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  1. Good players can do a job wherever they play in the team , Gareth missing in senior Scottish was crucial imo
  2. Apparently we’re leaking goals all over the place and don’t hold any fear anymore for a team not far away from beechwood so I read on another thread but it’s all about opinions n I agree with the last posters on here might be a bit off it just now but that’s how you win leagues maybe when we pick up again the fear will return am off to check the stats on the goals being leaked.
  3. That big a game now if it is on I won’t be going , been watching these Derby’s for 40 years but lack of Cumnock support n the fact that they haven’t been challenging to win the league means it’s no longer a big game imo,add in midweek in February as well and it’s a no brainer at a plastic council pitch with no atmosphere beith , pollok, and glens all worth paying the money to watch not Cumnock anymore.
  4. Quite right too dan had a right go in both of those ties n I for one was glad your number 10 took over in Goal today as I thought he had a great game in the Scottish tie , play this way in every game n no one will take rossvale for granted really impressed me
  5. lol well worked goal obviously meant apart from goal dan n Shankland isn’t going to change linos mind at half time looked well onside n lads I spoke to after game said brilliant save made by outfield player was well over line , I was at opposite side, as said earlier thought rossvale played well since gormz went there have played exceptional best of luck for rest of season
  6. Oh n Shankland was saying to Lino on way off pitch at halftime no way was I offside at my goal n from where I was I agreed
  7. Refereee was shocking today as seems to be the norm now (am saying that having won the last few games where have left game talking about ref rather than game) let the game go n only blow when you have a major decision to make not nearly every 50/50 challenge n header ,we go to see a game not you ,talbot better team today 11v11 red cards only 1 was arguable but reads like a kicking match when that wasn’t the case ,rossvale worked like trojans n I wouldn’t have grudged them a point even if they scored from the best n only real chance they made( looping header in last few minutes apart )superior numbers told in the end credit to rossvale but well done talbot.
  8. That is the highlights imo the worst we have played at home all season but got through it and that’s what great teams do win when they don’t play well
  9. Remember a conversation last season when a fan said to me we need a new keeper he’s not good enough I asked who was better in the juniors to be told Longmuir of pollok I told him at the time that big mans saves are forgotten when he makes a very rare mistake , it’s saves like that today that should make that fan hang his head , you know who you are!
  10. Aidan has done really well since coming in popes crossing and goal threat edged him in front but as said earlier think there could be some rotation n tucker looks like he’s found a good one yet again.
  11. Bit of both imo some of his saves bread n butter some excellent ,for me the top corner bound og save was his best.
  12. The lad Samson did well today , hat trick for an amateur [emoji6]
  13. You didn’t imagine it ,but it wasn’t last season can’t remember exactly when.some people call themselves fans cause they can’t call themselves supporters we’re lucky to have tucker second to none in the junior game imho.
  14. Ha! Looks like we get no credit when tucker gets his tactics spot on , be organised work hard let the better team have the ball take your chance when it comes . Have followed football long enough to recognise tactics when it comes off you usually get a bit of credit like Celtic v Barcelona under Lennon 1st time but obviously the cove reporter thinks you should open up and go head to head with a team ranked higher by experts / bookies etc football at every level is about taking your chances , as posted earlier cove will probably be the best football playing team to appear at beechwood this season but were limited to a few half chances which they didn’t take , that’s football we’ve all been there #eeka peeka
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