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  1. I reckon it's like a tennis "forced error". Pressures the opponent into giving the ball away. To coin a phrase, get it in the sea.
  2. Unfortunately he does it when we're drawing too. Not what I pay my money for I'm afraid. Each to they're own I guess.
  3. Your taking the piss. As good a keeper as he is, he is brutal to watch with the time wasting, he's been doing it since the day he arrived not just the last game. It is awful to watch from any side, the fact it is my team doing it just makes it worse.
  4. Utterly hate shitfesting in a game, particularly at this level. Unfortunately since our keepers arrival it has become just embarrassing.
  5. Yes it was. It was under the heading Sucking the enjoyment out of the game.
  6. Oh my. The ref's gonna get subbed at half time
  7. Oh dear. Bodes well for the rest of the tournament.
  8. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree what is more relevant to what constitutes a very late goal; the ref blowing the whistle at the start of the match or the end of it.
  9. Holy shit. Are you really going to push that 16 minutes of game time left falls into the "really late" category for an equalising goal. It'll be interesting to hear what your thoughts are when games are held up for 30 odd minutes due to flood light failure at half time and there's a winning goal 106 minutes after kick off.
  10. That's late without a doubt. 16 minutes to the final whistle has never been called very late though.
  11. There were a further 16 minutes of play after the equaliser. That's hardly a very late penalty tbf.
  12. Why is it taking sooooooooo fuccckkking looooooooong.
  13. So much wrong with the current situation in the above. Northern English have a fair bit of pride about them but I'd truly be surprised if they think they're ethnic minorities which is why you are correct that it doesn't come under the term of genocide. Being well trained, well equipped and not getting stuck on the front line as cannon fodder also doesn't come under the term of genocide, so kudos to you for that one too. Also Chechens were happy to provide bodies at the initial stages of what was meant to be a walk over rather than be press ganged in, so yet again not a genocidal decision from that angle. Now, however, they have basically told Putin he can do one as they have, as you say, provided far more men than they originally intended to. That disproportionate number is about to swing quite wildly the other way in the coming weeks. They are press ganging ethnic minorities and will be supplying them with little training, poor equipment, very poor leadership and threats if they desert, surrender or mutiny. What do you think will be the outcome here? It's a political decision to put them in a position where a large proportion will not come out of this alive. I may be mistaken and apologies if incorrect but haven't you already pointed out why Russia wasn't actually going to invade Ukraine as well. Could you walk us through that 'logic' one more time too? Russia is sticking poorly trained, poorly equipped ethnic minorities on the front line against a rapidly improving well trained and better equipped foe. They really aren't putting the ethnic Russians there in great numbers and at the first hint of it, those recruits are trying to scuttle out of it.
  14. I'm not quite sure where this belongs but channel hopping I found the funeral of Lizzie on Gogglebox..."why are they playing bagpipes?" R.I.P The Queen of England.
  15. Liam Gallagher's output, particularly post Oasis.
  16. It's not jumping to conclusions at all. The other reservists getting called up are also heavily weighted towards ethnic monorities. They are going to be cannon fodder too and that's just as deliberate a decision as sending the Tatars to the front line poorly equipped. Massive numbers of ethnic minorities being forced onto the frontline and are very likely to be wiped out by a political decision. Is that not "tantamount" to genocide?
  17. I may be wrong but I took from the report that they are basically going to be cannon fodder. Ill equipped, poorly trained and poorly coordinated going into battle against a well equipped, well trained and well coordinated force. They are going to be wiped out in vast numbers. Isn't that why "tantamount" was used?
  18. The best water I've ever had was Backwater spring water. Source is near the Backwater Reservoir up the back of Kirriemuir. There was talk of commercially bottling it but I think logistics and infrastructure scuppered it. The stuff had absolutely no hint of any taste whatsover, it was just totally refreshing.
  19. Got a couple in my garden that clearly think safety is to be found within two feet of my rabbit. Tbf, they are not wrong so far.
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