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  1. Surely the delegates are seeing common sense with the medals in a carrier bag fiasco that Robertson is not capable of being in the post. I’ve spoken to him once and he is rude and not the kind of person who should be in the position to deal with club secretaries. The presentation of cups and medals to cup and league winners is not professional and has been like that for years with medals not being presented and now the carrier bag story. To even suggest any action to the boy Shankland just shows you how niave and petty the man is but if the presentation and delivery of the medals had been done correctly then we wouldn’t be debating this. So to all the elected delegates of the West Region stand up and do the right thing and get rid of Robertson who giving the West Region unnecessary publicity.
  2. I praised Kenny Young for his refreshing input regarding games but the comments are meant to be for all the nominated delegates which Kenny is one and not a criticism to him alone. If I was in his position as a delegate along with the other delegates I would be annoyed that this happened and to reach the newspapers makes them look rather silly. He will obviously read this and understand it is not acceptable to deliver the medals in a carrier bag and privately he will make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  3. The elected delegates of the West Region should hang their heads in shame with the shambolic treatment of the way the Talbot received their medals in a carrier bag. Whoever made this decision to do this have never been involved as a player in football as winning your league as a player is to be remembered and this isn’t the first time this has happened.When Girvan Juniors won the league 2 seasons ago one of their players who was signing for them the next season picked up the medals at a cup final and players were given the medals later. Kenny Young is on this site regularly posting information about games which is refreshing but I would suggest he should concentrate on learning from this fiasco and educating his fellow elected delegates.
  4. I’m a follower of junior football and would like congratulate Auchineck Talbot on their achievements in the Scottish Cup this year. They have raised the profile of junior football in the central belt of Scotland especially after their victory over Ayr United and I myself offer my congratulations to all the players, committee members and the coaching staff of the club for their efforts. Also I was saddened to hear the news of Jim Carson’s death formerly the Chairman of Cumnock Juniors today.The supporters of Ayrshire juniors will remember him as a man who put a tremendous amount of time and dedication to the club he loved.
  5. Obviously it takes a while to sink in to the individuals in this post and as stated earlier Stevie McCreadie has been offered the job. Obsession on here seems to be case in who I am but I have no attachment to Girvan Juniors. I work with a guy who’s son has been approached by Stevie McCreadie to sign for them. Sorry to disappoint some of you but I’m not Lawrie, Stevie or Lino whoever he is.
  6. No your only classed as being sacked if you want the job. Lawrie didn’t want the job and intimated that long before end of the season. Stevie McCreadie was offered the job 3 weeks ago when assisting Lawrie at the club and before you all jump to conclusions anybody who knows Stevie will know he wouldn’t get involved with that kind of situation. And I’m not Stevie McCreadie before you suggest that one.
  7. Ask the question about Lawrie Dinwoodie and you’ll get told the same as I’ve quoted earlier that he was always going to finish at the end of the season. You suggested he was sacked when it was always the case he was helping out until the end of the season and I’m not Lawrie as you suggest. Stevie McCreadie was offered the job about 3 weeks ago.
  8. My information is that Lawrie Dinwoodie was only in charge and this was his decision until the end of the season which was common knowledge. Stevie McCreadie who has been assisting him has been offered the job for next season. So it’s not a sacking.
  9. Amateur players can play any game throughout the season as a trialist with a junior club as long as they receive permission from the club the player is registered with except cup games. The West region will need to change the rules for the play offs to make them cup games or this will happen every season. That aside Jimmy Kirkwood hasn’t broken any rules and usually at this time of the season junior clubs are struggling through injuries and suspensions to field a team but that doesn’t seem to be case with these games. It is wrong that he can do a stunt like this and use money to get these players to play in such important games so unfortunately Troon Juniors as a club have lost a lot of respect which is disappointing. Kirkwood and Redmond should be ashamed of this manoeuvre and only have gave Troon Juniors a bad name
  10. Seems a strange statement with digs at being shafted by others. Can you remember when Paddy was a player at Lugar he was suspended from the team and banned from entering the football park.
  11. Nothing on Girvan Twitter page as yet but Paddy is no longer the manager at Girvan. Believe he had been sacked.
  12. T T you want to support Grierson but my words are still the same, he won’t get picked by another team because as stated he sniffs around for jobs. He has done it for years as he left Muirkirk and was not long at Saltcoats before he jumped ship and he went for the Whittlets job without any thought to Saltcoats. He was in for the Whitletts job when Neil Duffy got the manager’s job and denied he applied for it and spoke to your club.Come back in a year and judge him them but look at his past record and it’s not good reading. Whitletts deserve more than him as he’ll use them for a bigger job and your words were they are impressed by him so far but as I said earlier he talks a good game. I heaped praise on Whitletts as a good club both on and off the park but Grierson is not the right fit.
  13. Whitletts Vics have the potential to be in a higher league than the District league with their finances if they can get the right manager/coach in place to take the club forward. The committee do a tremendous job in fund raising and being professional in their approach to the junior game. That’s the postive’s with the club but they have made a huge mistake with their appointment of Grierson as manager as he has not got the credentials to take the club forward. Look at his past history with clubs and I can understand the committee being impressed with him as he talks a good game. He is always looking at other jobs when he is in a manager’s position with a club,and denies he applied for the job but has spoken to people within that club so why would you want to have a coach that isn’t fully committed to the club. Whitletts should have took their time to get the right manager in and get the club back up the league but looks like they have made a huge mistake with this appointment.
  14. Sadly Jim Gilmour from Kilmarnock has passed away recently with his funeral being held this Friday. Ex Ayr United and St Mirren goalkeeper with stints in the juniors with Cumnock,Auchinleck Talbot and Kello Rovers and gave his all to these junior clubs. He started his management in the Juniors with Kello Rovers and then had a successful stint as Whitletts Vics manager and took them to the Scottish junior cup quarter final and eventually lost the replay against Blantyre Vics who went on to win the Scottish that season. A gentleman who put everything into his profession as a player and a manager with his enthusiasm for the game second to none.
  15. There is an article today in the Cumnock Chronicle about the return of George Grierson as manager of Muirkirk. He says that some "minor issues" have been dealt with. He goes on to dismiss the rumours about he never got a pre-match meal for the Girvan cup game as bizzare.He then also states he never applied for the Whitletts job but on this site when the rumours were going that he was in for the Whitletts job,it was stated that the club knew he went for an interview for the job and George Grierson was up front with the club about this. Unknown if he applied for the job but he was interviewed for the job so this might be one of the reasons that people come on here to question his integrity at times. So it looks like he's playing with words in "I never applied for the Whitletts job" but he was interviewed and probably it might suit him better to get into politics rather than be involved in football.
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