9. Offensive behaviour

    Because they're not comparable and you know it. For a club that supposedly hates Rangers more than any other club, it's a very Rangers like chant.
  10. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Hopefully there is a good turnout from the home fans. Sad to see a fairly big stadium usually not even half full. The irony of the allocation agreements considering they cut our allocation by 90% because they couldn't take getting pumped repeatedly.
  11. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Not our fault that you wasted the money on shite like Wilson, Gleeson, Forester etc
  12. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Never understood the outcry regarding Celtic buying the best players of other Scottish clubs. It happens in every country with the richest clubs and, as has been pointed out, happens with clubs like Aberdeen buying the best players of small clubs who wouldn't get a game for Celtic. I think Dundee United received a decent amount of cash wgen Armstrong went to Southampton and we grossly overpaid for Ciftci. Aberdeen received £1m for an aging Jonny Hayes and got Christie on loan also. I don't think other clubs do too badly from Celtic's domestic transfer business.
  13. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    No I don't think he did. I don't think he is that sort of player but nobody can claim it was a 50/50 challenge and you can't complain about receiving a 2nd yellow for it.
  14. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    You directly compared the two so you obviously are seeking similarities. You also think Thomson and his officials had a shocker today when neutrals and balanced Aberdeen fans in here can look at the game objectively and see you're wrong. You don't merit a further reply. Go to your bed.
  15. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Just a response to those saying it was a 50/50 which it clearly wasn't. But since you asked for it, here's Boyata and GMS, not the best quality as taken from a video but I don't think there is any comparison. Today's is a bouncing ball high in the air whilst the LC Final is a ball crossed in with pace. Both went for it and Boyata was late but nowhere near as late as Ball.