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  1. McCallum signing an extension may have more to do with who his employer is in his day job and less to do with team spirit.
  2. That would certainly get the Celtic fans a new sociopolitical agenda to get behind.
  3. He actually had a good season with us but just couldn't oust McCallum after being injured at the start of the following season. That said we had Darren Hill before Adam, anything would have looked half decent after that experience.
  4. Scores not getting read out probably has more to do with the ever dwindling importance of the pools.
  5. Geew up watching football at Tannadice throught the late 70's to mid 80's. Football the way it's meant to be played. R.I.P Jim McLean
  6. Personally, I will say I think it has been daft to allow free travel to kick a ball about and have training sessions and without doubt the new UK strain doing the rounds is a worry. However the % of positive tests is probably a better indicator of infection rates and there has been no rapid rise in those. As for the South African variant, 2 cases in the UK is, currently, hardly reason for shutting anything down.
  7. Morelos ensuring he's spreading the goals around in the next couple of games. Team player right enough.
  8. Fair do's. The problem is a late first half goal pretty much has to be talked about in relation to the half time talk, the pundits/commentators would be remiss if they didn't mention it.
  9. Unless the goal is meaningless, e.g. already 4 ahead, do you think it doesn't?
  10. He should have been walking early in the game today and his shooting was pretty dire. Not the only game this season that both those points are more accurate that Morelos in front of goal.
  11. Can't see an awful lot wrong in that piece. He's not as prolific as last season, he's missing good chances and he's still a liability to the team.
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