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  1. Gartcairn have placed 3 players on the transfer list, Johnny Grier GK Paul Brennan Striker Danny Burns Winger/striker Please contact Craig on 07949054206 if interested.
  2. not really much point putting signings on here as everyone is to busy arguing. Gartcairns will be on twitter or Facebook if anyone cares
  3. Yes he is and Partick Thistle last season STEVENSAUNDERS.mp4
  4. Gartcairn will finally be able to host clubs in style this season, Jumping through all sort of hoops with the council we have finally been able to put down a brand new surface, new fixed goals (Ladeside will be delighted to hear) corner flags, 2 brand new dugouts and 200 seats over 3 stands, we also have floodlights. The club are now (with planning permission still to be confirmed) upgrading both home and away changing areas and having a hospitality area for all visiting clubs. We have also heavily invested in thermal imaging cameras to help protect all players, staff and visitors at MTC Park. We look forward to hosting you all!
  5. local company are making the stands so dont have any pics im afraid
  6. Pitch will be re laid by September and stands are ordered while dug out are built along with upgraded changing rooms however we cant install any of this for obvious reasons, well obvious to most. Gary Harkins is a superb signing on and off the park and im sure will prove any doubters wrong
  7. St Rochs 1 v 1 Gartcairn Unlucky not to have taken all 3 points as were were excellent today. The Rock came back in the second half but all in all a great game to watch
  8. Jamie Leslie is still with us and we have had 5 of the inter 21s in the squads this season. Usually get between 50 to 100 at home games but because we have no cover we believe this is the reason. hopefully next season that will all change.
  9. Would like to thank Jamie and his team for all they have done for our club and wish them all the very best going forward. everyone is entitled to their opinion lads, we are all big boys and girls but what a will say in regards to our club is that we have the right to decide it’s future. We may get it wrong sometimes but don’t we all. This is our 5th season and we believe we are doing well with back to back promotions and a title win included. Some people don’t agree with things that other clubs do and this site is a place to let these people have their say. We have no issue with this even when people don’t have the facts but still voice opinions. Cheers All
  10. When the ball is played he is 2 yards onside for me. The Lino said at the time that our player impeded the keeper then changed it back to offside. Defo thought we were the better team and deserved to go through.
  11. Doc was superb today, not much to do as Kilbirnie never really threatened but dealt with anything he had to do very well. our 21s have several excellent players so looking forward to seeing some more.
  12. Delighted to have beaten Kilbirnie for the second season in a row. In my opinion it was well deserved against a very good team.
  13. Cairn 0 v 0 Kilbirnie HT cairn has a goal disallowed softly kilbirnie complained about the park, the goals and the music so far but soup is good!
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