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  1. It's quite a big mess he's got to sort. Even if we are relegated, i hope and think he'd get more time. He needs to gut the squad in the summer. January is always a bump to sign players. He'll only be able to bring a few in
  2. Had your team to not sing songs about killing Catholics but here we are....
  3. Uch, that's always gonna happen. I just think their plan is more viable for us. We've always been a feeder club anyway.
  4. Commiserations yesterday in the Scottish. I was just wanting to know what the facilities are like up in Culter? Do they have a clubhouse n that? And what's their team like?
  5. I agee. How would our meagre fanbase be able to fund us in anyway going forward? I've always been with the consortium. I spoke to Barnsley fans n they like the owners. Say they like to sign young players with potential.
  6. I've seen Highland league games at Buckie Thistle. They were champions that year. I reckon Talbot would do them. I'm gonna back Talbot.
  7. You have to pick a treble, but you can take two postponements as your games
  8. N you're making a drama out of them making a drama. This is your second post about them. Hypocrite much?
  9. I was being ironic because that's a line the imbeciles recycle on a thread like this
  10. Why don't they just have it in a clubhouse after the games?
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