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  1. The Undertakers Greatest Matches.

    Totally agree with Mania 25. A match I never tire of watching. Really enjoyed 23 with Batista as well and 29 with Punk.
  2. The AEW Thread

  3. I thought GTF day might’ve brought an end to Falkirk fans embarrassing themselves outside of the diddy league forums, however I’m delighted to be proven wrong.
  4. The AEW Thread

    Like that card, even better it’s free too.
  5. Belgium vs Scotland

    It’ll be a narrow 4-4-2 (presumably) and a 4-4-1-1 out of possession, so for 90% of the match. Only thing that really makes sense.
  6. Favourite Wrestlers Ever

    My tag teams would be - 1. Hardy Boyz 2. Motor City Machine Guns 3. Beer Money 4. Young Bucks 5. Dudley Boys Shoutouts for The Revival, The Rockers & The Highlanders.
  7. Favourite Wrestlers Ever

    1. Jeff Hardy 2. CM Punk 3. HBK 4. RVD 5. Cena Honourable mentions for Alex Shelley, Stone Cold, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe & The Big Bossman.
  8. Scotland vs Cyprus saturday match thread

    Thank christ for that. What a hit.
  9. Scotland vs Cyprus saturday match thread

    James McFadden sounds absolutely miserable.
  10. Scotland vs Cyprus saturday match thread

    What a load of shite.
  11. Super ShowDown 2019

    That show was horrific, main event just summed it up. Goldberg should’ve left it at the Lesnar match, Undertaker at Cena. Really sad to just watch that unfold.
  12. Super ShowDown 2019

    Fucking hell, that was atrocious.
  13. Super ShowDown 2019

    I burst out laughing
  14. Super ShowDown 2019

    This main better be quick.
  15. Super ShowDown 2019

    There was a steel cage match like two weeks ago...some quality control needed.