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  1. Interesting pick, you’d have thought they’d have went straight for London but it’s close enough. I’d be game.
  2. There is a PPV tonight, believe it or not.
  3. That just about sums up the weekend. Obscene hit.
  4. Rampage was a cracking show as well. 6 man tag was brilliant, and Homicide was a nice wee cameo at the end.
  5. I still think he’ll be silly over when he’s back.. They’ve been telling the story for 2 years now and I’d hate for them to abandon it just because of the arrivals. I don’t think they will. Where exactly that’d leave Punk, Bryan, Cole, Darby etc I’m not sure but hopefully they’re sticking to their guns.
  6. I still think the plan is for Omega/Okada on US soil next year, but I don’t think you need the title for that. He loses the belt to either Bryan or Hangman imo.
  7. Aye it was just over 7K they shifted. Mind they were doing TV here in 2019 and just cancelled it for a house show instead? Very weird stuff, especially given how packed the 2016 tapings were.
  8. Very jealous of the folk getting to see Rampage now, the Lights Put match especially. Great show, and really liked the venue. Hopefully they make it an annual thing.
  9. Sting & Darby charge for the tag titles please.
  10. That Cody reaction He’s resisted the idea but they’re gonna have to turn him
  11. Holy f**k what a match. Incredible.
  12. Just the usual Fite bit for Dynamites mate
  13. I’d have preferred Trios titles but I guess this is alright. Basically just replaces the job the NWA women’s title was doing and gets more of them on TV in meaningful stuff. I guess if they just present it as a female version of the TNT title it shouldn’t feel as tinpot.
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