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  1. Which is obviously a branch of Modern Studies.
  2. Liverpool were not 10 points clear, it was 9, show me a league table that says otherwise. So that it is crap. Liverpool were 10 behind the eventual winners who had a game in hand. I knew this is what you meant and said as much previously. I apologised for the mix up but clearly you missed that or just decided to take my comment out of context to try and point score. So, really deflectionary crap. Unless your definition of bottling a lead is different from mine, Liverpool didn't "bottle" a 10 point lead over Man City as they had no influence over the game in hand Man City had. Irrespective of the result of that game, Liverpool could not bottle those three points. So your "bottling a 10 point lead" over Man City was crap. The last bit you posted about Spurs is your typical response when floundering....just quote out of context. You're quite right though, we should let the United fans have their thread back again. However, I'm sure there will be a bit you can quote out of context again and I know you really like the last word so maybe not just quite yet, eh? It has indeed been quite a journey.
  3. Can't see the image but good to see you've ignored the rest of the quote that strongly hints why your claim is crap.
  4. Ah. Apologies Dele. I thought you were using Talksport headline to backup your "bottled it" claim. Liverpool were never 10 points clear, just 10 clear of the eventual winners, hence the "but I know what Dele meant". Spurs were 9 behind. Spurs were the real bottle merchants as they could have closed the gap to 3 points but liverpool managed to hold their nerve in a game they had no participation in as Wolves beat Spurs.
  5. Jeez, you Dee's really like to back each other up. Mentality of the fans wasn't what Dele was blethering crap about. Suggesting Liverpool bottled a 10 point lead (it was actually 9 but I know what he meant) just wasn't true. Man City had it in their own hands to bring it back to 4 points within just two games with nearly half the season still to go. They also had a near perfect home record when they played Liverpool so it was hardly a "bottle job". That said, it would be fair to say if the DAB's don't win the league it will definitely be a bottle job.
  6. 'A home game' that'll be the home ground where they only dropped 3 points the whole season from one defeat. Walk in the park was never mentioned though but if that helps your argument. Liverpool also had a points tally that would have won the EPL every other season bar one. So, yup as you said, they bottled it right enough. Here to point out your blethering attempts at making a point against the Arabs/DABs rather than Liverpools failings. I would finish with "thank you" but that has been cringeworthy now for a number of years.
  7. Oh dear. So you didn't expect them to win the game in hand and a home game? Neither was hardly a surprise. So 4 points clear with near half the season to go. Yup they chucked it right enough.
  8. Man City had a game in hand and also still to play Liverpool at home immediately after. 6 points for Man City for those two games was not unexpected but don't let that get in the way of trying to make a point.
  9. That's a worry. Our last relegation season involved such a gap if we had beaten Brechin.
  10. Electroshock therapy is likely the only thing that would work on him unfortunately. That said, I'm not totally averse to testing out that theory.
  11. Are you suggesting the young white Kilmarnock player dived? Reported for racism.
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