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  1. Hogwarts Faither was a better shagger but hopeless fighter
  2. Any further forward with set up of colt teams
  3. What about the kids you don't want due to lack of experience at 10 ya loon ball
  4. Guys like you should never be involved with kids football if that's your attitude to development of young kids
  5. Celtic have spent £20K on a 13 year old from Rangers
  6. Can you now not see it was always coming back to bite your arse. You are a BC only but have portrayed your club as senior with FC and needing experience , get a grip for god sake
  7. Considering it not even ran for 4 year I find your post rather misleading to say the least
  8. It does if you are kidding on your pro youth when you clearly are NOT
  9. Nephew playing against Celtic this weekend at 7 aside for Rangers U11s , same day U12s play Celtic at 11 aside Beat them well last time which was indoors hopefully that's not a fluke as weather is not looking good
  10. Absolute rubbish it's only been running 11year , do your homework and no it's not worked or working
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