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  1. I've heard from a very good source this evening that, while Gemmell is training with us, signing him isn't an option Farrell is looking at.
  2. My captain (Tom Smith) earlier and now my vc. Points please. Oh and rip.
  3. Annan were the last team to beat us in this division when they won 2-0 at the Rock on 21st March 2009. Can they do it again or will the Sons win the first three games in a season for the first time since 1959? Discuss.
  4. Exactly two years on and I did the same hills again. Great view from Beinn Ghlas but my Lawers curse struck again when the cloud came down when we were about twenty metres from the summit. Very, very windy up there today made it quite a tough walk. 4.5 hours to scale both summits but we made it back to the car in two hours. I'll sleep tonight.
  5. It was hard to pick out which team had ten men at times and Rovers can feel hard done by not to take anything but I'm now enjoying a beer and toasting our best start for 7(seven) years. Long may it continue.
  6. Nobody has filled the coaching position offered to Paddy Boyle yet so I would guess that's what Gemmell will be offered and only playing in an emergency situation.
  7. I heard a very funny joke about an anagram today. Laughed my ears off.
  8. That's a pity. Ach, you can keep it for your honesty.
  9. Why has he changed his name? Am I being too cynical to think it's for a sinister purpose?
  10. According to transfermrkt, he's now at Cowdenbeath.
  11. Someone looking to get back into the game. Well, Stevie Aitken and Jim Duffy were both at the game on Saturday [emoji85]
  12. In the last thirty years, only Carson (47.1%) and Fairley(44.1%) have a better win record than McCabe(42.1%). On the other side of the coin, his loss record (40.4%) has only been bettered by MacLeod (39.3%), Carson (32.4%) and Fairley (39.7%). Which shows how misleading stats can be at times. And that maybe we should be locating Tam Carson to bring him back.
  13. The only downside to that is having to live in Clydebank.
  14. Just tried and there's an interview with Darren Young and the goalcam from us. The Albion highlights have gone.
  15. Our first competitive visit to Cliftonhill since a 1-1 draw in April 2012. Sons will be hoping we can build on our opening day win against Stirling while Rovers will be looking for their first points of the season after a narrow defeat at Stenhousemuir. Discuss.
  16. He's the last of ten players who have scored a hat-trick on their debut. Eta it was in September 1999.
  17. Adam Frizzell scored twice on his debut against Forfar in October 2019.
  18. I think Kalvin might be on to plums. Even the Sons Archive has given it to Byrne and they usually take the bbc/sky as gospel.
  19. Happy tonight. We're now one third of the way to matching last year's home wins.
  20. I'm going for 3-1 Sons. Wallace to score a couple with Buchanan and Love adding to that. Thomson to score a brace in reply.
  21. First time I've watched for about 15 years and it's so bad, it's good. I suppose it was always like that anyway.
  22. My first one was akin to a library card. And like you say, it mattered not a jot.
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