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  1. It is Thd Rock, I could be wrong, but I do think there’d be a bit of resentment towards him across the board if he just turned up and beat Roman. People love The Bloodline.
  2. That was a strong opening half hour. Glad they actually devoted some time to Starks. Just letting their best promos talk more often like that is the way to go.
  3. Unless you’re getting a rematch, I don’t see any sense in Rock winning. Having a part timer come in and beat the guy nobody on your actual roster can before riding off into the sunset again wouldn’t go down well imo.
  4. Disappointing, but sounds like a fair result in the end. Kabia’s still our only attacking option we can really throw on, and he isn’t great. Additions still needed in that area.
  5. I’m assuming Regal’s away, and they’ve had to shuffle things about. Feels a bit early to write him off totally.
  6. Delighted to see Hangman back, him and Mox straight out the gate too.
  7. The Elite’s nod’s to Punk were so blatant I’m beginning to wonder whether they actually have worked something out after all. They were more than likely just fucking with Chicago, but the longer we go without confirmation on Punk’s contract being ripped up, I think that theory might grow. Decent shiw, really enjoyed the trios and the main event. Jericho’s chest at the end of that, ouch.
  8. Utterly mental he was allowed to carry on. Football still has a long way to go with concussions.
  9. Yeah if the Bucks style isn’r for you, that’s fine - but it’s clearly the most one of the most popular now. Influences 90% of upcoming wrestlers as well.
  10. Geeat main event, terrific show. As ever, let down by just how long it is, but that isn’t changing any point soon. Really interested in what Regal has to say.
  11. So deserved for Hayter, a gradual, organic rise up.
  12. Great 4 way. Really hope Bryan gets the ROH belt eventually.
  13. That is one of the matches of the year. Incredible. Didn’t see that finish coming either
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