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  1. I've heard rumours of exploding washing machines from that day too[emoji23]
  2. Lucky you. I was at the lagoon centre in Paisley watching my niece in her gymnastics display.
  3. Pat Bonner thinks that his team should get their new ceo starting immediately without the faintest idea that he has a notice period to work in his current job. I would say I'm surprised at his lack of knowledge about how the real world works but that would be a lie. Fud.
  4. It's taken a week but the Mars Perseverance buggy has found the ball from the penalty Kevin Nisbet took for us!
  5. The BetFred cup will be played to a finish this weekend so Morrison will have scored for Falkirk and Dabrowski will have played for us. Unfortunately, just not as often as our memories may tell us.
  6. I tend to smile at people when I pass them at work or in a supermarket. And each time I realise it's completely pointless as they can't see me doing it.
  7. I think the Scottish cup won't be played this season. L1 and L2 aren't going to be playing for at least another month (if at all) and that won't leave enough time to fit the cup fixtures in. It's a pity but that's where we're at.
  8. Aye but their life expectancy was much shorter.
  9. I lost a coupon that day because we won. All the other scores were in by half time in our game and I was only waiting on Killie to beat us. A good lesson learned by 18 year old me that day.
  10. And considering they've got their house up for sale, they could do with weeding the driveway.
  11. It took me ages to think of the actor who played Templeton Peck in the A team. It was Dirk Benedict. It's good to put a name to the Face!
  12. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Association_football_clubs_established_in_1872 Le Havre could be a shout but it'll probably be a friendly against the Vale!
  13. Yep. Although our stay in the championship lasted five years longer than I initially expected. We had our time in the sun and now we're back in winter until Aslan turns up again. Hopefully that'll be in my lifetime.
  14. I think it was still September when we signed DT but he made his debut in October. Eta It was 30th September. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=3800
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