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  1. Guess who.

    Can you find away to construct a point. Personally I find the woman photographed as very attractive and I can understand why AJ penised her.
  2. How would you ?

    Alarm bells are ringing for me mate. I believe you are a big liar and can't afford a decent clock radio. The sugar thing I can believe.
  3. How would you ?

    Clock/radio's take mains or batteries mate. Never sugar. Do you own a clock/radio?
  4. How would you ?

    This is important. Be important. #clockradio
  5. Guess who.

    Yuk! How could anyone fancy her? Rot in hell AJ etc
  6. Premier League 2014/15

    Arsenal looking great as per.
  7. Guess who.

    Fairly obvious doubting Thomas. The fans were singing "There's only one Adam Johnson, one Adam Johnson" . The chant suggests he's abnormal / outside the boundaries of conformity type person. What you've done is put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4. Perhaps the fans were protesting that his behaviour was unique and unacceptable ? I remember back to high school and we had a pupil in my year with only 1 ear with brown shoes and laces and we used to shout. "There's only one Martin Black, One Martin Black" to make him feel different and small. I used to love shouting this at him until he attacked me with a encyclopedia and then kicked me to a pulp. After that I just left him alone and hung out with James Stewart and Stewart James.
  8. Guess who.

    Jimmy Shand would have been yewtree'd by now if he was still squeezing away.
  9. Guess who.

    Impossible to gauge whether this singing was in support of the player, or to highlight how abnormal his actions are. Still, you get all offended if it makes you feel more humane than normal.
  10. Guess who.

    I've not offered my opinion LB. All I've said is we have a different attitude to this kinda thing in this nation state.
  11. Guess who.

    If you think there's something wrong with penising a 15 year old then you're welcome to your opinion. But worldwide,your view is of the minority.
  12. Guess who.

    Cheating on a loved one is never acceptable, unless she's on her jam.
  13. QT - Glasgow 5th March

    Today wouldn't be a good time for spittal residents to ask help from their local housing officer. Hopefully a good boogie at the local disco come Friday will shake off the excess tensions until next month's QT.
  14. Things you want to share with P&B

    I enjoyed that video so much I'll donate a #Perthshire sized amount towards vital ground.
  15. Premier League 2014/15

    Just looks like a fairly straight forward run-in and Chelsea are burning out big time. If they progress past PSG ( and I don't think they will) then the extra games in Europe would take its toll. We'd be only 6 points behind if we beat them at home and for certain we've got loads of very easy games to come.