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  1. Why not at the start of the season but just at one end?
  2. Holy shit. Hilly is surely in Forfar legend consideration. Fucking mental comment.
  3. That is an horrendous take on Glass's comment. It happened before half time and was getting posted on social media before full time. So much time to get furnished with the full facts plus he must have spoken to Ojo before he gave the interview. Even if he didn't see the incident properly, shafting your player on the BBC before he did have the full facts is poor man management. Simple quote should have been "I never saw the incident, I'll need to review it later". He threw Ojo under the bus in full view of the media. Talk about losing the dressing room!
  4. You've got to admire the way Glass backed Ojo in the post match interview.
  5. Unless you work for a big premiership club, MI5 or Anne Summers, it really isn't.
  6. The "my pal is a great manager" piece has been a tabloid staple since ever. I still remember when we punted Jackie McNamara and the papers were full of his media pals telling us what a terrible mistake it was. It's bad in a different way in the lower leagues. Bollan shat a massive lead for us in L2 only for us to go up through the playoffs. In the process he pissed off so many of our best players they left before the start of the next season. We then struggled for a few weeks before he was rightly punted. The usual stuff from the media saying they couldn't understand why we didn't give him more time after a "successful" campaign. A simple query to a few supporters would have cleared up that question but that was obviously too much to ask. ETA: A quick look an PnB would be worth a shot. Might be lazy but better than spouting crap without doing any research whatsoever.
  7. Wasps seem to be getting a bad shift here. Gardner's friend, kills other insect pests and flower pollinators to boot. Rangers would be the ticks of this world. No one likes them and no one cares.
  8. The difference in what Gilmour brings to the Scottish setup versus Ferguson/McStay is chalk and cheese. McGinn is also ahead of those two in producing anything positive.
  9. Pretty sure he based his sideways pass career on Paul McStay.
  10. It's a real shame for the club. From your previous post I now recall having a really good blether with a fair few of their support but my abiding memory of the trip is of that utter idiot.
  11. I'm sure that TerryFuckwit was there the last time I was down. More interested at having a pop at a dozen or so away fans than watching the game?
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