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  1. As far as i’m aware and from my experience there is no restrictions and it’s just the same any other regular football market
  2. Yeah you get prices on both Scottish reserve leagues
  3. Banter!!! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] LOL
  4. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] You’re playing The Shire for christ sake! If this is what you’ve been building for then it really shows how wooden spoon junior diddy your club really is. I cannot wait for the first Bonnyrigg P&B meltdown of the season considering this is how you’re acting already!
  5. Ricky Miller is a good signing. Always loved him at The Shire and always had really good games against us after he left. Good luck to him
  6. I would imagine it’s something to do with access to wifi and as yous are the finest junior diddies, i’d imagine it’s something that’s not available at a junior diddy park like yours[emoji6] C’mon The Shire
  7. Bring back our lord and saviour John Coughlin
  8. Thought we looked solid today. I absolutely love the fact that we are a team built from the back. The score line today still flattered Gretna and i’d say that since coming down to this league that’s the worst performance from any team i’ve seen. Think they’re in for a really hard season
  9. Wait till you see the second one!
  10. still finishing top 4?[emoji23]
  11. The only thing the council owns is the offices inside the stadium nowadays I believe
  12. Very poor game I thought in general. Thought we looked alright in the first half but nothing spectacular and second half was shocking. Thought neither team looked like scoring the second half and the penalty decision was terrible. The game got heated and the ref lost complete control over it. Be interesting to see how we cope in a couple weeks when we come up against Bonnyrigg. Big performances needed
  13. Always thought it would make more sense if the team bottom of League 2 were automatically relegated. Then the HL and LL winners played each other for direct promotion with the loser playing second bottom of League 2 for another chance of promotion .
  14. Something we’ve never been able to do since coming down. Our league campaign has always seemed to be over by October so here’s hoping!
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