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  1. That’ll be quite the tournament with their 2 Women’s tag teams.
  2. I like everyone else thought that was Johnny Gargano coming out at the start Johnny Elite’s alright, but not on the level of a Gargano or Cesaro. Think it may just be a one off though?
  3. I’m not a big fan of Sasha, but if they have indeed walked out over creative I’m fully behind them, and wish more would join in. It is the only way the product is going to change.
  4. Apparently he’s wrestling Steamboat. In 2008 I’d have said “Hmm, I dunno lads”
  5. Baird was fine for us, and I think most would’ve happily kept him on before he departed. Sometimes it just clicks for certain players at certain clubs.
  6. Worryingly, the ITK accounts were bang on about Taylor leaving, but how much they actually know about Imrie/how much is just connecting the dots I’m not sure. I don’t think Hamilton would’ve emptied Taylor at this point without some sort of agreement with someone though - and I’d assume Ian Murray’s got Raith in his sights instead.
  7. Why have you written this like it’s in a 19th century newspaper?
  8. I’ve seen people floating the “connection to the club” line too, which is undoubtedly true, but he isn’t exactly without a connection to Morton supporters. If he has assesed things and concluded Hamilton are a safer option financially (with everything Dunning’s pointed out above) then we’re in more trouble than I even imagined. Still all rumour and a lot of dot joining at this stage though.
  9. My back hurts just from watching that main event
  10. That 6 man was absolutely fantastic. WWE MOTY for me so far.
  11. Couple of good matches on Backlash tonight, but 4 of the 6 are straight rematches and there’s only 1(!) title on the line. Depressing state of affairs for the belts.
  12. God this is dull. Relying on more mechanical issues because this track is dreadful.
  13. Martin vs Fenix, superb. Jeff vs Darby in the Owen openers too!
  14. Shames Stu Grayson’s moving on too which is a shame. He always delivered when given the chance. Should kill it on the Indys.
  15. I think it goes Punk -> MJF…then maybe Wardlow? That’d be nearly a year down the line you’d think though.
  16. Joey Janela done with AEW. Seems they wanted him to hang about, but only as an enhancement guy, and he’s refused it, which is fair enough. I think he got a bit of a bad rep from some sides. He’s a good wrestler on his day, and has had some really good matches in AEW. A main event guy? No, but certainly worse people to have around.
  17. Feel I should be immune to these releases now, but Bivens & Kai especially, insane.
  18. Very surprised to see Scott Wright up front in a European semi final isn’t working.
  19. Aye they teased Frankie & Sky facing each other too, which woukd be an easy way to get them both face again for an Ethan Page turn.
  20. Cracking match and I’m glad Sky’s got the belt back, but the TNT title booking is so strange.
  21. Punk/Page HWG. I’d honestly make the switch. Page is going to be around for a long time yet, Punk’s only going to be at this level for a few more years.
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