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  1. Rise of Astro Pitches

    USA study was done and they found there was a statistically higher risk of short term layoffs due to ankle twists on plastic versus grass but not long term knee injuries. I will add his was purely based on American football if I recall correctly.
  2. Montrose v Forfar

    Succinct and spot on.
  3. Montrose v Forfar

    That'll be treatment after being fouled by one of your players. How the ref and linesman missed it beggars belief.
  4. Aye, he did Foxy's testimonial and Yano Campbell was in the crowd. Pretty funny to be honest.
  5. Did he say cant a lot and was it Dick Campbell?
  6. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    Trust me, it's not idolisation from me, I just think he gets some horrendous undeserved stick at times, today is a prime example, he was our best player by a distance. I enjoy watching him, his diving and petty reactions are a pain but he is getting better at that. His ball greediness has massively improved this season, he is so infrequently dispossessed this season compared to last, he tends to pull in players then release, last season he would go back and try to beat them again. Did he actually lose the ball running with it at all today? He got a wee bit lucky in the box in the second half but he retained the ball with a fairly hefty tackle, something he's been accused of lacking. He's also accused of not giving 100%, he's generally involved for the majority of the game, drifting out in the last 15 minutes at times. He doesn't get posted missing after the first bad tackle like Swankie used to and then remain a passenger until he's subbed. Bizarre that the unjustified slating of Yano, and Sanny are getting used as a reason for justifying having a pop at Easton. For the record, both Yano and particularly Sanny are legends for me, Easton has a long way before he gets close to that but he's still young and his attitude and approach to the game have improved.
  7. Montrose v Forfar

    Feel free to quote anyone who said watch Forfar to see entertaining football. The general swipe was at Montrose and the deliberate lack of playing attractive football. As a one-off tactical decision, fair play, if that is a general trend...oooft. Baird was no worse than Bolo or Dillon, though I hope that the studs comment isn't true, if so that is shocking right enough. Both sides had a few bad tackles today, the ref had a nightmare. So many wrong decisions against both sides; players falling over and getting a foul, players being upended and play on; as previously mentioned booking one of yours and not one of ours for the same offence was poor. Booking Hilson and giving the foul that eventually led to the red (not saying it wasn't deserved as I never saw what happened) when he was looking the opposite way was just ridiculous. Is this one of the refs that's been fast tracked? We can only hope so, get him away from this league please.
  8. Montrose v Forfar

    Aye, my mistake. That was a great advert for football today. Hope Barcelona were taking notes of the Siki-Whackit style . Seriously, no sour grapes, you guys deserved the points, also happy that one of the other Montrose posters say you don't normally play like that too. I actually admired Montrose's style for the first 20 minutes, the pressing on our back four was very impressive; structured and well planned out. The game at that point wasn't too bad as a spectacle either, Montrose pushing for a mistake that eventually came and it was a great move and finish as we still had enough players back to stop it. What happened after that was just grim on a viewing front but that was partly down to us not being good enough. Montrose defensive setup was top class, just not good to watch.
  9. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    Given that Hay is a striker and Easton a midfielder I would hope that he was scoring more goals. 2 goals so far at a lower level according to the site I looked at, might be wrong though.
  10. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    In your opinion who was our best player today?
  11. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    This season he is far less ball greedy and lays off the ball more frequently. He was our best and most dangerous player on the park today. Not one other player caused Montrose any problems. It beggars belief that you couldn't see that.
  12. Forfar Athletic 2018-19

    He was making runs though; Eckersly, Travis and Whyte just wouldn't pass the ball forward. To be fair to Eckersley, he was getting frustrated at Whyte and Travis too. Funny how Easton started getting the ball when he switched to the right side and Moore still did nothing when he switched to the left or did you miss that. Posted elsewhere but I don't just go hoping for just a win but to be entertained too. £15 plus travelling is a lot of money for me and I'd not spend it watching week after week of that crap that was on show from both sides today. Easton is the best skilled ball player we have and one of the best in the league. Why wouldn't you want to watch him. He took two Montrose players out the game today just by dipping a shoulder. Pulled four completely out of position before off loading the ball, should have got us a penalty....I sometimes wonder if you actually see anything positive that he does.
  13. Montrose v Forfar

    I think your missing the reffing a game point. Bolo and Dillon weren't moaning for the hell of it. They knew exactly what they were doing, burning up the clock constantly arguing with the ref. Old pros doing what old pros do best, control the game. Given that you could (have) potentially been dragged back into the relegation battle that was a great 3 points for you but I just couldn't watch that every week. I'm afraid I go to games hoping to be entertained rather than win at all costs, 'though there are always exceptions.
  14. The East Fife Thread

    Aim one higher please.
  15. Montrose v Forfar

    Haha. Fair do's. We went through a fair spate of games under DC where we either won or lost to the odd goal out of 5. A 4 game run had something like 24 goals scored in total. Pretty sure Yano was involved in that run. Most likely responsible for goals at both ends too.