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  1. Bo'ness United 2016 / 2017

    Mr Anti Bo'ness United...fact 1...rules were broken...fact 2...both clubs agreed that a complaint/protest was going to be put forward after the referee decided that he was playing extra time. Hopefully that explains and saves u from making a James Hunt of yourself
  2. Bo'ness United 2016 / 2017

    Read all the comments over the last few days, some are pure nonsense. The fact is.....and it is a genuine fact, when the ref said it was going to extra time....and before a ball was kicked....both committees agreed the rules would be broken and the only outcome would be a replay as game would be void. So forget all the other mitigating circumstances.....darkness....delays..or whatever you want to dream up....this game was not finished to cup rules that were stated.....so....end off
  3. bonnyrigg 0v5 pollok goals

    Just viewed the highlights of the game. Was intending going but the weather took a turn and thought game may have been in doubt. I was surprised how easy Pollok ripped your defence apart at times. With the 2 Roses out the Scottish.. And Kelty/Camelon and possibly Carnoustie about to follow makes the run in of the super league even more interesting.
  4. Bonnyrigg Rose 2015-16

    Hey Van......Magic.....just dry them and have a good one.
  5. Bo'ness United 2015-16

    Took in this game today and really enjoyed. Good hard game where both sets of players gave all. Two cracking goals....could have been more...from both teams.....a good day out. Then you read some of the comments from so called fans...hope the players don't read them....I know if I was a player I would just give up. Some fans who comment should really have a serious think to what they spout and remember this is a sport for the players and not a full time job
  6. Bo'ness United 2015-16

    Heard that Troon had an excellent surface, that will suit Bo'ness as much as Troon. Will be like home from home as they have an excellent surface as well. I don't think there has been a game off due to rain at Bo'ness for many many years. Newtongrange had their playing surface in top condition for Bo'ness visit last Saturday, so all credit to them. This game has all the attributes of a cracker.....The BU,s am sure , will bring a good support with them as they usually do, so that's where I will be heading.
  7. Bo'ness United 2015-16

    Well said Ford, game was basically in the bag by half time. The second half needed to be played in a controlled and professional manner which was done by a confident display by the whole squad today. I haven't seen all of Bo'ness games recently, but was impressed by the team today as a unit. Not going to mention names, but to criticise anybody on today's performance beggars belief. Any supporter not happy and contented tonight would be better off taking up dominoes or some other form of therapy
  8. Downfields appeal result

    Hey Tommyboyo, if the re_instatement rule is not proper or correct, why did your club bother with re_ instating other players previously. Looks like a genuine error on clubs behalf, and now trying to worm their way out of it. Feel sorry for the punishment the club has got, but think you just have to get on with it, and make sure you follow rules that all the clubs have to follow. All the best for next season.
  9. Full League Fixture Lists for Season 2015-16 announced

    I am sure all the clubs and supporters etc, of the 3 regions , would favour all fixtures being scheduled at the start of the season. Ideally this would be fantastic for everyone. I am also sure that this would be easy to set up initially at the start of the season, but as soon as the first call offs due to weather, then intervention would apply to get every team a match. We all know that some grounds suffer postponement more than others through no fault of their own. So guys, instead of slating the officials who I'm sure try their best, try and come up with a solution to go forward with.
  10. Downfield ?

    Feel sorry for the outcome at Downfield after their fantastic effort, but rules are rules. It is the same for all clubs in the region, so don't think the outcome could have gone any other way. Best of luck guys.
  11. fife & lothians draw

    You never know burnie man, one game away from the semi....sometimes a wee bit luck on the day gets you there
  12. Fauldhouse United - Premier Passion

    Hey Daleboy 69er, a think you and Roger Rimjob make quite a pair of stirring up nonsense about Bo'ness Utd. Nobody associated with the BU,s would ever think that just turning up gets you the points. Maybe you should just keep these silly comments for your own club