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  1. Fog lights! You drive behind a car for 10 miles, there's a wee bit of fog so they put their fog lights on. I know you're there, I've been driving behind you for 10 miles. Don't get me started on the fuckers that think that they are actually rain lights.
  2. I reckon it's like a tennis "forced error". Pressures the opponent into giving the ball away. To coin a phrase, get it in the sea.
  3. Unfortunately he does it when we're drawing too. Not what I pay my money for I'm afraid. Each to they're own I guess.
  4. Your taking the piss. As good a keeper as he is, he is brutal to watch with the time wasting, he's been doing it since the day he arrived not just the last game. It is awful to watch from any side, the fact it is my team doing it just makes it worse.
  5. Utterly hate shitfesting in a game, particularly at this level. Unfortunately since our keepers arrival it has become just embarrassing.
  6. Yes it was. It was under the heading Sucking the enjoyment out of the game.
  7. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree what is more relevant to what constitutes a very late goal; the ref blowing the whistle at the start of the match or the end of it.
  8. Holy shit. Are you really going to push that 16 minutes of game time left falls into the "really late" category for an equalising goal. It'll be interesting to hear what your thoughts are when games are held up for 30 odd minutes due to flood light failure at half time and there's a winning goal 106 minutes after kick off.
  9. That's late without a doubt. 16 minutes to the final whistle has never been called very late though.
  10. There were a further 16 minutes of play after the equaliser. That's hardly a very late penalty tbf.
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