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  1. Another contentious one... so many versions. I first heard it by Christine Perfect/McVie and it's stuck with me for years. Looking for her version to stick on my play list, I came across Dua Lipa's cover of the classic Etta James song. This is the best of the lot for me.
  2. Van Morrison must've went "ah shit, that's what I meant to make it sound like"
  3. Not my cup of tea either tbf. Still, rather that than the pish we were all going through just two years ago.
  4. People enjoying themselves. They ought to hang their heads in shame.
  5. I'm not getting asked anymore. They made an unprompted appointment themselves with no easy way to cancel. Not sure if I've picked you up properly with your last sentence but I'm sure a smart meter only needs put in once and doesn't need changing every time you switch. Only reason for switching out a smart meter is to get away from the 1st generation ones.
  6. Gas meter is outside unfortunately. Guess I'll have to cancel by phone.
  7. EDF telling me they're coming round to fit a smart meter after numerous requests from them to set an appointment have been ignored by myself. No option in the email or app to cancel it.
  8. I might be wrong but it has all the hallmarks of a bs post. There are similarities to a wind-up thread a while back on the c***s on the road page.
  9. Meh. Plenty examples where wingers and strikers have become successful defenders. Smith wasn't one though.
  10. Pretty grim that you have to destroy your own country to get rid of someone. Tories have been at it for a while too though.
  11. He's going to need a bigger fishing rod.
  12. We can only hope that when the 21st Century and advanced computer systems arrive this will be a thing of the past.
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