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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-51106796 UK government reject 'Sturgeons demand'. Is it Sturgeons demand or is it a request for basic democracy as voted for in numerous elections by Scottish voters?
  2. What options are there though? They won't hold an unofficial referendum as it would never be recognised. The only other route I can see is a legal one and that's not guaranteed and would take a long time. Like it or not the UK government can just keep saying 'you had your referendum, respect it and get on with the dayjob'.
  3. Presenter of Canadian long lost family TV series after undergoing his own journey to find his father.
  4. Bill Clinton Ruth Davidson Alex Salmond David Mundell Piers Morgan Yaxley Lennon Neil Lennon Nigel Dodds The wings over Scotland guy
  5. There was no domination, the game could have went either way. It was a poor game of football all round really and a draw would probably have been a fair result. Delighted for Bruce Anderson, shame he'll still be on the bench for the hearts game. Would like to have seen Wilson as regardless of the question, Main isn't the answer.
  6. I work down in England a fair bit and this is fairly common. Along with 'you had your vote' and 'you couldn't manage on your own'. I avoid talking about politics but nevertheless they're quite keen on making sure I'm informed of their opinion.
  7. But he runs around a lot and tracks back so Derek loves him. We are absolute mince.
  8. Jesus that team. The plan will no doubt be hoof it to Cosgrove and hope to gain free kicks/corners as that team is a fair size.
  9. An old mate of mine used to always get his own drink on nights out. Everyone else would get rounds and he would go to the bar on his own because he worked out he would be a few quid better off by the end of the night as his drink of choice was 20 odd pence cheaper. He was still doing ithis in his late 20s and may still be doing it now.
  10. Banff and Buchan: 2 SNP and 3 Tory. Nothing from Lib Dems or Labour. I've also seen a few 'vote conservative to stop Indy ref 2' signs in farmers fields. It'll be close but I think the Tories will hold on to Banff and Buchan.
  11. Complete capitulation, 0 - 4. I'll be in Aberdeen this week but no chance I'm going to watch this.
  12. Smashed it in the election debate. Very impressed with Adam Price also.
  13. I visited Guatemala a few years ago. Antigua, Lake atitlan and semi champey are incredible. Guatemala city itself was busy, run down and polluted though. I would recommend it, the Mayan temples are something else too.
  14. That was awful. I thought Corbyn won it but it wont make a difference to the election result. Enjoyed people openly laughing at Johnson but in general the audience was terrible. Would have been better with Sturgeon there.
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