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  1. Pretty much about here. I'm not disagreeing with you about the fact the show is above reproach, just what you compared it to....apples and pears and all that sort of fruity nonsense.
  2. The current chairman is a pretty decent guy, I know him relatively well. He runs a very successful business and it would be hoped that he knows how much bad PR can affect perceptions of the club.
  3. He made an arse of it but you wanted him pilloried for it. Sportscene cockup to that level, yup, grim stuff. This show isn't about that though; trying to compare the two is, as previously mentioned, missing the point of the show....it's not Sportscene or an attempt to be impartial or accurate. It's strangely enough a view from the terrace where we all make an arse of it from time to time.
  4. They need put in their place. They are not employed to be problematic or confrontational, they actively go around trying to rile people up. The ginger bloke actually told me to move from the spot I had been standing in for 70 odd minutes so he could stand there instead. The same spot I stand at every week, by and by. Same steward had a pop at me for my jacket every so slightly covering the Ladbrokes advertising hoarding. The man is on an absolute power trip.
  5. You really are missing why this show is in its particular format and not set up like Sportscene or MOTD.
  6. Aye, he made an arse of it but it's not Sportscene. It's blokes making comments like everyone on here, sometimes they get it wrong. The clue is in the title of the programme.
  7. That wasn't the question though. Undoubtedly our worst manager. Christ, he dropped Brewster, utter cretin of a manager who went on to prove that point at other clubs.
  8. You seem to be rather angry already. Will it be bold or increased font size to show your ire if you don't get a result?
  9. Maybe keep the same team together and call it Senior Club B team then.....oh wait a minute!
  10. They are a year older,more experienced,stronger and fitter.
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