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  1. Bit like that Celtic game last season, AZ already look like a different outfit at home. Hard to see them not scoring
  2. Thoroughly enjoyed that main event, pleasantly surprised to see Punk too, thought he’d be out a while longer. Punk/Mox, then Punk/Kingston please.
  3. They always fall into a bit of a lull in the peroid between PPVs, but when it comes to about 3 weeks out and the card begins to take shape/feuds are heading towards conclusions it’s mostly really good. Was assuming Battle of the Belts would provide more of a bridge, but they just don’t feel like big deals.
  4. Random angle that sticks out with Double J is the Lionheart one from 2011. Made a guy that was a relative uninown to much of that audience feel like a massive deal - JJ was superb in the build up and working the crowd in the actual match. I don’t think I’ll ever fully forgive him for ruining Monty Brown though.
  5. Good lord that Flaie match, never again.
  6. Enjoyed that, decent action throughout and easily the best Reigns/Lesnar match. Nothing too different from previous WWE PPVs though and the most notworthy stuff happened at the very start of the show. Even if it’s through Theory interference, they’ve gotta have Drew win in Cardiff.
  7. Women’s division looking a wee bit better now!
  8. Not expecting too many big changes tonight, but hopefully at least a few signs of HHH making his mark.
  9. Pleased to hear Gillespie doing well again. Hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as other supporters made out, yet. Hopefully get something resembling a striker and a creative midfielder in next month. Easier said than done with the budget we’re working with, but we’re going to seriously struggle without.
  10. Burnley have had the cigars out so far here. Quite strange watching them knock the ball about as well.
  11. Kyle Jacobs should be a decent bit of business for yourselves. Just completely fell out of favour at Morton and hasn’t played consistently for a while now, despite being captain. With a run of games he should be a not bad asset.
  12. That was masterful from Starks. Glad they’re getting behind him, and Hobbs as a big b*****d villain is good too.
  13. Gotta be The Elite vs The UE for the trios belts surely.
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