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  1. What's your point here? Feel sorry for the current multi millionaire fishermen because their great grandads were less well off. Having grown up in the north east I know skippers to be selfish, greedy, religious Tory p***ks. They don't give a damn about anyone or anything other than themselves.
  2. I'll miss being able to tell people to keep 2metres away. I've no doubt we'll soon be back to people invading my personal space again. People are ars*holes
  3. Has he been watching Peter Dinklage in game of thrones? ETA: Beaten to it by granny danger.
  4. Looking forward to game management mode around 65mins. Logan on for Wright, ojo for hedges etc
  5. You would compound your misery by paying 8 quid for a beer in a bar full of pretentious p***ks?
  6. Logan comes across as a right twat. Bragging about ' living the dream'. He's a sub for aberdeen with a small plumbing business. I used to like Logan but the club could do with getting rid of this muppet.
  7. You surely don't want to get rid of Tomas cerny? He's about the best back up keeper you could ask for, and one of the best keepers we've had at the club in the last couple of decades. I'd love to see Leigh, Edmundson, Hoban and Watkins all sign extensions though and I agree about Campbell going out on loan, sitting in the stand will do him no good.
  8. Do it! My lifetime SNP supporting and voting mate gets a lift from his local Tory branch every election. He takes great delight in the tories chauffering him around to vote for someone else.
  9. Couldn't agree more. It's been just over a year for me and I feel much better for it. I'd recommend it to anyone.
  10. How can you walk past tomatoes if there were no tomatoes?
  11. Incredible, 6 percent of the vote from fewer than 10 percent of the electorate is ridiculous. Can't believe the lib dems are struggling under the charismatic leadership of ed and Willie.
  12. PEAK NAT HAS PASSED! Scot Labour back in their rightful place in holyrood.
  13. Delighted with Hoban signing an extension. Ideally he'll sign another extension in the coming months probably with an agreement that if a club comes in for him that he wants to move to we won't stand in his way. He's a cracking defender and hopefully he remains fit. Such a calming influence and really good at bringing the ball out of defence.
  14. Dougie in the evening Express yesterday. He sings whole again by atomic kitten at karaoke and listens to it on repeat in the car as it's world leading(that's an actual quote). He also loves cutting his grass and puts pictures of his cut grass on Facebook, Jackson Carlaw ribs him for it tho HA HA HA HA. This was accompanied by a beaming Ruth Davidson showing just how fun and loveable those Tories really are.
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