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  1. Delighted to see Paul Hartley getting the manager of the month award ahead of this game.
  2. The last game I didn't either attend or stream was when we played away to the top of the league and we beat Montrose 2-1 back in August. I won't be able to attend or stream on Saturday so hopefully the outcome will be the same.
  3. If there's enough interest, we might get the Falkirk stand out of storage for you.
  4. I'd re-sign him in January. Not to play him but just to walk up and down the side of the pitch getting the adoration he deserves for 90 minutes.
  5. I always feel it's a bit anti climactic when we draw a cup tie so I'm glad they're doing away with them. That and the fact that we've only won four replays in the last forty years. And two of those were in the same season.
  6. Having just consulted the fixture list, I reckon we're going to get Cove since we play them the week after the fourth round and it's been a few years since we had a cup/league double header so we're due one. They can always get Aberdeen in the following round.
  7. No replays from the 4th round onwards.
  8. Normally I get enraged by our fans not realising that we wouldn't get the same team as a team that just knocked us out since the draw is made by numbers based on alhabetical order. In this instance, it won't make the slightest difference.
  9. Well done to the Bankies on a fantastic result today.
  10. After seeing some of the results today, that's definitely a relief to get the win today. Having said that, I can't recall Ramsbottom being tested today but Sauchie had a real intent when they were going forward which we maybe lacked. Too often(particularly in the first half) we seemed to be trying to walk the ball into the net instead of working the keeper and finding out what his weaknesses were. I did say to one of my mates with about ten to go that the game had a last minute winner feel to it but without knowing which team would do it. Fair play to Sauchie for having a good go of it today and best of luck to them for the rest of the season. Bankies next for us hopefully even though I have a fear they may beat us.
  11. They haven't come up against Dykes or Adams yet.
  12. I noticed on my fb memories this morning that it was five years ago today since our away game against Bonnyrigg Rose in case any Sons fans are thinking (although I don't think there will be tbh) this might be a straightforward win.
  13. I'd agree there. Imo, the stream should always be a wee bit cheaper than the entrance fee. I would've charged £8 for it tomorrow.
  14. My daughter's girlfriend is from Sauchie and she had never heard of Alan Hansen until I remedied that.
  15. It will be. Only league games for st holders. Have any prices been announced yet? I missed it if they have. Hopefully it'll be a tenner.
  16. That's what I expected you to do. I wouldn't have been averse to Andy becoming our gaffer. Anyway, fair to say I'm delighted with the result. I think we got a bit of good luck with Alloa going down to ten and was very relieved when Stokes scored. I bought the stream today and it was better than most. It did buffer a few times but that could've been something at my end. I quite liked that replays were shown soon after any incidents. I also think that they could improve the position of the camera to a slightly higher and central view especially when folk are paying the price they are. The commentary team were getting on for Clyde levels of bias at times. For example, they were saying our free kicks were being given for very little when they were clear fouls or they were talking about the handball rule after the penalty(although I wasn't listening intently at that point).
  17. Tbh, when I saw who was taking it, I cringed a bit. But, fair play to him, he scored.
  18. Yep. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1985_Rous_Cup
  19. I saw real trees for sale in Asda last Saturday. I had the same thought that they'll never last from now till Christmas.
  20. I'd prefer to avoid Poland but any of the rest will do. Then North Macedonia can knock out Sweden before coming to Hampden thinking they've done the hard bit and getting their arses handed to them. That's the dream anyway.
  21. Still buzzing. We started last night with three of our back five not being first choice. SOD is now second choice, Cooper has bided his time waiting for a chance and Souttar has had his injury problems but none of them looked like they shouldn't be there. When I saw the line up and Dykes was missing, I was a bit concerned for our chances but step forward Che Adams who was sublime. Even when we started tiring, the subs come on and fit in seamlessly to the set up. That is enormous credit to Stevie Clarke. The strength in depth we have is frightening. Some of the passages of play were fabulous. The intricate passing out of defence for the Adams/Robbo chance, Adams goal and the McGinn/Adams/Armstrong which was only prevented from going in by a great stop from Kjaer. Some What a time to be a Scotland fan. When the draw is made, I think our opponents will wince when they see thereselves up against us at Hampden.
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