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  1. If we could talk them into taking Bobby Barr instead that would be fantastic
  2. Bit of a strange one regarding Matty Flynn. He’s been pretty dyre for us recently and i’m not really bothered about him going. Just don’t like to see us losing players to Kelty and hope it’s not going to become a trend
  3. Derek and Andy need to walk. If it wasn’t clear it is definitely clear now. If they don’t want they need to be sacked. Absolutely terrible today and Tappy not playing to the whistle cost us the game. It should’ve been offside but you always play to the whistle so no real complaints. Didn’t deserve anything today anyway so nothing to complain about other than Del and Andy still being in a job.
  4. Beginning to think everybody is a bit #obsessed with the shire after the replies today! Very close game today and was always going to be one goal in it, which never seems to be in our favour[emoji23] BSC were a very dirty team but for the first time in a long time it looked like we were up for the battle. At some point Del and Andy need to be under pressure especially thinking forward towards next season
  5. Nicky Low signs up for another season! Excellent news and would also think it confirms that the money will be there next year too
  6. If there was one way that we were gonna bottle it(again), it was absolutely most definitely that
  7. The boy who runs The Spartans twitter is an absolute melter so not surprised to hear that. Missed the tweet at half time so if you’d like to educate us all on what he tweeted this time i’m sure it’ll give us a good laugh
  8. No Shire fan on this forum has mentioned winning the league since the Kelty game so you don’t have a point here. Beginning to think you’re #obsessed if i say so myself...
  9. You most definitely have never seen The Shire play an important game before. Absolutely love to bottle them
  10. Wasn’t the point I was making. I was saying it’s some cheek from David as when he played with The Shire he could bang 5/6 in against all the diddies and would go missing against East Kilbride and co.
  11. I’d be guessing he spat the dummy after losing his place in the team to Eddie Malone. Seen him tweet something about it before his brother David decided to get involved tweeting about players not turning up to big games. Some cheek coming from him if you ask me! Someone told me they seen on his instagram last Saturday that he was posting photos in his story of him out drinking at about 3pm so if that’s his attitude then you struggle to see him getting back into the team. Never know though!
  12. Took in the reserve game tonight. Our “big” squad was out in there numbers tonight with us starting with 1 sub, who was our manager! However have to say I never thought I would see the day where Andy Rodgers played a full 90 min at centre half and never even got a sniff of a booking! Even Derek managed 45 min and never even thought about putting a bad challenge in! Nice to see Cliftonhill hasn’t changed though. Still an absolute dump
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