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  1. Yeah I agree with that, most are nice but you get a lot of abuse too. I don't think you'd get that phoning Dutch people or Americans.
  2. We're not better off without a good player that's daft. Its Ireland's fault for poaching 15 year old Scottish kids, he didn't go to them did he they came to him.
  3. Yeah that's right racist, so every country in the world is racist for only giving people who live in that country a vote in their elections. That's racist clearly. Idiot.
  4. Absolutely, these are the policies they voted for overwhelmingly. So now they will get them, that's democracy.
  5. There's quite a few people on here utterly desperate to see me banned, but the same people dish out worse abuse to me than I've ever dished out to anyone on here. They won't get the irony in that though as they completely lack self-awareness.
  6. Yeah, chance would be a fine thing. Maybe people should engage their brains before replying, its not a difficult concept.
  7. I think you people need to learn to read before you launch into your hysterical attacks against me. All the answers are there, I'm not going to spoon feed you I only typed it out about four times. One last time for the wantonly stupid then, if you're Scottish its your business, if you live in Scotland its your business. If you're neither its not. For about the fifth time in this thread alone. Is that clear enough for you? Can I be any clearer? 100% reasonable and 100% right, take your time, digest it, think about it, then shut up.
  8. As have I, I dealt with the English public regularly in my previous job. Once you get to the south of England they hate Scottish people, was hung up on by someone who said he didn't speak to racists. Apparently not getting the irony. I'm glad you pointed that out, and wonder if there is a single person anywhere in Scotland who reacts the same to English accents on the phone.
  9. And I'm not the unreasonable one here, I'm the one who is brave enough to point out unreasonable behaviour is what's going on.
  10. Wanting suspicious activity investigated is not not accepting the result champ. They are not mutually exclusive.
  11. Can you read? Go and read my posts again, think about them, then come back to me.
  12. Imagine making a sign like that and holding views like that Rangers fans Royalists
  13. I'm not massive on conspiracy theories but some are true. The CIA did traffic drugs that's not a theory, and JFK was a definite conspiracy. And as you say Pearl Harbour may well be true too, they wanted to get into the war and needed a reason to do that.
  14. Been saying for a while he'll be excellent next season. Top player just needs time to adjust to the EPL, rather like Mertesacker who was a rabbit in the headlights in his first season and tremendous in his second. Its very common. He miscontrolled it as he didn't expect Jones to do that and was travelling at pace, the ball suddenly comes at shin height onto his bad foot, no c**t of it at all.
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