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  1. The Indie Wrestling HOF is a really good watch. Nice to see people getting recognition that never normally would - and the crowd aren’t complete arseholes too
  2. True! You’ve not seen some of the posters on here. (Me included)
  3. Enjoyed GCW for what it was. Shame they never thought to actually mic the crowd, but the actual show had a decent mix of good wrestling, plunder and bullshit like Cardona/Janela. Nothing amazing though. They’re in this very weird spot of already alienating their core fans by doing less hardcore stuff, but needing to grow and appeal to a wider audience. ECW problem on a smaller scale.
  4. I think Janela’s fine, and it keeps them in the GCW good books if he’s around. Wouldn’t feature him every week or anything but he’s had some really good matches with guys there and is a credible enough TV heel to wheel out when needed.
  5. Was really interested in the Besuijen signing when I clocked it. Asked the analyst folk I knew and they all really rate the signing. Quick, direct and not afraid to try things. Can be a bit inconsistent - but completely normal for his age with room to grow. Apparently a couple of MLS clubs had their eye on him so he may very well have had Atlanta sold to him as well. Tl;dr, really decent bit of business on paper for Aberdeen - and hopefully continues the trend of Scottish clubs recruiting in leagues outside of the English league’s bins.
  6. Looking forward to this, and should hopefully be a decent turnout even with it being on TV. Would’ve been a ghost town if Gus was still at the wheel.
  7. Taz’s whole run still annoys me a lot. He was beat up, but still so badly mishandled at the time.
  8. Mox & Danielson next will absolutely do me. Wonder if they’ll be able to hold it off till the PPV.
  9. Took our only out ball off in Ugwu (he was gubbed) and conceded immediately after.
  10. “Going with 5 at the back, three centre halves, it does look like Morton will be going for containment” That’s literally our system chief, and we’ve had no bother scoring with it.
  11. Ultimately he chose to sign the deal, and this was always a possibility, but it’s wild they’ll fire anyone they like, but not let go someone that actually wants to leave (Even though they did with Toni Storm like two weeks ago) An odd bunch
  12. Glad Santana & Ortiz appear to FINALLY be going their own way from the Inner Circle.
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