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  1. The only Queen I'll be celebrating that day will be performing at the Hydro in the evening.
  2. I think he chucked it when the brilliant Cumbernauld tweet was deleted because one person complained about it.
  3. It's good and a better effort than I could do but I don't think our poet in residence has anything to worry about.
  4. It breaks my heart that I'm feeling like this. I keep feeling like I'm going to cave in and buy one. I'm determined not to though. I've actually been giving it some thought and I'll probably buy a half season ticket at Christmas time. I think the season will go one of three ways. We'll be absolute guff and Farrell will be gone by October, we'll be brilliant and scooshing it by December (and I'll be wiping egg from my face) or we'll be mid table mediocrity. Only the latter would see me continue without a st. I will still go to the games when the season starts but only as a patg fan. I'm not paying upfront while he's still in charge.
  5. I got a letter through the post today from the club trying to sell me a st along with flyers about the lottery and a young Sons application form. All in the bin.
  6. That's a fair point. However, having known her for over a decade, it's probably selfishness on her part. I wouldn't be letting her know my feelings about it in any case. I'll just moan about her to other people and on here. That's how I get it off my chest.
  7. My company has three employees in our office. Just me, my boss and a woman. In March 2020, just before lockdown, my boss told us that we weren't both required in the office at the same time to try to minimise us spreading the virus. We then basically started a job share where I'd only be in every second working day. My boss would cover the absent person's work and also lopped 2.5 hours off our working day so we didn't need to travel during the rush hour. And all on full pay too. This continued until about July when some restrictions were lifted and we went back to five days a week but still on the reduced daily hours and that remained the case until the end of the year. At the beginning of last year, we went back to the job share conditions with my boss also taking a day off. E.g. this week I was off on Monday, Tuesday while the woman was in with our boss and I was in Wednesday, Thursday with him and today with her while the boss is off. That's the background. On Wednesday, my boss told me that it's coming to an end and we're back to 9-5, Monday to Friday from 30th May. Fair enough thinks me as it was never going to last forever and we've had a very generous crack of the whip for over two years. Not so with my colleague who was in actual tears over having to work her contracted hours. Greeting about having to look up a bus timetable to find out when to get one. She's the most self entitled arsehole I think I've ever had the misfortune to meet.
  8. I once had a deerstalker hat but I stopped wearing it after it caused a terrible accident. I had the flaps over my ears when someone asked me if I wanted a pint and didn't hear them.
  9. Wouldn't it be nice to have a better team next season.
  10. I was thinking about that with the bins too. I was fearing that the double figures scorer was Goodwillie. Yep. Copped a five match ban.
  11. I think we did and that's why he was on an amateur contract. I could be misremembering though. I'd also like Annan to have some glory some day for the reasons bbpf mentioned.
  12. That almost makes our relegation worthwhile. Almost. Well done Edinburgh and good luck in L1 next season and beyond.
  13. I could but I won't. And I've held a (fitba) grudge over Uruguay since 1986. Four years is small beer.
  14. I hope Arbroath win. Hopefully with a 93rd minute winner. See how Inverness fucking like it.
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