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  1. TheGoon


    I’d have liked to have seen Joe face quite a few guys outside of WWE at the minute, but just glad he’ll be back on screen in some capacity. Hope we don’t lose Regal entirely though.
  2. That banner with Liz on it Fucking oddities.
  3. They just zoomed in on his wife!? What the f**k man.
  4. Halftime interview with Atones. The BBC can get in the fucking bin.
  5. He’s a bit of a tit but he’s a phenomenal wrestler
  6. Just seen this, what shite news
  7. Draft on the way in September. Both shows desperately need freshened up - but a lot of that is to do with them booking the same stuff over, and over again. I used to love the draft but you’re lucky if it makes a difference for even two weeks now.
  8. The debut was a bit weird but I think it’s an excellent signing.
  9. The Grizzly Smith DSOTR is unbelievably fucked up.
  10. As a coach it’s a very solid appointment for this level. All his expertise without the ringers he’d usually sign. Somewhat cancelled out by Hopkin being the frontman though.
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