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  1. I’d lost interest in ICW long ago. It’d become an old boys network, regularly attended by droves of utter reprobates. Not to mention the product itself just not being that good. There’s some good people there, don’t get me wrong, and in the wider Scottish Wrestling community that I hope land on their feet. Would I be sad not to see ICW return? Not especially.
  2. TheGoon


    I always worry with heel stables it’ll bleed into something like The Authority again and last forever. What a grim few years that was.
  3. The FTW belt is back. Taz is one helluva promo.
  4. Interesting times ahead. I’m just glad we’re no longer saddled with debt for paying jobbers thousands a week in the second division.
  5. I’d be disappointed to see him go, especially to a team in the same division. It does reek of an agent just trying to put some pressure on though.
  6. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet
  7. Given his team are comfortably in the Premiership I’m going to assume he (and nobody else) is any way arsed.
  8. Cadden was already very well known to the Wyscout community. Typically they only really need one game in person to make a decision. It’s unfortunate we couldn’t have got money for him but I suspect quite a few clubs from their level will be circling at the minute to offer Scottish players the financial security that’s harder to come by here.
  9. Really enjoyable first night of Fyter Fest. Moxley/Jericho pushed back to Fight for the Fallen on the 15th, so would assume Jericho/Cassidy gets the not to main event instead.
  10. He manages fo have the worst takes on just about everything, it’s incredible.
  11. TheGoon

    FIFA 20

    I’m all for more usable Silvers & Bronzes, but this doesn’t feel like the way to go about it
  12. You’re not the only one. One of their lowest rated episodes ever.
  13. I think this’ll be a laugh if nothing else, Mackay would’ve just turned people away. Despite McLaren’s failings for (pretty much) the last decade, he’s still a big enough name that he’ll probably generate a fair bit of enthusiasm and shift extra season tickets. Tommy Wright probably wouldn’t have.
  14. This Undertaker tribute is...weird. It’s like he’s died (again)
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