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  1. Young arseholes have a tendency to become old arseholes.
  2. microdave


    It's clearly better with a crowd in to help ramp up the atmosphere and tension. Last night's deciding frame was superb but a crowd being there would've taken it to the next level. Only a fool thinks sport works better bcd. Looks like Murphy is heading home, possibly not even getting a mid session interval this morning.
  3. microdave


    I wasn't expecting him to take that blue on but what a pot even outwith the deciding frame circumstances. Of course, Lisowski gifted him 16 pts earlier on but McGill then returned some of them. That was a bizarre frame but excellent to watch.
  4. I went up Stob Dubh today. I'd expected it to be reasonably quiet given it's Monday but the car park was about 80% full when I arrived about 1000. I didn't pass too many folk on the way up but it was mobbed on the way down. It took me three hours to get home due the amount of traffic on the road when it should only take about half of that normally.
  5. microdave


    I liked how he gave the middle finger to the ball when he didn't get position on the black. And was then given a warning by the ref about it[emoji23]
  6. microdave


    I'd never noticed that about McManus but I'm watching just now and you're spot on about him not shutting up.
  7. The clubs in the three lower divisions voted to start in October and only play 27 games instead of 36. The main reason being that the clubs can't really afford to play behind closed doors as the matchday income is crucial to our survival. Hopefully we'll be allowed crowds of some sort by the time we get going.
  8. microdave


    I like him commentating. Much better than the binned Virgo or Dennis Taylor. If I had to pick my ideal commentary duo, it would be Stephen Hendry and Steve Davis. I enjoy their commentary but McManus is good too.
  9. France since it hasn't been mentioned. A bit like the time I went to Bute. I had approx 40 minutes in Rothesay on a Waverley trip.
  10. microdave


    Looks like Williams is going to knock McManus out. The plus side is we get angles in commentary for the rest of the tournament.
  11. League fixtures for the season. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=4508
  12. We've signed nine of last season's squad so far which is the highest since 2014 when 14 were signed up by the time the window closed.
  13. I was thinking about the Peterhead fan telling us a year ago that Ryan McGeever was hopeless because he scored an og whilst playing for the Blue Toon when he was a teenager.
  14. Us Dumbarton fans tend to apply the Jimmy Lister rule to new signings.
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