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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed that day. Both sets of supporters in party mood and then the poty do that night when Ian Murray made the speech in Boghead Ranter's signature on here. I'm not sure what I'd have thought if someone had told me that day that our next match would be in league one behind closed doors in the middle of a pandemic but here we are.
  2. He's also the patron Saint of gout so it's a double celebration for me!
  3. No shame for EK losing as Bonnyrigg are championship standard tbf.
  4. That makes the car take a screenshot.
  5. My boss informed two of us that we had to do an information security online course yesterday that was three weeks late (the fault of the boss) and asked us to to it asap. I had logged in and completed it in twenty minutes within half an hour of being told about it. The other woman took until 1230 today before she got round to it. Cue her going to the wrong site and having to get me to forward her the link. Then she's sitting there looking through a notebook to find the right password which is what the course (and common sense) expressly tells us not to do. She was still floundering with trying to log in when I went for my lunch half an hour after starting. I was shaking my head and chuckling about how a grown woman can be so fucking useless. My poor boss was looking a bit exasparated and I'm looking forward to hearing his reaction when I next see him on Friday. I have no idea how this woman can function in life.
  6. It's such a shame that what could've been a real boost for the economy in a rural area is attracting tight wad arseholes behaving like that. I did it in June 2017 when the marketing of it was still fairly new and had a fantastic time. I'd love to do it again but not so sure if I want to now.
  7. Genuine question. How does the NC500 not put money into the local economy? I'd have thought folk would stay in local accomodation and eat out while they're there. That's certainly what I did.
  8. Beano and Dandy for me too. I was even a member of the Dennis the menace fan club. Still get the Oor Wullie or Broons for Christmas every year at the age of 45 and still love it. Eta, I moved on to one called United about a fitba team called, er, United. Managed by Joe Pearson and had star players called Josh Tee and Kevin Nicklish. I also went through a spell of getting the action type comics but they were about fitba.
  9. When everyone knows that windows down, heating up is the solution.
  10. What if you'd had an accident in your car? What if you'd slipped and broken your leg on your walk? Your chances of passing on the virus were probably low but they certainly weren't zero. The only way yuur chances would've been zero is by staying in the house. And you said that you're a key worker so I'm flabbergasted that you didn't know the rules that have been well publicised for quite some time now. I'd love to get out for a walk on the hills today but I'm not burying my head in the sand and thinking the rules don't apply to me!
  11. I had no idea that the BetFred cup continues after the group stage. Falkirk game rescheduled for next Tuesday at 1900.
  12. If we play one warm up friendly before the tournament, then we could equal the record by winning the final!!
  13. Yup. And the last time we did 11 was in a run of 22 unbeaten from 1879 to 1888 which is our record. I doubt we'll get near that but I'm more than happy to be wrong on that count.
  14. And one Serbian in an otherwise empty stand with his head in his hands. Fill yer boots. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotland_national_football_team_1960–79_results#Results
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