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  1. The poll tax was a fixed rate tax. I think the set up was 100% of the tax for the employed and 20% for the registered unemployed and students. Meaning a bin man would be paying the same as a GP... By its nature it was incredibly regressive.
  2. It's also worth noting that when there is excess wind or wave power that can be used to pump water back up into the reservoirs of hydropower damns, allowing you to be able to use the power when there is low wind (not hugely efficient but works). And tidal power once fully up and running will have next to no down time,I'm a bit out of date with my info but fairly sure it was an hour or two a day, at peek high and low tide.
  3. Craig Ross, the former Tory candidate that posted the weird pull up challenge videos on twitter and was then kicked out of the party for things he said about food Bank users and Marcus Radford, is now running as an independent in the Glasgow list. His main policies seem to be: "your MSPs don't care about you... I'll Propose a bill to make them accountable to you" (no description of what this actually means); "Scottish education is a shambles... I'll make them fix it" (again no details); and essentially no referendum and let's close the Scottish parliament. The most shocking thing about it is that he claims to have PhD in education, and was supposedly a lecturer at Langside college.
  4. Scottish independence voting intention: Yes: 51% (-2) No: 49% (+2) via YouGov, 06 - 10 Nov Chgs. w/ 10 Aug Not sure what's caused the shift, but nothing particularly significant.
  5. Haha I greenied purely for the entrepreneurship... My 5 posts in the American football section doesn't really justify any effort.
  6. Yes he did. Bit of a step up really... Semi-pro quarterback in Britain to Superbowl winning coach. Don't get many stories like that in the NFL anymore.
  7. I'll get him to give it a wee look, cheers. Think he followed them from about 85 to 95ish when they folded. Some of the politics sounds worse than Scottish football to be honest, you probably (wisely) chose to ignore it haha Sent from my moto g(6) using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  8. You might know my old man. He used to do some photography for the Glasgow lions back in the day. Occasionally still talks about the real hatred there was with leicester panthers after they got the lions kicked into the lower division for dodgy political reasons. Sent from my moto g(6) using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  9. Same here. Really deserves it too. He's been the only player who has been consistently very good from the start of the season before Clarke took over. As whole though it's been a great season, nice way to end it.
  10. I was at the game too. Pretty entertaining and exciting, a couple of really good plays from both teams. Not bad for £3.
  11. I love how much Osi hates Brady and the pats. "He's not great, he's good and that is all" or words to that effect.
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