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  1. Big shift in attitude towards this team. Actually scoring goals when we play is such a positive, irrespective of results. At this level, defensive setups can totally GTF.
  2. Lockdown has definitely made people kill themselves. The alternative would have been worse but just playing devil's advocate.
  3. Dick "The Wizard of Baws" Campbell will get him sorted.
  4. BBC sports page covering the Killie Dundee game has Naismith as: Steven Naismith Hearts captain & former Kilmarnock forward on BBC Sportsound Fair enough but they have McCann as: Neil McCann Former Hearts & Rangers winger on BBC Sportsound Factually correct but surely former Dundee player and manager would be more relevant.
  5. Jesus, really? Winning any European trophy, irrespective of era is way above winning a domestic cup double. St Johnstone only had to beat one cheek to get the double not continually beat the elite from other countries game after game to win a cup.
  6. It might also be worth pointing out that St Johnstone were bottom of the league and in serious relegation territory with a completely unproven inexperienced manager Yet he had the mentality and trust of the board and players of not only dragging them out of potential relegation but pulling them into the top six and subsequently doing the double. Feel free to better that with a Rangers team that has progressively got better season upon season and, league wise, only had to compete against one inept manager and a team going rapidly backwards.
  7. If this was the case, why bother pointlessly putting out the strongest team every week after the league was won rather than blooding youth players? I'm pretty sure not losing a league game was a major deciding factor in a two horse competition as to where MOTY ended up. Personally, it was the only reason Gerrard won it.
  8. From a relatively unbiased opinion, other than having a deep dislike of either of the cheeks, The rangers have been very impressive this season. Getting so far in Europe in something that is completely set up to prevent diddy teams from even getting into the group stages let alone qualifying out of them was impressive too. That said, double cup wins are pretty rare events, so personally my vote would have gone to Davidson but not surprised it went to a manager that had access to so much more funds to win a league that only one other team could stop and had Lennon at the helm. Well done StevieG, well done indeed.
  9. Chick Young would argue it was arithmetic not maths. Chick Young would be correct that it was arithmetic but wrong that it wasn't maths. Chick Young is an absolute tool.
  10. The foot that's lifted high and late. You're probably correct.
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