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  1. Very happy Liv finally gets a big moment.
  2. I can see the logic in giving it to Rollins, feels like there’s unfinished business with Reigns, and the Cody factor too.
  3. I’m not sure, but it’s a good thing there isn’t a load of big stars in a typically violent match in a few hours
  4. Vince getting introduced as “The man who makes wishes come true here in WWE”
  5. I thought that show was excellent, struggling to think of anything that didn’t deliver. Great match after great match and the crowd was into everything. So great to see Claudio back too, think he’ll do very well there.
  6. He isn’t really wrong on the “aim to stay in the division” chat, as depressing as it is to admit. 2nd snallest budget in the league - and our signings so far reflect that. Anything above 7th would be punching.
  7. So glad Okada’s involved after all, that pop!
  8. Quitongo I can just sbout make a case for, but “Imrie knows him” is about as much as you can say for Gillespie. Not having the bench player stuff either, we can’t afford bench players. If he’s not capable of starting games at this level he should be nowhere near us. Again, hope I’m proved wrong, but not impressed.
  9. “A bit of a throbber” is one way of putting it. Just don’t get it at all. Physical striker which Imrie’s obviously after, but there’s enough evidence to show he just is not up to it at this level. Hopefully a masterstroke and we’re left eating our words, but not pleased.
  10. Tim White away as well now. Think he’s not been in great nick for a while now, but a sad one.
  11. Well at least we don’t need to watch the rest of it I guess
  12. Well, they’ve got my attention
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