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  1. The new trend of Saturday night PPVs is class btw.
  2. Shame we’re not getting one of the Big 4, but I’d assume September would sell out anyway. 2 nights for Mania in a 100k seater!
  3. Unless we entered cricket score territory I’m honestly not convinced it’d make much of a difference to the manager’s position. I don’t think he’s going anywhere.
  4. Ach that’s awful news. All the best to him, he’ll give it hell.
  5. PAC/Andrade 2 was spectacular. If PAC’s getting involved with Malakai Black I am all for that too.
  6. Oliver playing (and scoring) would be very funny, but I’m anticipating yet another circus of a performance, probably a 1-0 loss. Even if we sneak a much needed win, I don’t think many will be seeing it as any sort of turning point.
  7. The title swapping stuff (especially when they add on new reigns because of it!) is absolute baws.
  8. Wasn’t a fan of the Brick/Roman finish, but still life in that feud yet whenever they return to it. Really enjoyable show. Rollins/Edge a level above, but everything else was either good to great.
  9. The Crown Jewel card is actually really good. Should be a few big things happening at least.
  10. I’m amazed that Q&A ended without punches being thrown. Echo the sentiments of other posters. Good laugh watching Falkirk over the last few years (especially as a Morton fan) but the wankers behind that table are the real enemy. The constant sniggering, “statement not a question” and just lack of accountability is infuriating, even as a neutral. Guys that see themselves as above football fans, annoyed they’re even being questioned about their colossal failures.
  11. They have a massive problem with depth on the women’s roster, or what they perceive as lack of depth anyway. Charlotte & Bianca (rightly) get over 20 minutes, nobody else gets anything close
  12. Would appear I’ve had a shocker there. Fair play to them.
  13. This is incredible. The bit about Burrows phoning him to tell him how well Aberdeen had played about finished me off.
  14. I fancy Moxley for the tournament. Hangman’s promo from Saturday was fantastic. If he does win next month I think there might be a few tears.
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