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  1. You see to keep pushing the nazi-Ukrainian theme as a reason for a country run by elitist right wing expansionist having the right to invade another country. Ukraine undoubtedly does have far right groups but so do many other countries, USA being one of them. Do you think Putin would be OK invading any of them because of this?
  2. Your first paragraph might be deemed racist. Immigrant engineer = cheap labour.
  3. Fair do's. He's still got a dodgy background though.
  4. You were pushing a "white" agenda in the narrative. I was pointing out that it doesn't come across that way at all. If there was, they'd have dumped the guy looking for citizenship. It looks like Canada are trying to get these guys back home until any charges are brought against them. I might be wrong but I suspect not all, if any, of the crew are in on it. The pilot has a dodgy background however.
  5. Not only that but one of the two non-whites was allowed to do his Canadian citizenship from The Dominican Republic so he could get consulate help. This is not anything to do with race.
  6. Ah, shame. Quick Google points you a gov. website but basically then says just phone round until you find one. https://www.mygov.scot/register-with-dentist
  7. Are you in Dundee? I'm sure the one on the Cleppie Road near Kingsway Tesco were advertising NHS dentists recently. KW Dental. https://www.kwdental.co.uk/
  8. The fact that you feel relieved says it all. All the best to your future.
  9. Wasn't a fan of Rush when they replaced the drummer tbqhwy.
  10. You'd think Darwinism would have kicked in by now.
  11. Dixie Chicks blowing Stevie Nicks vocals out the water.
  12. https://scotlandsnature.blog/2020/12/07/scotlands-giant-mozzies/
  13. On the local golf course. I think one of the big names back in the day Tom Kite? refused to go back and play there.
  14. We have mosquitoes here. Been absolutely bitten to f**k from them many years ago. I counted 35 bites on one ankle! They can penetrate jeans too. Fortunately they don't carry nasty diseases though.
  15. https://youtu.be/iFQEsUjI0U8
  16. Thousands waving at an empty carriage. And the less said about the commentary the better.
  17. Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry.
  18. Collateral for me. He's not playing his usual rent--a-smile and actually plays a pretty decent bad guy. Shame he hasn't explored that side more often.
  19. Nowaysis is the winner for me.
  20. You're quite possibly correct. I recall seeing a social media outrage about 'Spoons. That's when I asked my mate about his daughter and he said she was furloughed. I took it from that, that social media had it wrong.
  21. Aye, they can and will get better. You're describing depression fairly well in your post. If you've access to an employment assistance programme, use it. If not, see if there is a local group where you can talk about it with other folk.
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