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  1. Leonard Nimoy - Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
  2. Shock horror that post lockdown infections have suddenly increased and are causing deaths in the older populace. It has absolutely f**k all to do with the vaccine. It has been dispensed in its millions, there would be far more deaths had it been the cause.
  3. Coincidence thread for this p... ah wait.
  4. Cream - Tales of Brave Ulysses
  5. Ill have a look back for those. Youtube footage of heron swallowing a gopher I think. I've also seen them up in the trees taking young crows on the Tay and in Dundee on the roof after young gulls. They will eat anything.
  6. I wasn't having a pop, just interested. I've seen rigs set up for kingfisher dives before and, as I said, the eye has that "dead" look hence the query. I'm not even sure if they'd actually go for a dead fish either tbqhwy. Regarding ospreys fishing, I've seen plenty in my time the most memorable being a young bird hooking up with something that was way too big for it. Mum and dad were going nuts as it was in the water for ages. I thought my boat partner and myself were going to have to rescue it but it let go and eventually got out before it became waterlogged. Another involved one which didn't even hover, it was just flying then a dive and up with nothing, a quick shake and did exactly the same again with the same result then it flew off [emoji1]
  7. Not wanting to crap all over an absolutely stunning photo but was it a set up? The rainbow looks deid in the pic. Living trout's eyes look down when they're out of the water, chap them and they go like the eye on that rainbow.
  8. Probably safer to rob unarmed drug dealers.
  9. Aye. The Ericht is utterly rife with the stuff, patches appearing on the Tay around Caputh too. I'm unsure if it's beavers causing this though, but if the anectodtally reported magical properties of knotweed able to regenerate from just an inch of discarded plant are true, they are surely the main suspect.
  10. Remarkably like Japanese knotweed that the beaver is transplanting.
  11. Both styles came with holsters fitted as standard.
  12. First album was excellent, basically Led Zeppelin rip-off. After that, meh.
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