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  1. Wrestlers playing video games instead of shooting up and playing blackjack or whatever really wouldn’t make a difference if the product wasn’t garbage. To try and join up the two is just wild. Almost anyone that’s tried ANYTHING to get themselves over or had it happen organically has had it thrown back in their face. Rusev day, Zack Ryder, Fandango, Cesaro etc, all had the carpet taken out from under them. This company now makes so, so much money that everyone outside of Roman Reigns is pretty much expendable. They’ll happily jist have contracted wrestlers sit on the sidelines if they piss the wrong people off. To try and spin the talent behaving like literally any other locker room/team in sport as a reason for WWE being in the state it’s in is just insane. They have the most talented roster in the history of professional wrestling. They do not know how to use it.
  2. Taker’s stuff about video games and guys not carrying weapons in locker rooms is such old man yells at cloud patter even Bret Hart has hit a riddy.
  3. Quite the lengthy build for it. Looking forward to the match but they’ll really need to step up what Sting’s been doing in recent weeks.
  4. Really enjoyable main event from the Inner Circle tonight.
  5. I think most fans still live in hope of null and void in the next couple of weeks. This website would go down faster than it will after St Mirren’s defeat next week.
  6. There was of course the one where he offered Jim Duffy a square go after a 0-0 draw. This makes that one look relatively normal.
  7. AJ Styles Untold is pretty good. Was hoping it’d dive a bit deeper into TNA though. Maybe we’ll get a full documentary on him down the line.
  8. Not quite Morton/Dunfermline bad, but close.
  9. Really, really good main event. Apparently a pretty good overall show too. I’m not a big fan of Matt Striker but he’s an upgrade on Matthews certainly. No angle of sorts at the end of the show so not really clear where they go next with the AEW thing. Moose should be involved though.
  10. A double carry out once again. Sensational stuff.
  11. It’s a solid looking card, though it’s a wee bit jarring watching Impact as they don’t put in crowd noise like WWE or AEW.
  12. I know it’s not been the greatest game but that seems a bit OTT
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