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  1. The disallowed one would've stood nowadays.
  2. I noticed a FB post yesterday with a link to a youtube page with highlights of a few games from years ago. Hearts away in the Premier season And my favourite one from that page, away to East Stirlingshire in the Scottish cup in 1991. Two rounds before Huntly handed us our arse at Boghead!
  3. If I was to pick the other five I'd go for Hibs v Rangers 2016 Rangers v Celtic 2002 Hearts v Rangers 1998 Aberdeen v Rangers 1982 And one without an ugly sister but most of those finals were pish.
  4. I'm now doing the same. That pass from Agnew for Dargo's first was sublime. The strip is honking.
  5. I think Jan Vojacek uploaded both full games to YouTube a few years ago.
  6. I thought Covid19 had got her for a minute instead of Gerry and Kate.
  7. I missed the Airdrie game so watched it on the telly instead. I welled up a wee bit when they showed fans doing the conga round the stand. It was only at that moment that I realised there were a lot of fans who had never seen us play in the second tier. Moments like that are why you support a football team.
  8. I made a fort out of all the spare toilet rolls I have in the shed!
  9. Administrators have to cut costs to ensure a business has the best chance of survival in the shirt term and then put forward a cva to creditors. If the creditors accept the cva, then I assume the business carries on with the same owners. If the cva is rejected, then the business will be liquidated with a liquidator selling any assets in order to pay the creditors what they are owed. That's my (possibly naive) understanding of how these things work. And I can't see how it would work in favour of Brabco unless they actually do have a horde of money to, for example, buy the land in order to sell it for housing. Happy to be corrected if I'm wrong in my understanding of this.
  10. On reflection, it's best to stay at home. As the pic says, they'll still be there next year.
  11. Are we still allowed to go hillwalking? If so, then I might get my hiking boots back on next weekend.
  12. The teams from that era would hammer teams from the 1920's just as much as today's teams would hammer the 1970's lot. Basic evolution of football.
  13. Mati Zata has left by mutual consent. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=4344
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