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  1. He likely will be as he is onloan from Crystal Palace till May 2023
  2. Would like to see another keeper brought in only 2 keepers is tempting providence re injuries
  3. OC did mention in his interview after the Dundee match that we were playing Syngenta on friday and a CD match against rangers today
  4. If you notice in the report no mention of who scored for us.well except for one which was scored by a player who had been released by Rangers, and no queens team listed.It would be nice if the club gave the results of all our teams on a weekly basis when the season gets underway
  5. What was the score,the club announces the game but dont bother to report the score
  6. Where and when we play is one thing, to me whose playing for us is a more important thing. OC keeps saying we need 3/4 more players in ,instead of being proactive and bringing people to the club the situation reminds me of when we were amateurs,and signing players who hadnt had offers from other clubs and it was getting near the transfer deadline
  7. Awhile back in this forum was mentioned Stephen Eze who played under OC at Shamshedpur who is a central defender, any more info or rumours
  8. well your younger than me , and your memory is better,
  9. 1-0 for the spiders Ronnie Lowrie was sent off in 28minutes..FrankThomson went in goals and saved the resultant penalty
  10. there is a report already on the FC Utrecht website, in dutch but used google tranlate into english. report is headed Utrecht choked
  11. And ensure that the club would then be eligible for compensation,something that we lost out on in the past,when players moved
  12. At least its not the relegation playoffs ,as in the past after we got promoted it was straight back the following season, with one exception when it was two
  13. Following these posts with interest about who we should keep,i do see any mention about the "goal machine" whose is on our books already but wont official until june Scott Williamson,was he signed because Murray wont be here next season
  14. seems we did sign a goalscorer Scott Williamson,but they loaned him back to Cambuslang. So will he only appear for us in Glasgow Cup games ? Unlike the famous Kjartan Finnboggason
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