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  1. Pretty sure it’s 1AM. Kickoff at 12 but I don’t think there’s any matches for it.
  2. The stage/whole stadium looks great, Drew/Lashley opening things up is probably the right call too. I’m still looking forward to both nights, despite the booking. It’s Mania, and there’s actually people there.
  3. Thing is, surely they’d want a crowd for something like the above? There’s none planned for the near future. It’s possible.
  4. I now fully expect Drew to win the belt back, with Michael Cole uttering some sort of line about Prince Phillip.
  5. More action like the Spieth nonsense please.
  6. TheGoon


    Card for Stand & Deliver night two is as strong as they’ve ever assembled imo. Ridiculous.
  7. I tuned out after Davey Boy, I don’t think you’re missing too much
  8. The Hall of Fame is incredibly awkward. The piped in applause and cheers make it feel like a complete joke. Why they felt the need to do two classes as well I do not know.
  9. Not enough to sway me from Takeover, but glad they’re at least following up on his cameo last year
  10. It’s defo a slower pace with Kurt. I’m enjoying it, but I don’t think it’ll have the longevity of the other ones
  11. The Bischoff 83 Weeks on ‘The Big Bang’ is a really good listen from a business perspective. Can take or leave the pod most weeks but when it’s purely on that side of things it’s a really good listen.
  12. The last good Mania build I can actually remember is Bryan/Kofi, and even that was a bit of an accident. What a brilliant match/moment that was.
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