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  1. I still canny get over how old Danny Lennon looks these days.
  2. Why do Thomson & Stewart keep laughing? I’m listening to everything they say but there doesn’t actually appear to be anything funny.
  3. DDP looked great in his return match this week. First he’s wrestled on TV since 2004.
  4. Have we played you competitively since the League Cup game in 13/14 at Cappielow? That retaken free kick still annoys me a great deal.
  5. Aye that’s what I’m assuming. Something on a Saturday/Sunday night would be decent. Confirmed it’s $45 Million a year in TV money but that includes production/setup so only an increase of about $5-$10 Mill. Decent, but it’ll be some time before AEW start actually making money.
  6. That second show can’t be live, I’m assuming it won’t be. Good news about the deal though, wonder if ad share % has increased or if they’re still on the same kinda agreement.
  7. Dreading this slightly less after our recent improved form. If the team that ended the game on Saturday turns up, we’ll cause problems and could definitely take something from it. If it’s the one that started the game however, we’ll lose comfortably. Millar can’t start. I’m sure that won’t go over well with him but we’re simply a better team without him.
  8. Blanchard & Callahan have just tore the house down. Would’ve been so much bigger/better a moment if she wasn’t a massive piece of shot though.
  9. That’s an excellent signing. They need more big men and he’s one of the best about at the minute.
  10. Cannot believe he’s re-signed with them. Any momentum he had is just gone.
  11. TheGoon


    Main event was alright, I did not expect to see Undisputed Era, very nice surprise that stopped the show having a really flat ending.
  12. TheGoon


    I like both these guys, and the story going in, but there’s just zero believability about Coffey actually winning the thing and it dragging as a result.
  13. TheGoon


    Superb. What a match.
  14. TheGoon


    Wrestling at 5PM on a Sunday is lovely.
  15. Interested to see what happens with Blanchard now. I think they might actually still pull the trigger.
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