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  1. This is like 2015 all over again. I'm going to be so disappointed when the SNP don't win a seat. I'm even scared to go to the toilet in case I miss something.
  2. West Dunbartonshire. Voted SNP in 2011. Voted yes in 2014. Voted SNP in 2015 Voted SNP in 2016. Voted SNP in 2017. Voted SNP in 2019. We're good guys here![emoji41]
  3. I was asked in 2015 and they explained that they ask every second person as folk tend to turn up in pairs. Obviously not everyone will want to take part but I'd assume the sample will be bigger than 150 per polling station.
  4. I've hated the number 55 for the last five years but I might grow to love it if this happens.
  5. Don't forget to vote today. The poll for best game in 2011 is now open on Twitter.
  6. The Horseshoe bar in Bowling in January 1993. It was dry blackthorn cider and cost £1.34.
  7. Not from our point of view. Unfortunately Sons tv had to stop filming due to personal circumstances. So, no highlights unless Montrose were filming and I didn't notice a camera at the game.
  8. I bought a few in Sainsbury's on Wednesday and decided that I'd keep one for my brother who lives in England. He then asked me to get him a case and transferred the money only for me to go back last night to an Irn Bru-less supermarket. I'm sure I'll manage to get it somewhere.
  9. In my experience, a manager making a point to an individual in a group setting won't work. The person it's aimed at will likely think it doesn't apply to them and carry on as before. And the manager can't be sure that they'll be listening and taking the information on board.
  10. Shit. I didn't necessarily mean your mother but I didn't word it very well. I really meant people kicking their own mothers.
  11. Are we allowed to kick your mother in the pie?
  12. The sun coming out from behind a cloud is enough to start me sneezing. We have a loud sneezer at work. However, if someone says "bless you" to her after the first one, she stops. If it isn't forthcoming then a second arrives about five seconds later. I think she's at it tbh.
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