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  1. It won't make any difference as we won't be allowed to have indyref2. They let us have it last time because they were sure they would win. The more it looks likely a yes vote will win the more hardened position the Tory party will take. It's not happening lads.
  2. Delighted with Logan extending. He was in premiership team of the season 2 or 3 years running before his injuries and loss of form. Not keen on Ash Taylor coming back, makes lots of mistakes and his distribution is awful. Midfield is where we are seriously lacking though and I hope we are looking at a higher level to fill those spots.
  3. Not at all, we're all one big happy family.
  4. no chance. water, renewables and the general sense of power over us means we won't ever be allowed to leave.
  5. Being out of the EU will most certainly be economically damaging but will we actually leave? if we don't will there still be indyref2 ? I don't see much has changed from the FM'S statement today. her hands are tied until Westminster sort their shit out.
  6. Your team won mate. go and have a beer or something.
  7. He's a smashing player, I wish we had more like him. He may well end up at mordor but I think he can make it at a higher level. Anyway, hard to see us getting back into this. Lumping it to Cosgrove isn't really working. I can see it being 3 or 4 now.
  8. This is why Westminster are determined not to give holyrood too much power. They're terrified of being shown up.
  9. The scenes would be great...for a while. UK government and unionists would say that it's proof Scotland has a say in the union though.
  10. Your comment was that democracy is Scotland getting what it's people voted for. We are currently not getting that, wouldn't you agree?
  11. so to remain in the EU then...
  12. Ryan jack pretending to be a hard man again. Hibs have been honking and should be 2 or 3 down.
  13. I've a bad feeling McInnes will set up ultra defensively. I just hope he doesn't go 3 at the back but I think he will to get added height in the team. Not confident at all, 3 1 rangers.
  14. We haven't had someone in the middle of the park comfortable on the ball since Jack and McLean left. That's why Gleeson was signed but is never used. We tend go just end up launching it long to cosgrove and playing off 2nd balls. It's what we did when calderwood was here with Lee Miller. Brutal to watch.
  15. Just had a quick look at the bench to see who could be brought on to change the game/score goals. Stevie May...3 points for the accies then.
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