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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    We played them last year at this stage and they were the worst timewasting team I've ever had the misfortune to watch. But on the bright side, we won eventually. I only came to this thread to tell you that Froxy loves a winning goal against welsh teams!
  2. The Sons 2018/19

    The only thing that stops it being North Korea-esque is our goals!
  3. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    Runrig gates open at 1500 with the gig starting at 1730. Anyone coming to the game will likely be travelling in the opposite direction to most traffic. Although actually travelling through Stirling will be slow I'd imagine.
  4. Alloa v Stirling

    £17 for the first round is scandalous. Last season's final was £15!
  5. Blast From The Past!

    We had one when I was growing up, so no dishwasher back then unfortunately.
  6. Blast From The Past!

    Those cheese graters were an absolute b*****d to clean.
  7. League 1 - Golden Boot

    I'll gladly drive you there!
  8. The Sons 2018/19

    Correct although the score was 2-1 with John Dillon scoring our other goal. Jim's book has the results up to the end of the previous season.
  9. League 1 - Golden Boot

    I've got a fiver on Calum Gallagher at 14/1. #deadcert
  10. The Sons 2018/19

    He'll be into the top ten in 11 games from now, which will be sometime in October depending on how we get on in the Challenge cup.
  11. Most Iconic Concert of All Time(single band)

    You've never mentioned that to me[emoji23]
  12. The Sons 2018/19

    I think I've missed the successful Scotland teams of the last twenty years.
  13. The Sons 2018/19

    I'm also worried about the size of the squad. 17 players is not enough for when injuries and suspensions hit us. Perry went off injured today and we had a right back on the bench but brought on Andy Little. I know he can play anywhere but what happens next week if he has to start at right back but has to change position to cover if someone else gets injured. We've got no depth to the squad and that lies at Stevie Aitken's door. Hopefully we have a wee bit of budget left to add a few more.