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  1. which is exactly why he should go out on loan again. getting 5 or 10 mins at the end if games when we need a goal isn't doing him any favours. He's 21, he needs to be playing regular first team football if he's going to improve.
  2. He really needs to go out on loan again. There's no point in him sitting on our bench all season and getting the odd 5 mins here and there. I think he's been quite harshly treated tbh and deserves more game time.
  3. Yep, Patrick harvie brought it up during an angry live debate on TV during the indyref campaigns. Galloway was raging, 'How dare you Sir, how dare you? Etc etc.
  4. I've got work in the morning but I'm gonna try and get up for it. This is the best card theres been for a long time. I've put money on masvidal but more out of hope than expectation. Good luck paying it out with the cans!
  5. what time does the main card start?
  6. moneysavingexpert usually has the latest deals. I use that site for loads of stuff.
  7. McGinn up front hopefully, although mcinnes likes a target man so it'll more then likely be Main.
  8. I agree especially when masvidal has taken the fight at such short notice. I don't think McGregor is coming back at all, he knows he can't beat khabib and usman/masvidal would finish him I reckon.
  9. Obviously players can play different positions, it's just nonsensical to play 5 players whose most comfortable positions are in the centre. You could play a 4 3 3 and get 3 in but playing all 5 makes the team far too narrow. Just saying that Robertson would give us width isn't enough. Would you leave out Fraser and Forrest? 20 million isn't much down south, he's scored a handful of goals this season and was dropped earlier in the season for being pish. He's never scored for Scotland either. Maybe stick to FIFA mate.
  10. Yet he ended up at...Birmingham was it? He was a very good player but nowhere near a real Madrid/ac Milan player. Our centre midfield options are excellent and it is our strongest area. However, you can't shoehorn 5 centre mids into a team especially when you have the options of Fraser and Forrest out wide. I've seen that 20million pound player in quite a few games now and he's been rank rotten in each one. I don't think Shankland is the answer either btw, and perhaps you're not the tactical genius you think you are when you're cramming 5 centre mids into your team 'ken'.
  11. Depends how he's doing in training. I doubt we've paid that money for him to sit on the bench. It won't be difficult to oust Logan either, he's been a shadow of his former self.
  12. Usman v Masvidal deserves a massive Vegas crowd tbf so it's a shame its happening now but what a fight it should be. Fancy Usman to grind him out though. aye it is a shame it won't be fought in front of a crowd. Excellent card now though, I hope Masvidal managed to screw a good bit of cash out of uncle Dana.
  13. Looking like Masvidal has been called in to replace Burns. What a fight that will be !
  14. Delighted Cerny has signed for another year, as back up keepers go you don't get much better.
  15. It really won't. The SNP are supportive of it if it actually goes to Scotland. If it doesn't(it wont) then it will be economically damaging to Scotland.
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