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  1. Good to see that it’s actually came out what’s happened so that Rodgers can’t continue to play his pathetic victim card that he had tried to play. Shocking from the players involved as well and it is seriously worrying that their response to this was a 4-1 pumping from Tranet.
  2. If its not Kelty surely he'll get taken on at any other top 4 side
  3. Much better yesterday and very surprised we managed to keep Jamie Penker so quiet. He never really looked like scoring. Would like to hope with our games coming up we can go on a bit of a run until the crunch games just after Christmas. On a side note, I may be wrong but I still haven’t seen the club even publicly acknowledge the death of Billy Harvey. If I’m correct that’s shocking from the club considering how long he's supported us.
  4. Absolutely dreadful. Defending is absolutely shocking and we have been opened up far too easy. Then we push forward, and no one tracks back. Half time substitutions were absolutely shocking and Andy Rodgers should be no where near centre half. Thats 3 out of our last 4 games that have been dreadful. Anyone who can defend the management for that is deluded.
  5. Hahahahahahahahaha McGachie spent more of the second half on his arse screaming for fouls than actually trying to play football so it’s some cheek coming from you. Both penalties were complete dives so don’t try play one down over the other when they were just as bad as each other
  6. What a result yesterday! Had some pretty poor days against Bonnyrigg so good to be on the other foot for a change. Watsons finish for the first goal was very impressive and summed up his full performance. Special mention to Adam Murray as well who I thought played out his skin. I don’t see how Bonnyrigg supporters can’t get frustrated with McGachie. He’s 6 ft odd and goes down quicker than a slappers pants. He was only really a slight concern yesterday incase he took yet another dive in the box as the referee was keen to give them (for both sides though). Absolutely no need for him pushing Adam Murray into Connelly near the end of the game but wouldn’t expect anything less for a junior clogger like him. Massive few weeks ahead. If we can get past Colts and Berwick this week then the BSC game is huge. For the first time since our first season in the LL I feel like we could be pretty close come the end of the season but i’ll just take it week by week for now.
  7. As far as i’m aware Nicky Low is out with a groin injury and Sean Brown has been far from fit for a month or so now. Feel like out of the two we missed Brown more tonight as we had very little up front. Relatively stale game with the draw being the fair result imo. Be interesting to see how much we improve with Low and Brown coming back into the team. Tappy going off with what looked like a hamstring injury tonight was not good so hope that isn’t as bad as it first looked. Overall I’m happy enough with the result as it’s better than our usual starts to a LL season.
  8. One of my favorite seasons that I've seen. The things I would do to see Kevin Turner and Paul Quinn put on a Shire top again! That season was also one of Max Wrights select few where he was a player. Will also never forget the Bolo-Townsley celebrations, what a team!
  9. Highlights from the weekend were an interesting watch. Our new signings looked very good. Gregg Wylde looks very good especially with his run in for the 1st goal. Kieran Gibbons looks very solid and composed in the middle which was really good to see with Connelly looking very solid too. Good finish by Robbie Young for the second goal as well. I still think we look a bit shaky at the back, especially in the second half (however we did have Rodgers playing centre half). We were also missing Malone too there is that to look at. I felt the most disappointing performance was Andy Rodgers who just looked a bit off the pace the whole game. On a whole I’d say there is still work to do but I take more positives than negatives from that.
  10. Coming from the club that has #TheMaroonMachine on the back on your kits hahahahahahahaha
  11. The classic kits the new tops are based on are my 2 favourite kits so I think it goes without saying I am a massive fan. First kits I will have bought in a good few years
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