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  1. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Of course i dont know but going by the size of some clubs id imagine id be correct.
  2. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    Just read back through a few pages about the new manager and budgets etc. Why is it seen as a negative that clubs like Darvel are spending big on and off the park. Im sure they had a good budget this season but looks like they wont be promoted. Surely they should be congratulated in growing their club and bringing in a good management team. The colville Park lads know how to win but to win at this level im sure is very different but i wish them all the very best. Gartcairn although new to Junior football should be in the championship next season and we will be there by using half the budget that some other teams in league 1 will have used. Budget means you can offer more money but will not guarantee top players will come to a certain area, division or play for certain managers so success is never a given. Good luck to all involved
  3. Todays scores 23/2

    Maybole 1 v 2 Gartcairn HT
  4. Todays scores 16/2

    Cairn 1 v 1 East Kilbride massive 2 points dropped
  5. Todays scores 16/2

    Cairn 0 v 0 East Kilbride Thistle. HT
  6. Revised Fixture List 9th Feb 2019

    Fantastic mate
  7. Todays scores 24/1

    Cairn 2 0 bellshill
  8. Todays scores 19/1

    Well done Talbot 1 v 0 v Ayr
  9. Gartcairn New Facilities work underway

    We will be staying as we are for the rest of this season. It will be covered standing on one side but the other will be open.
  10. Gartcairn New Facilities work underway

    Looking forward to the new surface as well!
  11. Todays Scores 5/1

    4 v 4
  12. Todays Scores 5/1

    Cairn 4 v3 Wishaw
  13. Todays Scores 5/1

    3 v 3
  14. Todays Scores 5/1

    Cairn 2 v 3 Wishaw HT
  15. Todays Scores 5/1

    Cairn 2 v 2 wishaw frantic 5 minutes