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  1. The injuries are obviously affecting things but we've only had them for the last three matches. We've played another eight games in 2023 and picked up 13 points from a possible 24. That's play off form and that's probably the main reason we're no longer top of the league. Eta I don't think it's over. We still have a chance of winning the title because I don't think Stirling are going to coast it.
  2. In the defeat to East Fife, we had 8 subs. The following week when we lost to Elgin, we had 9 subs. We had no injuries apart from long term John Gemmell for those games so they were just poor results/performances not caused by those missing.
  3. That's what happens when you don't take your chances. The finishing was god awful tonight.
  4. That'll be quite the summer for oor Aaron. Winning the Euros and moving to Man City.
  5. As far as can see, there hasn't been a game at the Rock since the Albion Rovers game which should help. If there is a need for an inspection, hopefully it'll be reasonably early.
  6. Aye, they were superb last night. Brilliant to see Brit on the drums with all his current health issues. A great way to spend a Monday evening.
  7. We were top for quite a while in 91/92. Iirc, we were 5 points clear (2 pts for a win) when Huntly knocked us out the cup on the last Saturday in January. We had a poor February and March where we only won 10 pts from 10 games before putting in a good return and returning to the summit and staying there. Eta, I've no idea how old you are, so you might not have been around to witness us being top of the league for a prolonged period.
  8. If you go to Murrayfield, you just end up in a long queue at Haymarket with no other train station nearby. As someone pointed out, there are six stations within walking distance of Hampden. I always go to King's Park and I have never had to queue to get into the station and always get a seat on the train too. I've been doing that ever since the Iwelumo game in 2008.
  9. Last Saturday I said we'd get a reaction from the players and it seems we got it. I've no idea why Faz is going down this route unless it's a siege mentality thing against our own support.
  10. Aye, his overall performance was great. I was just wondering if his crossing was as poor with Liverpool in a ratio sense. As I said, I don't watch Liverpool games.
  11. I'm very grateful that McGinn made it but Salah wouldn't have a chance if the ball goes out for a throw in.
  12. I regularly see clips of Andy Robertson whipping in superb crosses for Liverpool but I never actually watch their games. I thought his crosses were poor today. So my question is, does he have a poor cross ratio in the epl?
  13. I reckon it's the same demographic of people who drive like arseholes. They're trying to get the frustrations of their life out. It's actually pretty sad for them.
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